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Chapter 974 - Exchanging Terms

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 974: Exchanging Terms

    Wen Xinya could not be bothered to care about how pathetic of a plight Avrora was in currently. Avrora was being plain stupid to be so muddled up about the situation even at this juncture. She actually had the audacity to provoke Wen Xinya. Since Avrora had given her the chance to humiliate her, Wen Xinya decided to fulfill her wishes.

    Besides, she still remembered how Avrora despised her and humiliated her in front of all the other wealthy ladies during the banquet at the Moville Duke’s Residence. She even threatened to kill her by holding her at gunpoint. Of course, Wen Xinya also remembered how Avrora openly tried to seduce Si Yiyan and even put on airs around her.

    She could not help but admit that she was just like Si Yiyan, taking revenge where it was due.

    Wen Xinya entered the living room with the ginseng soup that she had scooped.

    In the living room, Si Yiyan and Duke Moville were in the midst of a conversation. However, Avrora had already returned to the living room and no longer looked as unkempt as she had been moments ago. She sat beside Duke Moville quietly, as if she were transparent. It seemed like her presence could not be felt.

    She reckoned that Avrora should have seen everything clearly, regardless of how stupid she may be.

    Wen Xinya took a quick glance before looking away and taking a seat beside Si Yiyan. She then placed the soup in front of him gently.

    Si Yiyan stared at her smilingly while picking up the bowl of ginseng soup, which he then savored slowly as if he was tasting tea.

    Duke Moville laughed and asked, “Rex, what do you think?”

    Si Yiyan seemed to be thinking about something while drinking the soup, though he remained silent.

    Wen Xinya blinked curiously, feeling like she had missed something while she was away. Could it be that Si Yiyan and Duke Moville had reached a consensus about the document?

    Despite not getting an answer, Duke Moville remained patient and continued, “Rex, just like you said, I ought to pay the price for losing the bet. Since Avrora got into trouble, we will definitely own up and bear the consequences. However, this document is very important to us and so, we have no choice but to take it seriously. Rex, I hope you can understand.”

    He had previously tried to test Si Yiyan’s attitude. After noticing that Si Yiyan did not seem to regard the document highly, he brazenly guessed that he actually had the chance to get the document back from Si Yiyan so long as he offered the appropriate condition.

    Si Yiyan said coldly, “I can understand your plight, Duke Moville.”

    Although he seemed to be agreeing with him, his attitude was ambiguous.

    However, Duke Moville felt a sense of relief as he thought that it meant that there was hope for him. It seemed he had guessed correctly. Duke Moville laughed out loud and said, “Rex is indeed very straightforward. In that case, let’s find a chance to discuss this slowly as well as the details of the document. What do you think?”

    Appearing a little distracted, Si Yiyan pulled Wen Xinya into his arms and said softly, “You’ve won this document from Avrora and it’s the fruition of your victory. You’re the one who has the right to decide. What do you think of Duke Moville’s suggestion?”

    Duke Moville shifted his gaze onto Wen Xinya, hiding the menace in his gray eyes.

    Wen Xinya stared at Duke Moville in astonishment. “Duke Moville, are you trying to exchange for the document using an item of equal value?”

    Duke Moville tightened his grip on the cane, momentarily speechless. His most valuable item was that sealed document. Hence, he did not know how to answer her question at all.

    Appearing disappointed, Wen Xinya glanced at Si Yiyan and asked, “Don’t tell me, you can’t enjoy the privileges stated in here?”

    She sounded pure and innocent.

    Si Yiyan smirked without answering her question.

    Duke Moville’s heart skipped a beat. Although Wen Xinya sounded innocent, it was apparent that she wanted Si Yiyan to be entitled to those privileges. However, Si Yiyan’s vague replies and attitude showed that the document did not matter to him. He guessed that Si Yiyan wanted more than just the document and was merely trying to use it to exchange for greater benefits.

    How greedy of them!

    Duke Moville could not help but feel a cold shiver down his spine.

    Duke Moville was actually still hoping that Si Yiyan would continue enjoying those privileges by marrying Avrora instead of owning the document. However, the matter had become much more complicated now that Si Yiyan had turned down his request for him to marry Avrora.

    Noticing that the atmosphere in the living room had become tense, Wen Xinya huddled up in Si Yiyan’s embrace and said softly, “Since I’ve already handed the document to you, it’s up to you to do what you want with it. I’ll stay out of it.”

    Si Yiyan kissed her forehead gently and chuckled. “Even if I return the document to Duke Moville?”

    Wen Xinya pouted, seemingly unwilling to give the document back to Duke Moville. After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Duke Moville has his difficulties too. We can hand it to him but… I won it after risking my life. Miss Avrora pointed a gun at me and threatened to kill me because of the document. She even put on airs and boasted that Duke Moville is going to let her marry you. So, you can’t return it easily.”

    Although Wen Xinya played cute and nibbled Si Yiyan’s earlobe while whispering it to him, Duke Moville and Avrora could hear her words clearly.

    Duke Moville immediately grew awkward and a cold and petulant look formed in his eyes. He said smilingly, “Miss Bella, this is all just a misunderstanding. I only found out about Avrora’s actions much later.”

    Wen Xinya was too cunning in his opinion. By mentioning the incidents that took place during the banquet, she made herself look extremely innocent, and she was also indirectly trying to tell them that it would be impossible to get the document back from Si Yiyan.

    Wen Xinya pouted and remained silent.

    Duke Moville hung his head low and picked up the teacup to drink some tea. However, the tea had already turned cold and was rather bitter to taste.

    The atmosphere became tense once again.

    Duke Moville put the teacup down and laughed out loud. “I have to thank Rex and Miss Bella for your understanding. I’ll book a table at the Elegance Room in another two days. Please allow me the honor to treat you to a meal, Rex and Miss Bella.”

    Si Yiyan answered, “Since you’ve extended your sincere invitation to us, we won’t decline, Duke Moville.”

    Wen Xinya obviously wasn’t silly enough to think that it would just be a simple meal. She knew that the matter about the document would be discussed in detail and resolved during the meal.

    Duke Moville heaved a sigh of relief and said smilingly, “In that case, I shall take my leave now. Please forgive us for disturbing you guys today, Rex, Miss Bella.”

    Wen Xinya could tell that Duke Moville was trying to show his respect towards her by addressing her together with Si Yiyan. His attitude was a stark contrast to his nonchalance towards her at the Moville Duke Residence previously. She felt rather delighted.