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Chapter 262 - They Are All the Young Master’s Pets

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 262: They Are All the Young Master’s Pets

    Su Cha circled around the Lookout Pavilion but did not reach the end.

    She had merely picked a random direction and then came to a conclusion. The size of the Lookout Pavilion was beyond her imagination.

    Other than the modern architecture in the front part of the place, most of the buildings in the back were modern. There were also many servants.

    When she arrived in a certain area, Su Cha saw what appeared to be a large garden. There were many electrical grids surrounding it, and a door at the entrance was tightly closed. There was a sign hanging on it: Beast Zone, Entry Prohibited.

    She paused.

    The garden looked huge, and it was impenetrable. In the depths of the garden, there seemed to be a ferocious gaze that was staring right at Su Cha.

    Su Cha stood at the door and looked around for a while, but she did not go in. After a while, she heard the dense forest in front of her suddenly produce pitter-patter sounds.

    At that moment, a stand of trees was pushed aside. A ferocious and overbearing beast rushed out. It was as if it had silently launched a deadly attack as it jumped directly toward the electric net.

    However, it seemed to have some concerns about the power grid. In the end, it stopped in front of the power grid and did not move.

    Only then did Su Cha see that it was a lion.

    This lion was a male. Its fur was smooth and tall, and given how its entire body was clean, it looked like it had been well taken care of.

    However, it still possessed the bloodthirsty wildness that only ferocious beasts had. It was as if it was being raised by someone, but it took every available chance to preserve its aggressiveness.

    The lion’s golden eyes were focused on Su Cha. It did not show any signs of opening its mouth to intimidate her. It just moved leisurely in front of her through the power grid. It did not seem to be aggressive at all. Instead, it made people lower their guard.

    No one in their right mind would lower their guard against a wild lion.

    Su Cha narrowed her eyes in surprise.

    She never expected that rearing large beasts in a place like the Imperial Capital would be allowed, and it was the king of the beasts, at that.

    But that seemed understandable in the Lookout Pavilion.

    It was obvious that this was something Bo Muyi would do. If not him, then was it the old lady who had such a fetish? Su Cha did not believe it.

    She had thought that Bo Muyi had a strange personality, but she did not expect that he could even rear wild beasts.

    Ordinary people would have peed their pants when they saw the lion, but Su Cha found it interesting.

    She could feel that the lion was not the only one looking at her from the depths of the garden. In other words, Bo Muyi had raised something else.

    “Miss Su.”

    Ah Chen suddenly appeared again. Su Cha turned her head, and Ah Chen saw the lion walking leisurely behind her. Su Cha’s face was calm, and the fear that a young girl should have had was not there. He became even more suspicious.

    However, he did not show it on his face and said directly, “This area is where the young master’s pets are being raised. However, these pets are not used to people. Miss Su, it’s better for you not to approach them.”

    A beast that normal people would not raise was being called a pet…

    “I know.”

    Su Cha smiled as if she understood the danger, but she also appeared to be a little naive. “Is there anything else other than this lion?”

    Ah Chen paused and lowered his head respectfully. “There are two lions. There is a wolf in the middle enclosure, and there are also tigers and leopards.”

    Most of them were large, brutal, and ferocious beasts, but Bo Muyi could still survive if they were to fight to the death.

    Ah Chen looked at the lion and continued, “This male lion is called Blue Sky.”

    Su Cha turned to look at the lion.

    As if it had heard its name, it suddenly stood up and placed its claws on the door. It stretched its huge body out and squinted its golden eyes at Su Cha. It seemed to be seducing her.