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Chapter 265 - The Prelude to Going Viral

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 265: The Prelude to Going Viral

    Hearing Bai Kun's scream, Bo Muyi walked out first.

    Su Cha also got up and went to wash up. When she went out, she saw Bai Kun in the living room with a conflicted expression.

    Su Cha walked over with a faint smile. "Are you afraid?"

    Bai Kun had been by Bo Muyi's side for a long time. By right, he should know Bo Muyi's personality. Shouldn't he know that he was raising these things?

    Bai Kun's face was trembling. "Miss Su, you must be joking…"

    Who wouldn't be afraid of ferocious beasts?!

    Even if Bai Kun had been by Bo Muyi's side for a long time, he was still a normal person. He was not as strong as Ah Chen and the rest. He was just a weak civilian. Why wouldn't he be afraid of a lion?

    He had not lost his mind!

    Su Cha could not help but smile as she looked behind him. "Where's Blue Sky?"

    "It followed Ah Chen back to the garden."

    Seeing how calm Su Cha was, Bai Kun could not believe it. "Isn't Miss Su afraid?"

    "What should I be afraid of?"

    Su Cha was amused. "Actually, Blue Sky is quite cute."

    And it would feel wronged if she feared it.

    Bai Kun: "…"

    He finally understood why the young master liked Miss Su.

    Are these two even human?

    Bo Muyi changed into a suit at the back.

    His white shirt was buttoned up meticulously and his tie was done neatly. This made him exude the tempting aura of being strict and abstinent.

    He was not old, but he had the charm of an older man. His handsome face was like a gift from heaven. With his suit jacket slung on his wrist, he adjusted his tie and looked at Bai Kun with his deep eyes. "What were you talking about?"

    His beauty might be intoxicating, but it was like cold winter words had poured on Bai Kun when he spoke. Bai Kun sobered up and felt bitter.

    He had just been scared witless by a lion and now he was being treated like this.

    But so what? That was the kind of person the young master was.

    Su Cha responded first. "We were talking about Blue Sky."

    Hearing Su Cha's words, the man smiled and walked toward her. He planted a kiss on her forehead. "I'll be going now."

    Su Cha nodded obediently. "Okay. Work hard."

    It was probably because of some important matters that Bo Muyi needed to go to work today.

    After they left, Su Cha focused on her embroidery and went on the Internet. She kept the price at 2000 yuan, the same as before.

    Once she had started to change the materials, the price would increase.

    Before this, she had taken a look at the video on LovMusik. Her popularity had been rising steadily, but not to the extent of causing a sensation. However, after Su Cha had scrolled for a while, she actually saw several videos of her on the subway.

    Not only did the video from the original uploader become popular, but many LovMusik users had also shared it with others while asking for Su Cha's contact details.

    Actually, there was not much sincerity among these people. It was because the video had become popular that people wanted to latch on to the hype. However, it could not be denied that Su Cha had become more popular because of that sudden incident.

    LovMusik's current popularity was not to be underestimated. After the video was uploaded on Weibo, some people uncovered her identity and found out that she was a contestant in Dreams in Progress. She was also a runner-up in Yonggu City.

    Now that she had suddenly gone viral, although her popularity was not real, she had at least become well-known. Among those who'd learned her identity through the LovMusik video and gone on to listen to her singing, many became her fans and followers.