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Chapter 342 - Cold Shoulder After Putting on Pants

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 342: Cold Shoulder After Putting on Pants

    The first rays of morning sunlight had slipped through the window, shining on the girl lying in bed.

    Frustrated by the sunlight, the girl frowned as she flipped the blanket up to envelop her entire body. As the blanket was flipped up, her fair and smooth shoulder could be seen for a split second, revealing a few delicious-looking love bites on it.

    The man next to her was awakened by the rowdy jerk of the blanket.

    As he gazed at the girl next to him, his eyes glittered with joy. It was as though he was now finally whole as a person, .

    A smile was curved upon his mouth before he swiftly got up and closed the window curtains.

    After putting on his clothes, he went downstairs to prepare a full table of breakfast before heading back upstairs to wake her up. “Meng Meng, time to wake up for some breakfast.”

    The girl covered her ears as her lazy voice came out, muffled through the blanket. “You’re so noisy.”

    The man sat next to her on the bed, gazing at her lovingly.

    A few moments later, the girl tossed around, poking her head out of the blanket. When she opened her alluring eyes, the first thing she saw was the man’s obsidian eyes, gazing at her lovingly.

    Surprised, she quickly hid inside the blanket again. Seeing this, Huo Beichen was slightly amused and he grinned.

    This jerk!

    Hiding under the blanket, Ning Meng could not stop recalling what had happened last night…

    Her entire body was burning red in embarrassment.

    Geez, wasn’t it time for work now!? Why had this man not gone to his office yet!?

    And why was he still in the room, gazing at her!? Did he not know she was now mortified with shyness?!

    As she was drowning in her thoughts, Ning Meng could feel a hand pulling her blanket open, and she grabbed onto the blanket in a panic. “What are you doing?”

    “Come out. You’ll suffocate yourself like this.”

    Huo Beichen’s voice was not only deep and magnetic, but there were also some hints of laughter in it.

    Relenting, Ning Meng poked her head out from the blanket.

    Her hair was all messy and her exquisitely gorgeous face was flushed red from shyness. Shooting the man a look with her teary eyes, she replied curtly, “Okay.”

    Huo Beichen lightly combed his hand through her silky hair as he gently asked, “So, want to have a few bites?”

    “No. I’m not hungry. I just want to sleep.”

    Ning Meng’s voice sounded sweet and lazy, like a cloud of soft marshmallows massaging Huo Beichen’s eardrums.

    “… fine.”

    Huo Beichen snickered at the girl’s shyness. “I’ll climb into bed then, accompanying you in your dreams?”


    Ning Meng poked her head out in a panic. “You have work to attend to!”

    “I don’t want to go to work today…”


    Huo Beichen paused before replying, “I don’t want someone to accuse me of having given her the cold shoulder after putting on my pants.”


    Sure, she had said something of the same effect before, however, she had not ever accused him like this, though!

    As she became flustered and once more immersed in her thoughts, Ning Meng’s phone suddenly rang.

    She quickly picked it up and accepted the call.

    A childish sweet voice could be heard through the phone, “Sis Ning Meng~ do you remember me?”

    After pondering a few seconds, Ning Meng blurted out, “You’re Liu Meow!”

    It was Liu Miao’s daughter.

    “Bingo! Sis, I’m calling you because that comic artist, Ning Meng, has now come back to the country. She’s holding her fan meeting today. You promised to bring me there, remember? Are you busy today?”

    Upon hearing this, Ning Meng sat up eagerly. Now, all the shyness was gone!

    Her eyes were now sharp with energy, just like a warrior all pumped up for a battle. “I’m free today. I’m picking you up right now!”


    After hanging up the phone, Ning Meng grabbed her clothes that were placed on the rear of the bed and then hid under the blanket once again to get changed.

    Looking at her struggling to put on her clothes underneath the blanket, Huo Beichen could not help but to suggest, “… perhaps it would be easier for you to put on your clothes the  way?”

    “No need to. Besides, it’s faster for me to get dressed this way.”

    “… come on, now. It’s not like I’ve not seen you naked alread-”

    “Shut up!”


    After going through so much, they had finally made love to one another last night. To be by her side today, he had even decided to put aside his work for the whole day.

    Yet, this woman was now giving him the cold shoulder after putting on her pants?