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Chapter 319 - Long time no see, Yu (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 319: Long time no see, Yu (1)

    The woman lifted her eyes, her gaze settling on the stunningly handsome man before her. A ghost of a smile crept over her face as she gazed at him fondly. Even her voice was soft and enchanting as she greeted, “Long time no see, Yu.”

    She got up gracefully, sauntering towards Gu Yu. Every step she took emanated charisma and was extremely enchanting.

    Gu Yu simply shot her a glance before directing his gaze to Assistant Lin, who was following behind him. Assistant Lin didn’t expect that someone would suddenly turn up at the office either. After all, he had gone out to pick Gu Yu up. Since both he and Gu Yu weren’t around, no one should’ve been allowed to enter.

    It was likely because the little assistant that he just hired didn’t know any better and let someone in.

    However, this wasn’t the time to find out who should’ve been held accountable. Gu Yu had asked the Young Mistress out to have dinner together later, so he didn’t have time to entertain anyone.

    However, if he wasn’t mistaken, the woman before him was Yun Rou…

    Assistant Lin sneaked a peek at his boss’s expression involuntarily. Gu Yu looked as expressionless as he always did. Compared to the sparkly look in Yun Rou’s eyes at the sight of him, Gu Yu’s complete apathy made it seem like she was just a complete stranger.

    Just as he was in a dilemma on how to handle the situation, he caught sight of Gu Yu’s brows drawn into a slight knit with a slightly irritated look in his eyes. His expression instantly turned serious. Without a second thought, Assistant Lin stepped forward and said to Yun Rou in a polite yet undebatable manner, “Miss Yun, it is very impolite to barge into someone’s office without their permission. Please leave immediately. If you wish to see CEO Gu, you would have to make prior arrangements.”

    Being shown to the door in such a direct manner didn’t seem to faze Yun Rou. Instead, she just seemed a little shocked, before breaking into a soft chuckle in understanding, “Right, I have been away for too long. I have almost forgotten that Yu is now already the CEO of Gu Corporation. If I wish to see him, I would have to make a reservation first.”

    Yun Rou gave Gu Yu a slightly apologetic look once more before she said, “Yu, it was brusque of me. I just wanted to come and say hi to you. With that said, I’ll be on my way out. See you next time.”

    After finishing her piece, Yun Rou turned around and made her way to the sofa, picking up her luggage. After giving Gu Yu one more look, she then nodded to Assistant Lin, giving him her regards before gracefully leaving.

    As Assistant Lin watched her retreating back, he felt a tinge of sorrow.

    It seemed like once she had returned and got off the plane, she had made her way straight to the company to look for CEO Gu. It was apparent how eager she was. However… even though CEO Gu refused to speak even one word to her the whole time she was there, even though he had practically treated her as if she was invisible, she took it all in stride.

    She truly was remarkable!

    When Assistant Lin turned over to look at his boss, he discovered that Mr. Gu was even more remarkable. He was already sitting at his desk, flipping and reading through his documents. All of his attention was on those documents. He didn’t even seem unnerved one bit by Yun Rou’s sudden appearance.

    Well, he had been by CEO Gu’s side for a long time. The only time when CEO Gu’s emotions were affected was when the Young Mistress was involved.


    They were simply going to have a meal together, so it wasn’t something of great importance to Xu Weilai. She had just washed her hair, put on some makeup, then went to her closet and tried on each outfit one by one. Only after she had tried on almost all of her clothes did she pick out an outfit that she was pleased with.

    When she stood before the full-length mirror and stared at her reflection, she gazed at herself with despise and disdain at the sight of how much effort it took for her to get dolled up.

    With just this bit of tenderness that Gu Yu showed her, she was unable to control her throbbing heart.

    Xu Weilai eventually decided to change out of that beautiful skirt that she had on. She picked out some casual clothes that she usually wore, then put her hair up in a top knot. After putting on some running shoes, she was on her way!