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Chapter 428 - Slaying Ják 2

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 428 Slaying Ják 2

    “From the looks of it, I guessed correctly. You are probably the real body. I never expected you to be so bold to enter the military camp with your real body. If you really detonated everyone, you probably wouldn’t be able to escape, right?” Zhou Wen praised Ják.

    “You even guessed that. How did you guess that?” Ják was somewhat surprised as he asked Zhou Wen.

    “I wasn’t sure, but I’m certain now,” Zhou Wen said.

    Ják was taken aback before he laughed. “Interesting. You’re really interesting. What a pity. A smart person like you actually chose to sacrifice yourself for that trash. However, it’s fortunate that you did so. Otherwise, with your abilities and intellect, I wouldn’t have been able to capture you.

    “You are right. This is my real body. This is because I wouldn’t be able to summon a Mythical Companion Beast without my actual body. Naturally, I wouldn’t have been able to complete those means without it. Everyone believes that I’m a despicable person who only hides in the dark. Everyone believes that I won’t take risks with my real body, but I just so happen to do so. Furthermore, I came out unscathed. Isn’t that very interesting?” Ják was somewhat delighted.

    “You are indeed a bold and meticulous devil. If a person like you were to live in this world, I’m afraid many people would be very uneasy.” Zhou Wen sighed.

    “Others aren’t within my considerations, but you should be happy. Although you will be dead, I won’t let off those people who want to capture you. I’ll destroy the entire bureau. It can be considered as taking revenge for you in a way,” Ják said.

    “I’ve been poor since I was young, so I grew up with a bad habit. I like to handle my own things by myself and don’t really know how to enjoy life or enjoy being served by others. Therefore, it’s best I avenge myself,” Zhou Wen said.

    “You’ve put me in a difficult position. I’m starving now, and I wish I could swallow a delicacy like you immediately. I can’t wait that long,” Ják said as he licked his lips.

    “So, I’ll kill you first,” Zhou Wen said as he stared at Ják.

    “It’s a pity that you’ve already put on the Primordial Trapping Lock, so you don’t have a chance.” Ják was clearly very confident in the lock. After all, this was something that had chained him for twenty-eight years. He had tried all possible means without a way of breaking free from the lock’s imprisonment.

    “Is that so?” Zhou Wen exerted strength as the shackle that bound him instantly shattered, turning into flying shards.

    Ják’s expression changed as he attempted to snap his fingers to kill all the people who had been cursed. He wanted to deal a mental blow to Zhou Wen.

    However, just as he raised his hand, he saw a flash. It was unbelievably fast as it chopped off his hand. It did not stop as it continued towards Ják’s body.

    As Zhou Wen had been chained by the Primordial Trapping Lock, Ják wasn’t prepared at all. He was just too close to Zhou Wen, and Zhou Wen was just too fast. There were probably few people who were faster than him at the Epic stage, and Ják wasn’t as fast as Zhou Wen’s blade.

    Ják suddenly turned into a shadow and escaped, but the Bamboo Blade in Zhou Wen’s hand was even faster. He slashed at the shadow.

    With a spurt of blood, a tiger-shaped Companion Beast was sliced into two by Zhou Wen. The tiger-shaped Companion Beast’s corpse and blood exploded suddenly. The strength of the explosion was much more terrifying than the full-powered attack of an Epic creature. Clearly, the tiger-shaped Companion Beast was at the Epic stage.

    “Die!” Ják dodged to another spot. In his spot, more than ten Epic Companion Beasts appeared at the same time and were set off by Ják.

    A terrifying force exploded within a radius of a few hundred meters, forming a huge blast of light that shot into the sky. It could be seen from tens of kilometers away.

    Inside the encampment, Qin Wufu and the others saw the terrifying blast of light. They felt the ground shake as their expressions turned nasty.

    “Something might have happened to Zhou Wen. Let’s go take a look.” Qin Wufu immediately led his men in the direction of the explosion. It was in the direction where Ják had taken Zhou Wen.

    As for the terrifying blast, it wasn’t something not at the Epic stage could match. Zhou Wen definitely couldn’t produce such immense power. Therefore, there was only one possibility left— Ják was unleashing his powers.

    Lu Su rushed in the direction of the explosion with the rest. She was extremely depressed. She still remembered that she had written Zhou Wen off as being afraid of death when he said that he didn’t wish to implicate the soldiers.

    However, in order to preserve their lives, Zhou Wen chose to leave with a serial killer like Ják. His outcome was obvious.

    Lu Su knew that there was hell ahead of them. A youth who was still schooling had bravely chosen to walk towards hell for the sake of these soldiers. This made Lu Su feel ashamed and touched.

    Zhou Wen, don’t die! This was Lu Su’s heartfelt prayer, as well as the heartfelt pleas of many Chess Mountain soldiers and officers. The moment Zhou Wen left with Ják, Zhou Wen was no longer an ordinary name in their hearts.

    Ják glared at the spot of the blast. He was extremely conflicted; he didn’t wish for Zhou Wen to die just like that. From his point of view, this was a waste of good food.

    However, at that moment, he really felt that his life was under a serious threat. He had subconsciously used all his strength. Compared to delicacies, his life was more important.

    Ják stared intently at the spot where the blast had gone off. Although more than ten Epic creatures self-destructed at the same spot and the might was enough to kill any Epic creature, Ják was still worried. He couldn’t feel at ease without seeing Zhou Wen’s corpse.


    A figure rushed out from the blast, emitting light and heat into the air. It was like the sun. He held a huge sword in his hand and slashed down from above. The sword beam cleaved down like a wheel of sunlight. The light was unbelievably domineering.

    Is this fellow a monster? The detonation of more than ten Epic Companion Beasts failed to kill him? Ják was alarmed, but his eyes burned with zeal.

    At that moment, he no longer wished to escape. Now, the thought of eating Zhou Wen burned even more. It almost devoured him. He extended his hand and the Hex Cat Demon transformed into a ring that appeared on his finger. Wearing the ring, Ják didn’t escape and instead punched Zhou Wen’s sword beam.

    This was clearly not Ják’s style, but Zhou Wen’s sword beam still slashed without any hesitation.


    Ják’s cat demon ring and his arm were severed at the same time. Ják was sent flying, but he wore a crazy smile on his face.

    Curse of Blood… Life Change…Sanguine light burst out from Ják’s body, transforming into blood-colored hex patterns. His Life Soul, Blood Hex Clown, appeared on Zhou Wen’s body, and immediately, Zhou Wen’s body was enveloped by sanguine light as he fell from the sky.

    Let’s see who has a more hardy life! Ják’s long hair flared in the wind. The blood hex on his body rose as he was about to activate his curse.