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Chapter 318 - Asking to a date (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 318: Asking to a date (2)

    Stunned, Xu Weilai paused for a moment before grasping the situation. Her eyes curved into slight crescents as she said, "Oh, I understand."

    When they had just gotten married, Xu Weilai didn't have the right to ask Gu Yu about where he went. It wasn't like he would have even told her, either. Even, he would mention it to Mrs. Lin once she moved into the apartment, but he still never told Xu Weilai. Now… he finally informed her directly, about his whereabouts.

    Although it was just a small gesture, it still made a sweet feeling of bliss bubble slightly within her.

    When a man was willing to report his whereabouts to a woman, it meant she meant something to him…

    After hanging up, Gu Yu pulled the car door open once more. Getting into the car, he instructed Assistant Lin to start driving.

    Assistant Lin had now finally realized what Gu Yu had left behind. Was it just Young Mistress…? The time they had to reach the airport was already so tight, but Gu Yu still insisted on making a detour to the apartment. He wanted to have one last look at Young Mistress before leaving.

    Since they were already downstairs, why didn't he just directly go upstairs to see Young Mistress?

    At the thought, he questioned inadvertently. As Gu Yu's gaze shifted to him, he replied to him with, "If I saw her, I wouldn't bear to leave."

    Assistant Lin remained silent.

    Why did he have to only bully him like that? Ugh, when will it be his turn to experience sweet love?


    She had to admit that it was incredibly terrifying to get used to one's company.

    For the past few days, Gu Yu had always been by her side. Xu Weilai kept feeling that he was just right by her side, yet she would raise her head to find nothing beside her.

    She had never once thought that the bedroom was big and spacious. With Gu Yu out, however, she felt that even her voice would echo if she spoke.

    Xu Weilai was shocked by her own thoughts. Even if the enemy advanced in such a subtle manner, she had to make sure to keep her guard up every single second. She couldn't let Gu Yu sneak in and barge into her heart once more!

    She was over the moon that Gu Yu wasn't around. She didn't miss him!

    It may have been because he was busy, but Gu Yu never called her while he was on his business trip. Instead, Mrs. Lin took over his job of nagging her. Once she worked for half an hour, Mrs. Lin would come knocking on the door.

    He didn't even forget to keep his eyes on her even while he was out on a business trip. Xu Weilai genuinely didn't know if she should get mad or laugh.

    Those that didn't know the circumstances might've even thought that she was the delicate and frail sister of Mrs. Lin…

    Even so, having Gu Yu fuss over her made her feel the sweet feeling of bliss deep down. After that, she would automatically take a rest when it's due without needing Mrs. Lin to remind her.

    That night, Gu Yu had finally made his first call ever since taking his business trip. Xu Weilai stared at the phone for a while, before picking it up, "Hello."

    "I'll be back in the capital by six tomorrow." After pausing for a moment, Gu Yu lowered his voice a little, sounding a little awkward as he said, "Let's have dinner together that night."

    She had thought that he had tossed her to the back of his mind, but his words… Was he asking her on a date?

    Xu Weilai's heart pounded against her chest. After suppressing her internal excitement, she cleared her throat and said, "I'll have to check my schedule."

    After pausing for about a minute, she continued, "I'd be able to set aside an hour."

    She seemed to have heard Gu Yu softly chuckle on the other end of the call. When he spoke once more, his voice was laced with fondness as he said, "Alright, I'll see you at eight at the hilltop restaurant."


    The plane landed.

    Gu Yu went to collect his luggage. When he walked out from the exit while pulling his luggage, Assistant Lin was already waiting outside. He stepped forward and took over the luggage before making his way out.

    Gu Yu first made his way to the office. He had to handle the important documents that he had put on hold for the past few days.

    He pushed the office door open and made his way in. After taking a few steps in, he stopped in his tracks. Looking at the elegant silhouette sitting on the sofa, the look in his eyes hardened.