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Chapter 529 - Zi Shang Returns

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 529: Zi Shang Returns

    “I really can’t get through to you,” said Yun Jiuge angrily with knitted eyebrows.

    She was about to have an outburst when Meng wandered out from the room with his face full of joy, saying, “Miss Yun, Aunt Gaga has woken up.”

    Yun Jiuge glared at Zi Shang. Then she followed Meng inside.

    She saw the five young human-snake hybrids’ chubby faces still streaked with tears. They were still sobbing and sniffling as they cried out, “Aunt, I thought you had died.”

    “Oh my! My good babies, don’t cry.” Aunt Gaga hugged the five young human-snake hybrids while she kissed them and coaxed, “Your Aunt Gaga will plant more Gaga Grass for you. I’ll plant a lot so that you can eat your fill.”

    “Aunt Gaga, we no longer eat Gaga Grass. We’re all eating Rice Herbs and Potato Herbs now.” A human-snake hybrid with a black and white tail wiped his tears and took out a round potato from his small animal skin bag. He handed it to Aunt Gaga as he said, “For you.”

    “I have one too, I have one too.” The other young human-snake hybrids took turns to present their own.

    “Aunt is not hungry. Save them for yourselves,” said Aunt Gaga as she looked on with kind eyes.

    She had never laid a fertile egg in her life and regarded the tribe’s cubs as her own children.

    It was nice enough that the children kept her in their thoughts. She was unwilling to eat their precious food.

    “Aunt, we’ve had our fill.” The young human-snake hybrids patted their round bellies. The human-snake hybrid clan was the first to plant Pig-out Herb, so they had a lot of stockpile. The people in the clan ate well every day.

    “Aunt, things are different now. I’ll take you around later and you’ll see,” Meng said with a laugh.

    “Is that true?” Aunt Gaga’s memory was still stuck in the past when their clan people had to risk their lives in order to get a mouthful of food.

    “Of course it’s true. Everything is all thanks to the remarkable Miss Yun and Lord Ye Zi. They brought hope to our human-beast hybrids,” Meng said while he bowed to Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang respectfully.

    It was only then Aunt Gaga realized that two other people were standing in the room. They were completely different from the human-beast hybrids in terms of their appearance, manners, and dressing.

    Although she did not know what was going on, since the clan leader respected them so much, they must be great people.

    Aunt Gaga came down from the bed. She also followed the clan leader’s example and bowed to Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang.

    “Meng, you’re in charge of testing her abilities,” said Zi Shang, who entered with a cold face.

    “My lord, may I know how to test it?” Meng summoned up the courage to ask. He was just an ordinary human-beast hybrid. He did not know how to test Aunt Gaga’s golden light.

    “You’ll take her to the plantation to walk around,” replied Yun Jiuge, who recalled the look of revitalization when Aunt Gaga awakened.

    “Yes.” Meng immediately brought Aunt Gaga, who was utterly confused, toward the plantation.

    The five little human-snake hybrids also followed behind them excitedly.

    Advisor Jun went to Yun Jiuge’s side wanting to speak, but was interrupted by Zi Shang who said, “Less talk and more action.”

    With that, he pulled Yun Jiuge along to go out and did not give Advisor Jun the chance to speak at all.

    A large crowd grandly came to the plantation.

    Aunt Gaga looked at the towering city walls in front of her eyes and the golden yellow Pig-out Herb. Her mouth was wide agape.

    The five little human-snake hybrids gathered around her excitedly to explain all these changes. They chattered nonstop in delight.

    In addition to the plantation, Pig-out Herb was planted in the territories of the Eagle Clan, human-snake hybrid clan, Horse Clan, Cattle Clan, and human-rabbit hybrid clan. The other 12 plots of fertile land were empty.

    “Aunt, these open plots of lands are for other human-beast hybrids to claim as their territories. Winter is coming soon. We must plant enough foodstuffs as soon as possible to save more human-beast hybrids. This task can only be handed to you,” Yun Jiuge said to Aunt Gaga as she solemnly took out a large bag of Rice Herbs.

    “How do I plant this?” Aunt Gaga was a little flustered. She had only planted Gaga Grass in her life and nothing else.

    “Plant it just like Gaga Grass.” Yun Jiuge casually selected a vacant lot and said to Aunt Gaga with an encouraging look in her eyes, “Go ahead!”

    “I’ll give it a try then.” Aunt Gaga carefully took the Pig-out Herb seeds, which were yellow colored rice grains. There were thousands of them.

    At the thought that these would become the Pig-out Herb which could save the human-beast hybrids, her heart was filled with a sense of mission. Her ochre-brown patterned snake tail emitted a faint golden light which permeated into the land.

    As she wandered, she cast the seeds onto the land. The earthy yellow rice grains fell to the ground and immediately took root. The yellowed sprouts followed her trail as she moved along.

    Aunt Gaga’s face displayed a satisfied smile as she walked along the wide open land. The brown open land was covered with yellow Pig-out Herb.

    “So much Pig-out Herb!” The young human-snake hybrids who happily followed beside Aunt Gaga began to shriek and make noise.

    “Oh gosh!” Meng looked at Aunt Gaga with incredulity.

    When Aunt woke up, he was just excited that Yun Jiuge had saved her.

    Now that Aunt Gaga had worked such a miracle in front of him, it was without a doubt, Yun Jiuge’s credit.

    He turned around immediately and looked at Yun Jiuge. He wished he could kneel down and worship her.

    Unfortunately, Yun Jiuge did not pay him any attention as she was busily using her Spiritual Eye to observe Aunt Gaga’s movements.

    “Well, is this normal?” Zi Shang took the initiative to speak first.

    “My thinking is indeed correct. Aunt Gaga’s Subconscious mind is calm and full of joy. The golden light is mainly operating in her snake tail and little of it returns to her Subconscious mind,” said Yun Jiuge as she closed her Spiritual Eye in satisfaction. She no longer took heed of the dispute with Zi Shang earlier.

    “I originally thought that the Demon Qi was a disaster for these human-beast hybrids. I didn’t expect that it’d actually be the start of a metamorphosis. I wonder if Nangong Yue and Qiu Sen know about this matter?” Zi Shang mused.

    “If they knew, they wouldn’t have locked them up to drink their blood,” Yun Jiuge said with certainty.

    Based on Qiu Sen’s character, if he knew that the human-beast hybrids could automatically awaken the golden light, he would certainly raise the human-beast hybrids in captivity and then slowly slaughter them.

    “It looks like we’ve seized a decisive opportunity.” After being in the Secret Realm for so long, Zi Shang finally felt a sense of accomplishment.

    “Do you still dare to complain that I take too long to work?” Yun Jiuge said and glared at Zi Shang. This impatient guy only thought of achieving instant success. If she had done what he asked, they would only end up with a group of chaotic madmen.

    “You’re very wise, my Goddess,” said Zi Shang, tactfully admitting his mistake.

    “Don’t try to butter me up. You’d better hurry up and help me set up the Illusion.” Yun Jiuge rubbed her palms in eager anticipation, ready to go all out with great fanfare.

    Zi Shang was very obliging and re-arranged the dungeon together with Yun Jiuge to set up two Nine Serenities Yin Formations. In this way, they could put a large number of human-beast hybrids for the experiments.

    “It’s actually safer to do a few more samples,” Yun Jiuge said regrettably. Although Aunt Gaga had succeeded, she should carry out a few more out of caution and security.

    The process of awakening the golden light after being infected with Demon Qi still carried a certain risk. If the human-snake hybrids did not have Aunt Gaga’s firm belief and resolve, it could easily backfire on them instead.

    “There’s no more time. At most, they’ll become foolish when it backfires on them. If they can’t awaken, then death awaits them. The migration for this batch of human-beast hybrids will be completed in up to half a month’s time. I’m only afraid that Qiu Sen will not wait that long,” said Zi Shang, heartlessly shattering Yun Jiuge’s fantasy.