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Chapter 383 – Canyon

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Qin Yu revealed a helpless look. This sort of cow-like beast with thick skin and hard flesh was the type to give one the heaviest headache. Without a heavy hand it was simply impossible to kill them. However, these natives had a special blood energy and once they were killed, this blood energy would soak their killer’s body. At that time, any other native that encountered them would hunt them down until they died.

    In addition, these natives didn’t cultivate magic power or rules. Besides their formidable mortal bodies, they had nothing else to obtain. Instead, killing them would only stir up unnecessary troubles. So, those that entered the Infinite Realm usually wouldn’t kill them unless they had no other choice.

    Qin Yu took a step forward. The strength of the Demon Body erupted and with a loud bang, the ground cracked, countless cracks spreading outwards.

    The pupils of the native slightly shrank and a dignified expression crossed his face. But, he wasn’t frightened like the previous natives had been. His lips moved and halting, stuttering words came out. “You…are…very strong…I…brave warrior…Tiba….you…challenge…” As he finished speaking he knelt on the ground. He had a pious expression as he began to chant a litany of strange syllables. As these syllables fell into Qin Yu’s ears, they actually made his mouth dry and his heartbeat quicken.

    Qin Yu revealed a shocked look. This was because the native that was kneeling on the ground suddenly began to experience terrifying changes to his body. With loud crackling sounds, his body grew to be 30 feet tall and his muscles bulged outwards. Thick blue veins rose up all over his skin, thick and fierce.

    Hu –

    Hu –

    With each step he took, strong winds stirred.

    Thump –

    Thump –

    Every beat of his heart was like the beat of a drum.

    As the last syllable fell, the transformed native fiercely stood up from the ground, reared back his head, and roared.

    Bang –

    A shockwave visible to the naked eye instantly swept out. It cut apart endless withered grass and caused the ground to tumble.

    Qin Yu’s complexion changed, “Flesh Domain!”

    Once his Demon Body reached the King step, he had obtained a great deal of information, and a part of this was related to the Flesh Domain. When a body training cultivator’s body reached a certain degree of formidability, it could breed certain rules and thus a natural combat zone would be derived from it. Within this region, the body training cultivator’s combat strength would be greatly enhanced. They wouldn’t feel pain and their recovery speed would increase.

    But according to Qin Yu’s knowledge, his Demon Body needed to reach the Sovereign step before he could possibly display the Flesh Domain. Although this native life form’s aura was terrifying, he still hadn’t reached the same level as a Sovereign step Demon Body, otherwise Qin Yu would have fled as far away as he could.

    Bang –

    The ground exploded with the native at the center. Mud and stone splashed out in all directions as the native shot forwards, his speed suddenly rising several times over.

    Qin Yu didn’t dare to underestimate his opponent. The strength of the Demon Body erupted and he thrust out a palm.

    Like two great mountains clashing into each other, there was a dreadful echoing sound in the air. Qin Yu was forced back step after step, each step leaving an ankle-deep footprint in the ground.

    Wild strength rushed out like a tide, constantly attacking in waves. Qin Yu could hear the sound of his flesh and blood collapsing within him. By the sixth step, Qin Yu forced himself to stop. He took a deep breath and the breakages within his body began to rapidly regenerate, soon restoring itself to its original state.

    As he thought, although this Flesh Domain had been used, it hadn’t reached the same degree as a Sovereign step Demon Body. Even so, this native’s body was strong to an inconceivable degree. Qin Yu was now erupting with the strength of a hundred dragons, but he was still slightly worse.

    “Happy…you…should…be careful…” As opposed to the native’s halting voice, every action he took was fast and powerful. He was like a cheetah in the grasslands, every strike he made possessing a lethal threat.

    Kacha –

    Kacha –

    As the two people fought with all their strength, space began to collapse. Giant cracks spread out in all directions.

    In the skies above, black clouds began to appear. Thunder rapidly flickered as loud rumbling sounds roared.

    With another collision, both sides were sent fluttering backwards. They landed on the ground, both of them forming terrifying pits as they crashed.

    At the bottom of the pit, the native didn’t attack again. He revealed a faint smile. “You…are very strong…I…very admire…you…” He frowned, as if not knowing what to say. “You…follow me…tribe….fight…again…”

    As he finished speaking, he looked up towards the black clouds that appeared in the skies. A helpless and frightened look crossed his face. The natives also knew about the erasure of the Infinite Realm’s rules. Most of them suppressed their strength and didn’t dare to break through to a higher boundary. Once any of them grew to a degree that proved too great a threat, they would be mercilessly slaughtered by the rules. From this point of view, the native life forms could be considered a very pitiful group of people.

    Qin Yu let out a breath of relief. He flicked his sore hands and said, “No thanks, I don’t want to go to your tribe.” Although this native was the strongest one Qin Yu had encountered, who knew how many powerful warriors were hidden there? He didn’t want to look for unnecessary troubles.

    The native had an ugly complexion. But, he knew that he couldn’t do anything to Qin Yu, so after waiting for his body to return to normal, he quickly turned and ran away.

    As he raced away, loud rumbles followed in his wake. He was no different from a human-shaped vicious beast!

    Qin Yu looked up towards the black clouds above that were quickly fading away. His eyes flashed. He had already discovered that when the Infinite Realm faced existences that were only a little bit stronger than allowed, it would tolerate them to a certain degree. As long as these existences didn’t damage the surrounding space, it mostly wouldn’t erase them.

    Perhaps this was because the Infinite Realm’s rules didn’t want to lose any more strength. Of course, there was a limit to this sort of tolerance. For instance, during the battle at Bronze Bell Ancient City when Granny Scholartree fought the evil spirit, the Infinite Realm had immediately obliterated them.

    If he guessed correctly, the rules of the Infinite Realm had become incomparably weak and feeble. They might not be able to last much longer before they collapsed. Once the rules collapsed, this spatial fragment would also fall into ruin. At that time, all the natives and monster beasts would perish with it.

    Qin Yu shook his head. These weren’t things he could interfere with. His feet moved and he rapidly flew away.

    Soon, another month had passed. Although the Infinite Realm’s longest opening period was a year, it often closed ahead of time. Conservatively speaking, he had around four months until it closed.

    Qin Yu didn’t encounter any more Immortal Sect cultivators. He began to feel helpless and didn’t have much hope of finding Ning Ling. However, as he thought about how the two of them were likely in the same spatial fragment yet there was no way for them to find each other, he couldn’t help but feel worried and a little bothered.

    But during this last month, he had made some considerable harvests. For instance, there was a seriously corroded and somewhat broken small bell in his storage ring.

    Qin Yu had found this on the bones of a cultivator. From how complete the skeleton was, it shouldn’t have been torn apart by monster beasts after the cultivator had died. And, he had discovered this skeleton in a place where there were many monster beasts. These two facts together made it extremely strange.

    It had to be known that cultivators’ bodies were washed by the spiritual strength of the heavens and earth, so a massive amount of spiritual strength was contained in their flesh and blood. To a monster beast, this was the best tonic. And those that came to the Infinite Realm were all at least at the Divine Soul realm. To a monster beast, the corpse of a Divine Soul cultivator was an irresistible temptation.

    There might have been many reasons why monster beasts didn’t touch this corpse, but Qin Yu felt that the most likely one was this ruined small bell.

    He bent down and sword light thrust out from his fingertips, instantly submerging into the ground. A black wild ginseng was dug out with all its roots and he immediately placed it in his storage ring.

    This sort of black wild ginseng contained a boundless amount of heaven and earth spiritual energy. It could be directly refined and absorbed to rapidly increase one’s magic power. It was a wonderful cultivation resource.

    At this moment, Qin Yu’s complexion changed. His palm suddenly flashed, and although there didn’t seem to be anything there, his slightly indented skin proved that he was holding onto something. This was the half disc-shaped object that couldn’t be seen with his eyes or divine sense, yet actually existed.

    Now, this half disc seemed to be emitting faint traces of heat, as if it was pointing towards something.

    Qin Yu revealed a look of hesitation. But as he thought about how mysterious this disc was, he finally came to a decision. Since he couldn’t find Ning Ling, he wanted to focus a bit more on the lucky chances of the Infinite Realm.

    Shua –

    Qin Yu’s figure rapidly moved. Sometimes he moved left, sometimes he moved right, sometimes he moved straight, sometimes he moved back; he was so fast that he left behind afterimages. But soon the afterimages vanished and he came to a stop, his eyes lighting up.

    This way!

    Whoosh –

    Qin Yu rushed forwards. The heat emanating from the disc became increasingly strong as he raced ahead.

    He passed over a tall mountain and crossed a long river. The distance was further than he expected. He didn’t know whether or not it was a coincidence, but as he travelled forwards he didn’t encounter any dangers.

    Yes, not a single monster beast appeared to block his way. This was simply unbelievable. The Infinite Realm was known for being a land where if a small meteor crashed down from space, it would strike dead at least three monster beasts.

    Qin Yu revealed a strange complexion. He looked at the half disc in his hands; was this its function? If it could even accomplish something so bizarre and unthinkable, its origins were likely far greater than he had imagined! A sense of curiosity grew in Qin Yu’s mind. Just what had this half disc object sensed?

    His figure flickered and he landed on a towering ancient tree. His gaze pierced through the layers of branches towards the distant earth. At the end of his line of sight, he could see a canyon appear. The two sides twisted together in a crisscross formation, as if it had been torn open. It extended for hundreds of miles around, seeming as if stretched on without end. The surface of the canyon was bleak and desolate, with no plant life growing anywhere. The bare stones had lain exposed for countless years and giant cracks had appeared in them.

    Whatever the half disc had sensed, it was in this canyon.

    Qin Yu carefully swept his eyes around. There was nothing in the middle of the canyon and strong winds howled out from the opening, causing his line of sight to become dim and blurry. There was nothing out of the ordinary on the surface; it was just an astonishingly large canyon with nothing there. However, after the experience of obtaining this half disc, Qin Yu no longer believed his eyes or senses.

    Stepping forward, he rose up in the air and then fell down a thousand feet from the canyon entrance. He flicked his sleeve and sent a half-human sized boulder flying out. He watched carefully as the boulder crashed into the canyon and half-buried itself into the ground.

    There were no problems.

    Qin Yu’s complexion didn’t relax. He lifted a hand and flung a second boulder even further. He watched the boulder closely. Then, once it flew into the valley, a ripple in space appeared and it was directly swallowed up, vanishing from sight.

    There really was a problem!

    Qin Yu’s pupils shrank and he rapidly retreated. Even if he knew the half disc was not ordinary and it had sensed some enormous good fortune, he still didn’t hesitate at all. He had relied on pure luck to obtain this half disc and if that scenario were to be replayed, there was absolutely no chance he would have survived.

    Lucky chances and good fortune were nice, but he needed to be alive to enjoy them!

    Qin Yu’s reactions were extremely quick. The instant the stone vanished he was already rushing backwards. There was a shadow not too far away. Once he entered it he could Shadow Step away. But at this time, Qin Yu’s complexion changed and he came to a sudden stop. To his amazement he discovered that even though he was retreating he was constantly closing in on the valley in front of him!

    Hum –

    An air bubble appeared and wrapped around Qin Yu. Without giving him even a chance to react, it howled towards the canyon valley. Qin Yu wasn’t able to struggle. All he could do was put away the half disc just before he was swallowed up like that giant boulder.