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Chapter 263 - : Its Great That You Like Them Too

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 263: It's Great That You Like Them Too

    Su Cha squinted.

    It was obvious that the lion was not a tame pet. It was obviously trying to lure Su Cha over and attack her.

    Ah Chen observed untruthfully, "It seems that Blue Sky really likes Miss Su."


    Su Cha turned around and smiled. "If this one is called Blue Sky, is the other one called White Cloud?"

    "Yes." Ah Chen put on a poker face and stated the others' names. "The wolf and the leopard are called Grass and Greenland, and the tiger is called Wood."

    Su Cha: "…"

    Su Cha had a complicated expression on her face. "Did Muyi pick those names?"

    Ah Chen nodded silently.


    There was a strange silence. Then, Su Cha pretended that nothing had happened. She ignored the lion by the wall and turned to leave.

    Seeing her leave, Ah Chen naturally followed her.

    Before she left, she turned around to look at Blue Sky. Blue Sky's huge body was lying down again. It sat there leisurely as it watched them leave. When Ah Chen looked at it, Blue Sky let out a low roar. Even though it was very quiet, it sounded very scary and aggressive.

    Ah Chen turned around and left.

    Bo Muyi had just returned to the small courtyard.

    The man's cold face softened when he saw Su Cha. He walked up to her and held her hand. "Why didn't you come to me just now?"

    "It's not convenient for me to disturb you if you're discussing something. I toured the Lookout Pavilion instead."

    Su Cha held his hand as they entered the house. She took the opportunity to ask about the beast area. "You actually have pets, huh? Other people have cats and dogs, though. Why are you raising lions and tigers…?"

    "Did you see them?"

    Bo Muyi's eyes brightened at first, then he said gloomily, "I was afraid that you would be scared, so I locked them up."

    "I'm not afraid."

    Su Cha said directly, "But ferocious beasts can hurt people, especially in a residential area. It's only right that you've locked them up."

    "They didn't have to be locked up like this before."

    Bo Muyi explained to her, "Blue Sky and White Cloud have a sense of propriety. Under normal circumstances, they would not hurt humans. Besides, there are secret guards everywhere in the pavilion. They can control them. I was just worried that you might be afraid, so I locked them up."

    Under normal circumstances…

    Su Cha could not help but wonder what "under normal circumstances" looked like. After all, the lion she saw was obviously untamed.

    No matter what, it was a dangerous beast.

    Su Cha thought about it for a while and said, "I'm not afraid."

    She would have been afraid to death if she saw those ferocious beasts before, but now, she was really not.

    Bo Muyi's eyes lit up. "Can I release them, then?"

    "…" Su Cha felt that he shouldn't, but seeing Bo Muyi's expression, she hesitated. "I don't know."

    They used to roam around freely before. If Bo Muyi felt he knew what he was doing, she would let him be.


    Bo Muyi was very happy. He hugged Su Cha's waist and whispered, "What I like is different from what ordinary people like. I was afraid that you wouldn't like it either, so it's great that you do. Blue Sky and White Cloud are very obedient. You will definitely like them."

    Su Cha: "…"

    She only said that she was not afraid; she never said that she liked them.

    Normal people would have a natural fear of ferocious beasts, but while she was not afraid, that did not mean that she liked them.

    But seeing Bo Muyi's expression, Su Cha could not say anything.