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Chapter 333 - Stay Alive No Matter Wha

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 333: Stay Alive No Matter What

    It was rare that he would comply to her wishes and let her hug him. As such, Jian Qi blatantly took advantage of him.

    Suddenly, she felt a hand at the back of her head.

    She could not help but complain deep down.

    Did he plan to slap her?

    Jian Qi was about to move but she was surprised to find that he did not put great force in his hand. On the other hand, he was actually gently caressing her head.

    It was indeed out of the ordinary!

    Jian Qi looked up at him with a wicked smile. “Little Tang Tang, you’re so gentle! It’s so romantic!”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. He stared at the annoying face before him. Then, he removed his hand and dragged her off by pulling at her collar.

    “Little Tang Tang, what are you doing? It’s so nice and warm hugging you!”

    Jian Qi stretched her hands out. However, Tang Jinyu gave her a cold stare and a warning look.

    “Do you want ten more kilometres?”

    His cold voice was emotionless.

    Jian Qi replied, “Fine…”

    She had finally become quiet. Tang Jinyu was relieved.

    He felt like she had almost driven him crazy.

    She was indeed annoying.

    “It’s almost time. You stay here first. If anybody comes in, get rid of them. I’ll go outside. Go out there and give me a hand if you hear a gunshot.” Tang Jinyu ordered her.

    Jian Qi smiled. “Do you think that I’ll be killed if I were the vanguard? Is that why you asked me to stay behind?”

    “Jian Qi!” Tang Jinyu lowered his voice.

    Jian Qi’s smile widened. However, she remained quiet.

    Tang Jinyu grabbed the gun and was prepared to leave through the window.

    “Instructor Tang…” Jian Qi said all of a sudden.

    Tang Jinyu halted in his movement. Then, he turned around to look at her. He seemed rather serious. “What is it?”

    Jian Qi smiled brightly at him. “I’m merely making assumptions here but, don’t save me if I’m in danger.”

    Tang Jinyu frowned. His face darkened. “Jian Qi, the reason we recruited you into the Special Fire Team is not for you to give up your life to the enemies.”

    “There are all kinds of accidents in life. There’s no way we can foresee what is to come.” Jian Qi smiled and said. She would always have on this wicked and cunning face.

    Moreover, she always acted in a way that did not seem to take life seriously.

    Tang Jinyu’s eyes darkened. His voice became extremely cold too. He could not control his anger as he said, “Jian Qi, there are no ifs. Stay alive no matter what.”

    Jian Qi realized that he was mad. She knew that he would beat her up there and then before they could even go onto the battlefield if she were to continue talking about it.

    “I’ll try my best.” Jian Qi smiled and said.

    “No, you must stay alive.” Tang Jinyu replied stonily.

    Jian Qi was stunned. She smiled and replied, “Alright, I’ll stay alive.”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her before turning around to leave.

    Jian Qi stared at the window. The smile on her face disappeared slowly.

    The atmosphere soon became cold and dull. It was mixed with the cold breeze which was blown into the room from the outside. It made her seem rather cold and distant.

    In the past, she had always been told to complete her mission by risking everything else even if she were to sacrifice her life in the process.

    She was never asked to stay alive no matter what happened.

    At first, she thought that the others obeyed Tang Jinyu because of his power, abilities and courage.

    There were a lot of reasons for that. However, she was charmed by his other strengths now.

    He was a responsible person.

    Furthermore, he cherished each and every single life.

    He was also ready to sacrifice himself for the others.

    That might be the advantage every member in the Special Fire Team had. At that moment, she held strong feelings for Tang Jinyu.

    It was just like what they had said. She would fall in love with the uniqueness of the team.

    She realized that she would find it hard to leave the team when it was time for her to do so…