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Chapter 530 - The Clans Awaken, Killer Human-snake Hybrids

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 530: The Clans Awaken, Killer Human-snake Hybrids

    “You’ve already done a good job. Leave the rest to the human-beast hybrids themselves!” Zi Shang pulled Yun Jiuge into his arms and tenderly kissed her forehead.

    “Okay.” Yun Jiuge inhaled the faint fragrance on Zi Shang’s body and her frustration instantly quelled. Fully motivated, she immediately returned to the treatment room and work studio which Yin Shili rushed to build for her in the back of the mountain.

    Picking up a brush to write, she swiftly drew up the plan for the human-beast hybrids’ Awakening. Then she called Advisor Jun over.

    “I thought you’d awaken the guards first,” said Advisor Jun, who was a little surprised to see Yun Jiuge’s plan for the Awakening.

    After all, the guards were powerful warriors, and the chances of Awakening were higher.

    “No. According to the experience of the human-rabbit hybrids, as long as the clan has awakened a golden light human-beast hybrid who properly guides the other clan members, they will follow suit and awaken safely.” As a result, the plan for the Awakening developed by Yun Jiuge was not by head count, but according to each clan. First up was the human-snake hybrid clan.

    Aunt Gaga was a guide with strong willpower. With her around, the human-snake hybrid clan would certainly be able to awaken successfully.

    “Miss Yun, I wonder which clan will go after the human-snake hybrid clan?” Advisor Jun asked carefully.

    “Of course it’ll be your Eagle Clan,” replied Yun Jiuge, who seemed unware of Advisor Jun’s crafty idea.

    The Eagle Clan and human-snake hybrid clan were the first to pledge allegiance to her tribe. The two clans often competed with each other. Yun Jiuge thought it was particularly good. Competition promoted progress.

    “Thank you very much, Miss Yun. Our Eagle Clan will not let you down,” said Advisor Jun. He breathed a sigh of relief and used all his energy to help Yun Jiuge prepare for various matters.

    If the human-snake hybrid clan’s Awakening were successful, it would be a model for their Eagle Clan to learn from.

    Yun Jiuge’s plan was to let the human-snake hybrids first drink Devil Stone water. After the invasion of the Demon Qi, they would enter the Illusion to conquer themselves under Aunt Gaga’s guidance.

    When Meng learned of the plan, he was so excited that he could not sleep well for a few days. He exhorted earnestly to the entire clan that they must cherish this rare opportunity and strive for the Awakening of all members to surpass the Eagle Clan.

    Of course, this slogan was only used internally. They dared not leak it in front of the Eagle Clan at all.

    On the launch day, all the human-snake hybrids gathered in line at the back of the mountain, waiting for Aunt Gaga to distribute the Devil Stone water.

    The five young human-snake hybrids also came to join in the fun. They followed alongside Aunt Gaga and got busy here and there, acting like little assistants.

    “Are these cubs going into the dungeon with the adults?” asked Advisor Jun, looking at all the young and happy human-snake hybrids with concern.

    Speaking of which, these little human-snake hybrids and the other young Eagle Clan members were the first ones to become infected with the Demon Qi.

    “They don’t have to yet. Wait till later,” replied Yun Jiuge.

    The Death Qi in the young Eagle Clan members and the little human-snake hybrids had just been eliminated, but there was still residual Demon Qi in their bodies. To completely awaken, they could only rely on the golden light.

    But they were too young, so she was afraid that they were unable to bear the torment of the Illusion. It was better to wait and see.

    The human-snake hybrids drank the Devil Stone water. Under the leadership of Aunt Gaga, they valiantly walked into the dungeon.

    The Awakening experiment this time was undoubtedly successful. All the human-snake hybrids had awakened the golden light. The levels of intensity were different, and the abilities shown were also dissimilar.

    Female human-snake hybrids were similar to Aunt Gaga and exhibited the power of planting.

    Male human-snake hybrids were the same as Meng, showing great attacking power.

    In particular, Meng’s teeth and tail were awakened by the golden light. He became faster and more powerful. His tail could thrash a small mountain-high stone to pieces.

    But what surprised Yun Jiuge the most was that a few skinny females in the human-snake hybrid clan had actually awakened with an incredibly special ability.

    It was an exceedingly small species of green snakes. When they returned to their original forms, they were amazingly fast and their venom, extraordinarily strong. They were expert assassins.

    These awakened human-snake hybrids with the golden light were taken away by Zi Shang. The females were taken to the fields while the males were stationed on the hills of the city.

    Next, Yun Jiuge busily prepared for the Awakening of the Eagle Clan. A’hui, who had been kept by her, was also released.

    The Demon Qi in A’hui’s body was somewhat heavy. Yun Jiuge was worried that he could not wake up, so she let Advisor Jun bring the young Eagle Clan member, A’shui. It was to let him stay by his father’s side to speak more, hoping that the strength of affection could help him through the Illusion.

    After Yun Jiuge settled A’hui, she called A’ze over to the newly built treatment room at the back of the mountain.

    “Miss Yun,” said A’ze, who bowed his head and dared not look at Yun Jiuge.

    “I heard that you’d already recovered. Why didn’t you come look for me?” Yun Jiuge asked A’ze while she inscribed Runes on top of the Spiritual Stone on one side.

    “I’m too ashamed to face you,” replied A’ze. He was afraid that he would be seen as a lunatic bird while outside, so he had been hiding in the nest in seclusion.

    “I don’t blame you for the previous crazy incident. Also, I’ve already found a solution,” said Yun Jiuge. She put down the Spiritual Stone and looked intently at A’ze while saying, “Do you believe in me?”

    “Of course, I believe in you.” A’ze immediately looked up, and almost swore to Heaven.

    “If you believe in me, then just lie down on the stone bed over there. I’ll take the golden light out of your head. The whole process is quite simple, but you’re likely to lose some of your memory.”

    Only removing the golden light in A’ze’s brain would awaken him. In that way, he would not lose control and become a madman.

    “I won’t turn into an idiot, will I?” At the thought of His Royal Highness’s silly face, A’ze’s face became white.

    “You won’t. At most, you’ll forget things from the past, that’s all.” A’ze had been brooding over his brother’s death all this time. All Yun Jiuge had to do was remove this part of his memory.

    “Okay, go ahead and take it then!” A’ze immediately lay on the stone bed.

    “Relax and breathe. You’ll soon be alright,” said Yun Jiuge in a soft and gentle voice. As A’ze relaxed his mind, the Lightning Fire Needle in her hand sharply pierced into his sleep acupoint.

    As soon as A’ze’s head craned to the side, he went to sleep.

    Yun Jiuge used her Holy Power to fire up the golden light in his brain, and then carefully extracted it to be placed in a Spirit Nourishing Bottle.

    “Why are you keeping his golden light?” Zi Shang’s voice suddenly rang out, giving Yun Jiuge a scare. She almost knocked over the Spirit Nourishing Bottle.

    “Can’t you knock on the door when you come in?” said Yun Jiuge. What if she made a mistake while extracting the golden light and her hand shook, causing A’ze to become an idiot?

    “Who knew that you’d be scared so easily?” Zi Shang walked to Yun Jiuge’s side nonchalantly. He looked at the Spirit Nourishing Bottle in her hand and asked, “You’ve not answered my question.”

    “I’m going to introduce A’ze’s golden light into the bodies of Xiao Hua and Da’er to see if I can save them,” Yun Jiuge said.

    The principle was the same as blood transfusion. The awakened golden light of Xiao Hua and Da’er was not enough to expel the Demon Qi. So, she would introduce more golden light to see if it could strengthen.

    “Aren’t you afraid that they’ll turn into madmen after they absorb A’ze’s golden light?” Zi Shang asked, frowning.

    “The golden light itself is good. A’ze’s brain can’t control it, that’s all. Besides, the awakening areas of Xiao Hua and Da’er are not located in their brains. They’ll be alright,” said Yun Jiuge as she lowered her head to inscribe the three words “A’ze’s golden light” on the Spirit Nourishing Bottle.

    “You’re really over-fastidious,” remarked Zi Shang. Those deeply infected human-beast hybrids were a lost cause in his mind. Only Yun Jiuge would try to find a way to save them.