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Chapter 334 - Remember What I Said

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 334: Remember What I Said

    Half an hour passed by quickly. Jian Qi kept an eye on the situation outside.

    It seemed like everyone had gathered at one place.

    Jian Qi looked at the men who were tied up. The others might not come to the room for the time being.

    However, she felt that it was not safe leaving the soldier there.

    She thought about it for a while. Then, she decided to move him to another place. It would be safer that way.

    She carried him on her back. Then, she opened the door and locked it from the outside.

    The bandits were about to carry out their deal now. As such, there was no one guarding them at the door. All of them were gathered at one place. Jian Qi carried him and moved him to another room. She put him there and hid him well before leaving the room.

    “Ah Long, why did you think of bringing forward the deal?” A man who was dressed up asked Brother Long perplexedly.

    “Brother Zhang, I’m running out of options. We met two local soldiers on our way here so we tied them up. I’m afraid that the other soldiers would come looking for them. It’ll complicate matters if we stay here any longer.” Brother Long smiled and said.

    “You’re so daring. You even tied up the soldiers.” Brother Zhang was amused.

    “We couldn’t help it because we bumped into them.”

    “Let’s get it over with then. We’ll leave as soon as possible so we don’t create anymore problems.” Brother Zhang said.

    “Brother Zhang, please come in.”

    Most of the others stayed outside and guarded the place. The rest went into the room together.

    “Brother Zhang, please check the items.”

    Then, he opened a box on the floor. He took out a pack of white powder and handed it to him.

    Brother Zhang reached for it and handed it to the expert subordinate beside him for inspection.

    His subordinate nodded at Brother Zhang after he was done checking the item.

    Brother Zhang then took a bag of money beside him and opened it up before them.

    Both parties then checked their respective items. Everything seemed to be fine so they were planning to end the deal and leave the place.

    “Ah Long, it’s nice working with you.”

    “My pleasure.”

    They shook hands. Suddenly, they heard some gunshots outside the room when they were about to leave with their items.

    Their faces darkened. They grabbed their guns and were prepared to leave through the back door with some people covering for them.

    Tang Jinyu started his attack the minute he made his appearance. He observed the surroundings quickly at the same time.

    He was glad when Jian Qi appeared the minute he fired the first gunshot.

    It was the first time they were cooperating with each other. Surprisingly, they made quite a good team.

    Tang Jinyu got rid of one of the bandits. At the same time, Jian Qi moved fast and got rid of another bandit swiftly.

    There were more than ten people outside the room. They got rid of all them in less than a minute.

    The rest of the bandits came out of the room and blocked their way through. Then, they pointed their guns at them and started shooting at them.

    They quickly met up and Tang Jinyu said, “I’ll leave them to you. I’ll go and pursue the others. Be careful! Remember what I told you!”

    Jian Qi nodded.

    Tang Jinyu left immediately while being covered by Jian Qi.

    The enemies were using heavy weapons. At the same time, they were firing relentlessly at Jian Qi.

    Jian Qi hid herself in the room behind her. She was frowning slightly.

    At that particular moment, Jian Qi heard the gunshot of a sniper rifle from afar. She realized that her enemies had turned their attacks to another direction.

    Jian Qi tilted her head and looked in that direction. It seemed like they had come at last.

    Jian Qi quickly grabbed onto that chance and fired her gun at the enemies.

    Soon, the bandits were completely surrounded as they were stuck in the house.

    Lightning and the others appeared in their camouflage clothes.

    “Are you alright?” Feng Yi asked her.

    Jian Qi shook her head. She seemed serious as she said. “I’ll leave them to you!”

    Then, she grabbed her gun and left right after. She rushed toward where Tang Jinyu went just now.