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Chapter 528 - The Protective Strength

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 528: The Protective Strength

    “Not just yet. The Demon Qi you’re inflicted with has gotten in too deep. It’ll take a long time to be resolved,” said Yun Jiuge. She felt that the most important thing now was to quickly find a way to allow the human-beast hybrids awaken the golden light.

    “It’s alright. We can wait.” Xiao Hua was a little disappointed, but as long as he was alive, there was hope.

    “I still can’t let you out now. I’ll let you meet your clan people when they come back. Just hold on a little longer!” Yun Jiuge beat out the golden light on the bodies of Xiao Hua and Da’er before putting them back inside the Spiritual Beast Bag. Then she left the dungeon.

    She had just walked onto ground when she saw Zi Shang leaning on the door with a smirk as he said to her, “Did you not say that you would not test randomly before anything has been determined? Why did you mess around this time?”

    “I did not mess around. I came here with a cause and evidence. Are you done with your mission?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “Of course. The tribes which the Eagle Clan were able to find have already begun moving to Yun City. Yin Shili and Feifei have to hurry up with their work. Otherwise there may not be enough for them to live in.” In order to complete the mission quickly, Zi Shang employed a lot of means. Fortunately, the results were remarkable.

    “How many tribes have you brought back?” Yun Jiuge asked in surprise.

    “Not many, just ten tribes with more than 2,000 people!” If he could use his Demonic Power, he could have done one massive teleportation to bring them over. There would not have been a need to make them migrate with great trouble.

    “Has there been any sign of activity with Nangong Yue and Qiu Sen?” Yun Jiuge felt that something was up. Those two people were not the most benevolent!

    “They’re probably trying to wipe us out in one fell swoop, so you have to speed up in making the human-beast hybrids awaken as soon as possible. Or else they’ll meet with overwhelming calamities,” Zi Shang spoke as his face became serious. They were left with little time.

    “Rest assured that I’ve already mastered the real way to awaken the human-beast hybrids,” said Yun Jiuge, as she talked about Aunt Gaga’s incident once again. “What truly gives them strength is not pain but hope. Only those with the heart to protect the human-beast hybrids can awaken.”

    “Then what are we waiting for? If the Illusion is not of enough use, I can help.” Setting up Formations were a minor matter to Zi Shang.

    “No, I still have to wait for one conclusion,” answered Yun Jiuge. Awakening the golden light was no small matter. It could not be rushed.

    “What conclusion are you waiting on?” asked Zi Shang, who felt that Yun Jiuge was too cautious. There were so many human-beast hybrids, and if one out of a hundred could be awakened, it would still be worth it.

    “This conclusion is important. I can’t explain it clearly to you. You’d better come with me.” Yun Jiuge took Zi Shang’s hand to arrive at the cell next to the rest area.

    Advisor Jun and Meng were gathered in front of Aunt Gaga’s bed. They quickly came over to greet Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang as they entered.

    “How’s Aunt Gaga?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “Not awake yet,” answered Advisor Jun.

    Yun Jiuge opened her Spiritual Eye to take a look at Aunt Gaga’s Subconscious mind.

    She was surprised to find that her consciousness was calm and steady. She appeared as if she had completed her wish and had no worries. This was the prelude before death!

    “Meng, bring the little human-snake hybrids who were sick before,” Yun Jiuge hurriedly instructed.

    “Yes.” Meng soon brought the young human-snake hybrids.

    The little human-snake hybrids recovered quite well after the death energy was eliminated.

    Each of them were well-fed and chubby. Their snake tails were sturdy and strong. They were much taller than before. They respectfully bowed to Yun Jiuge upon seeing her.

    “I’ve a mission for you all. Whoever can wake Aunt Gaga up will be rewarded with a cherry candy from me,” said Yun Jiuge as she poured out a Cherry Pill in her palm.

    The red colored Medicinal Pill gave off a sweet aroma, which was full of temptation for these young ones.

    “How do we wake her up?” A little human-snake hybrid with a black and white snake tail asked courageously.

    “You can use any method to do so,” Yun Jiuge said.

    The protectiveness in Aunt Gaga’s heart was hope for the human-snake hybrids’ cubs. It was up to the young ones whether they could wake her up or not.

    Five small human-snake hybrids immediately skipped next to Aunt Gaga as they shouted and yelled. They pulled her ears and tugged at her scales, fully showing bratty manners.

    “What the hell are you doing?” asked Zi Shang as he frowned. He thought that Yun Jiuge was going to show him something good. Instead, it was an old human-snake hybrid.

    Yun Jiuge saw that Zi Shang’s eyes were full of impatience. She was aware that he was about to explode if she still did not explain.

    “Come here.” Yun Jiuge brought Zi Shang to a corner and said in a low voice, “I want to know how the golden light of Aunt Gaga’s Awakening is different from the other human-beast hybrids.”

    “Isn’t it fine as long as it’s the golden light?” Zi Shang raised his eyebrows.

    “Of course not. Have you forgotten about A’ze and A’dai?” Yun Jiuge glared at Zi Shang with irritation.

    A’ze became a madman after he had awakened the golden light whereas A’dai became a fool.

    “A’dai only became a fool after he went through space and time,” Zi Shang corrected.

    “His condition was not much better before he became a fool.” According to Yun Jiuge’s understanding, A’dai not only wreaked havoc within the Eagle Clan. He was also an unpopular destructive element in other tribes, indicating that his mental state was unstable.

    “What did the human-rabbit hybrid clan say?” Zi Shang asked with raised brows. Even though the human-rabbit hybrid clan was a bit neurotic, they were still considered normal!

    “They’re herbivores. Although they’re mentally stable, they’re too physically weak. They’ve to transform into their rabbit forms to activate the golden light’s use. Their attacking ability is too low,” said Yun Jiuge. Seeing Zi Shang’s disapproving look, she took a different tack by saying, “Then are you willing to take the human-rabbit hybrid clan to attack the Gray Castle?”

    “I don’t want to,” said Zi Shang. He tried imagining himself leading a group of white rabbits and got the shivers. But he was still undaunted when he said, “There’s also Da Meng and Maya. They’re still quite good.”

    “Da Meng and Maya are indeed strong, so their mental state is also not too normal. Da Meng is too impulsive. He’ll flip out and get into fights. Maya is too calm. She’s fine even if she doesn’t speak for three days.” Anyway, it was not normal in Yun Jiuge’s view.

    “It’s okay as long as they can fight. What does it matter if they’re normal or not?” Zi Shang frowned. Anyway, he had the means to deal with them.

    “It’s fine if there are no other options. But I already have a way to awaken them, so of course I’m going to pick the good ones,” Yun Jiuge said sharply.

    According to her observations and experiments, the average human-beast hybrid was generally mentally stunted because the golden light which awakened them was located in the brain.

    But the awakened parts of Xiao Hua, Da’er as well as Aunt Gaga were located in the heart, ears, and tail, respectively.

    The only thing they had in common was that they had a protective heart, other than being corroded by Demon Qi.

    Yun Jiuge was waiting for Aunt Gaga to wake up, to confirm whether the breakout of golden light would be stronger and more stable after being corroded by Demon Qi.

    If it were true, then the direction of the human-beast hybrid’s evolution would be clearer.

    “Now that you already have a way, then hurry up and do it!” said Zi Shang, who frowned deeper.

    Yun Jiuge cared too much about the human-beast hybrids. Pondering over reasons and connections was such a waste of time.

    If it were him, he would just take action once he had a way to do so. At most, he would start over if he failed.