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Chapter 343 - Like an Abandoned Waifu

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 343: Like an Abandoned Waifu

    After putting on her blouse and pants, Ning Meng leaped out of bed and walked toward the door.

    Huo Beichen handed a jacket to her.

    Upon grabbing the jacket, Ning Meng noticed that the man was still holding onto it.

    She raised her starry eyes and looked at the man. Hmm? His eyes were looking at her pitifully, like a puppy not wanting its master to go away.

    “Wha… what?”

    Ning Meng was surprised to see him like this.

    Huo Beichen asked, “Where are you going?”

    Well, there was no way she could tell him that.

    Thus, Ning Meng replied with a smile, “I have a date with Mr. Liu’s daughter, Liu Meow. Well, I’ve promised to bring her out to play. Can’t break my promise.”

    Huo Beichen closed his eyes and opened his mouth, “I’ll go with you.”

    Bringing him along when she was going to see his ex-girlfriend? No freaking way would she do that!

    Ning Meng immediately declined him firmly. “No!”


    Huo Beichen stared at her with a puzzled look.

    What a heartless woman! Just moments ago, they were literally inseparable. Besides, weren’t they sort of in the honeymoon stage of their relationship now? They were supposed to go everywhere together! And yet, she was heading out and leaving him behind?

    Noticing the doubtful look in his eyes, Ning Meng cleared her throat and explained, “This is a little date between two pretty ladies, so, you can’t come.”


    Seeing that he had conceded, Ning Meng forcefully grabbed the jacket and put it on. Before she walked out the door, she turned toward him again and demanded, “Also, don’t let Step Hen follow me this time.”

    Huo Beichen replied with a stern face. “No. He must guard you at all times.”

    Otherwise… history could repeat itself. Just like 8 years ago.

    If anything happened to her again, he would not forgive himself.

    Ning Meng’s mouth twitched after seeing how stubborn he was. “In that case, promise me that you won’t probe Step Hen about my whereabouts or where I went during my little date!”

    Before Huo Beichen was able to object, Ning Meng gazed at him pleadingly. “Come on, please? Just one day. Pretty please, big brother~”

    After hearing the words “big brother” come out of her mouth, Huo Beichen was stunned as his Adam’s apple bobbed.

    “Brother, let’s take a short break, alright…?”

    “I can’t… it’s almost dawn… and I’m so sore, brother…”

    “No… No more, brother… please stop…”

    The girl’s vulnerable and delicious moans echoed in his mind as he recalled how she was laying there on the bed without a thread of clothing on her, her long, silky, jet-black hair rippling out around her stunningly feminine figure, painting a striking contrast to her bare snowy skin…

    Huo Beichen had always thought that he had a will of steel, one that would not be staggered by any beauty that appeared before him.

    However, right now, he felt an overwhelming impulse that was compelling him to agree to any demand this girl asked of him.

    Huo Beichen’s eyes dimmed before conceding. “Alright then.”

    “Yay! Brother, you’re the best!”

    After giving him a flying kiss, Ning Meng skipped out of the room chipperly.


    Huo Beichen opened his mouth again.

    Ning Meng stopped in her tracks and turned toward him again. “What now?”

    There were some frustrations and annoyance in her tone, however, seeing how coquettish she looked, Huo Beichen could not bring himself to get upset at her. “I’ll assign someone to come over to get your things. Come back to the villa with me tonight.”

    Well, she had agreed to this after all, so it did not matter if it was today. She would not mind going back there any day now either.

    Thus, Ning Meng nodded. “Sure.”

    Seeing that she had agreed, Huo Beichen finally let her go.

    Entering the lift, Ning Meng turned and saw Huo Beichen, who was standing at the entrance of her home, looking at her pitifully like a little newlywed wife who was being abandoned…

    A few moments later…

    Ning Meng had arrived at the hotel where Liu Miao was currently staying at. When she entered the lobby, she saw Liu Meow sitting quietly on a sofa, reading a copy of “Water Margin”, a classic novel.

    Walking toward her, Liu Meow raised her head with a puzzled look. “Sis, what is ‘bondage’?”


    Ning Meng looked at the girl in a mix of shock and confusion.

    She did not remember there being any… bondage scene in “Water Margin”.

    Taking the classic novel from the little girl and briefly scanning what she was reading, Ning Meng finally understood the context: [Li Kui woke up from his slumber, only to discover that he had been tightened to the bondage of ropes by the enemy!]

    After giving Liu Meow a short, “clean” explanation of what “bondage” meant, Ning Meng led the girl to her car and drove her straight to Jingdu Library—the place where Comic Artist “Ning Meng” was holding her fan meeting event.

    Arriving at their destination, Ning Meng walked into the library, holding Liu Meow’s hand.

    It did not take long for them to find the exact location of the event inside the building. About a hundred people were gathering at a section of the library’s lobby, eagerly waiting with a copy of “Ride With The Wind” in their hands.

    As soon as they arrived and took their spots behind the crowd, someone suddenly cheered, “Everyone, look! ‘Ning Meng’ is here!”