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Chapter 264 - Do Not Touch I

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 264: Do Not Touch It

    Su Cha thought that it would take at least a few days for Bo Muyi to release the lions.

    But when she woke up the next morning, Su Cha felt that something was amiss.

    She could smell something different. It did not seem to be Bo Muyi’s scent.

    She opened her eyes and met a pair of golden eyes.

    A lion that was twice Su Cha’s size placed its front paws on the edge of the bed and looked at her quietly.

    Su Cha: “…”

    Blue Sky: “…”

    The woman and the lion looked at each other silently. Su Cha was still a little sleepy and called out, “Blue Sky?”

    It looked like the one she saw yesterday.

    Blue Sky tilted its head while Bo Muyi walked in wearing his pajamas. He was excited to see Su Cha and Blue Sky looking at each other.

    “Cha Cha, Blue Sky seems to like you a lot.”

    He walked over and lifted Su Cha, who had just woken up, into his arms. Su Cha hesitated and looked at the lion. “How can you tell?”

    Was it just because this lion did not bite her?

    Bo Muyi held Su Cha with one hand and touched Blue Sky’s mane with the other. Blue Sky was a big one, and it was the fiercest lion among all the wild beasts. At this moment, as Bo Muyi petted it, it squinted its eyes in enjoyment. It even tilted its head and raised its paw.

    It looked more like a dog than a lion.


    It was not living up to the name of its species.

    “If Blue Sky didn’t like you, he would be fierce with you. However, he has been raised by me since he was young and is very attached to me. He must have sensed my scent on you, so he won’t hurt you. If he gets close to you, it means that he likes you.”

    As soon as Bo Muyi was done speaking, Blue Sky behaved as if it understood his words. Its head was about to move toward Su Cha, but before she could react, Bo Muyi, who had been stroking the lion gently just now, immediately turned hostile. Without hesitation, he slapped Blue Sky’s head. “You can like her, but you can’t touch her!”

    Blue Sky, who had been slapped by Bo Muyi, seemed to be a little aggrieved. It let out a low cry and immediately lay down on the bed without looking at them.

    Su Cha: “…”

    She thought that Bo Muyi had changed since he was not jealous that a lion liked her.

    From the looks of it, though, while a lion might only be an animal that he had given some special privileges to, he still held a possessive streak in the end. It wasn’t allowed to touch her.

    His attitude changed quickly.

    Su Cha thought for a while. Normally, ferocious beasts would fall out with their masters in such situations. They might just bite the latter’s neck. Yet Blue Sky was so aggrieved; if other lions were to see it, they would probably strike off its status as a lion.

    Although it was a ferocious beast, Su Cha found it pitiful. She extended her hand. “May I touch it?”


    The overbearing man grabbed Su Cha’s hand and bit her ear. “Just touch me.”


    Blue Sky probably felt that its master was an eyesore who would not let its mistress touch it, so it stood up and left.

    Seeing it leave, Su Cha pondered for a while and asked, “Will it run around when it goes outside?”

    “No. It knows its range. After some activity, it will follow Ah Chen back to the Beast Garden.”

    Just as he finished speaking, a scream and a fearful voice came from the courtyard, “Why did my young master let you out again?!!”

    Then, Blue Sky shouted excitedly.

    It seemed that it had finally found something fun.

    Su Cha knew that the voice belonged to Bai Kun.

    As expected, this was the reaction a normal person should have when facing a ferocious beast.