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Chapter 261 - A Storm Is Coming

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 261: A Storm Is Coming

    "I know he hasn't come back."

    Su Cha knew what was going on the moment she went out. When she saw Ah Chen, a deep look appeared in her eyes.

    Then, she looked upstairs.

    There was no movement.

    The eaves of such a tall building did not look like they could be climbed so easily.

    Ah Chen's expression changed slightly. "Miss Su, is there a problem?"

    Su Cha curled her lips. "It's nothing. I'm going out for a walk."

    With that, she walked past Ah Chen and went to another courtyard.

    There were no restrictions on her within the Lookout Pavilion, so she could enter and leave without any scruples. Over the past few days, she had not been to any other part of the pavilion apart from this area and to the old lady's.

    As he watched Su Cha's retreating figure, Ah Chen's eyes darkened.

    Bai Kun appeared from the other side and was surprised to see Ah Chen standing at the door. "Why are you standing here?"

    Ah Chen answered directly, "Miss Su went to visit other courtyards."

    Bai Kun replied, "Oh. You're not going with her?"

    Ah Chen shook his head. There was finally a slight change in his poker face. "Miss Su is not an ordinary person."

    Bai Kun: "Why do you say that?"

    "I was standing upstairs looking around just now. Miss Su seemed to have noticed it. She was in the room at the time. When she came out, she glanced upstairs."

    Bai Kun raised his head to look at the roof. In silence, he measured the distance between the roof and the ground and asked, "Did you make a big movement?"

    Ah Chen frowned. "No."

    He was sure that he did not make any noise, but Miss Su still looked up at the ceiling, which to him was inexplicable.

    Bai Kun was deep in thought. "You think too much. Miss Su is just an ordinary person."

    Even if Su Cha had other capabilities, she was still a participant in an entertainment show.

    There were some things that even their young master had not told her about, things that were not suitable for Miss Su to know. It was already an unimaginable matter for ordinary people, and Miss Su would even more not be able to come to terms with it.

    Bai Kun was also aware of Ah Chen's skills. He knew what he was doing and was one of the strongest secret guards around the young master. The family had raised him since he was young and had sent him into service after he became an adult.

    He'd now been assigned to follow Miss Su to protect her, but she did not seem to notice it. Bai Kun did not believe that Su Cha could detect Ah Chen's existence.

    Ah Chen was probably being too sensitive.

    Ah Chen frowned.

    He did not believe Bai Kun's words.

    Martial artists had the sharpest senses. It was not easy for him to become the strongest secret guard around the young master.

    He had always felt that there was something wrong with Miss Su, but now that she was in the young master's good graces, he could not say anything about his suspicions. Although he thought so, he would not say it out loud.

    His life's mission was to protect Bo Muyi, the heir of the Bo family. It was a matter of course that he cared about his safety. He would keep an eye on any negative factors.

    Which meant he needed to get rid of her!

    Bai Kun patted his shoulder. "That's enough. It's fine as long as Miss Su is in the Lookout Pavilion. The Tang Sect came to look for the young master because of the traitor last time. Also, the disciple of the old Alliance Master has been transferred back to the Imperial Capital. The person who was supposed to take over the position of Alliance Master has not been found. It has been a storm lately. Let's just be careful."

    Ah Chen paused and asked, "Will the family send newcomers over?"

    Bai Kun was also a little worried. "There's a high chance that they will, and there might be a few old ones. After all, the Martial Union's Alliance Master position has not been revealed yet, so there will always be people who wants it."

    Ah Chen frowned, looking a little irritated.