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Chapter 345 - Why Are Grown-ups So Bad at Lying?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 345: Why Are Grown-ups So Bad at Lying?

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    Ning Meng could not help but feel that this Ning Ke was almost as cheeky as her in bantering. She was so sharp-tongued, just like how she was in her younger days…

    Oh, no. What she was thinking!

    That was not "cheeky". It was called "cultured". Yeah, she did not use any slurs at all when bantering with haters. She was so adorable!

    A short moment later, it was finally Liu Meow's turn to have her book signed. Like a good sister, Ning Meng brought Liu Meow to Ning Ke's table on stage.

    After signing Liu Meow's comic, Ning Ke beamed at the little girl. "Thank you for your support, dear."

    Ning Meng frowned as she stared at Ning Ke's pen as she signed the autograph—"Ning Meng". The way she wrote… the style of her autograph… they looked so identical to hers!

    Ning Meng could not help but feel that this young lady was like a mirror image of hers. She could not tell if she liked this Ning Ke… or disliked her… and a complicated feeling started to churn inside her stomach as these thoughts ran through her mind!

    As she passed the comic back to Liu Meow, Ning Meng could see that Ning Ke took a short glance at her before lowering her eyes onto the table.


    The staff who was standing next to her politely announced, pulling Ning Meng back to her senses. She had stood there for too long, causing a bit of a traffic situation behind her.

    As Ning Meng hurriedly walked Liu Meow down the stage, she could hear the staff complaining behind her. "This place is so small. Not only that, but they're also limiting the number of fans attending the event. The library is so petty!"

    Ning Ke responded with a smirk. "What? Do you think your mom runs every single premise on the planet? That everyone should give you preferential treatment? Come on, don't be so petty."


    D*mn, that familiar style of bantering again. Ning Meng could not help but feel that strange sense of familiarity again.

    As she drove Liu Meow back to the hotel, Ning Meng could not stop thinking about Ning Ke, resulting in her being unusually quiet on the way.

    Liu Meow asked curiously, "Sis, you're so quiet. What's the matter?"

    Ning Meng smiled at the girl. "No, it's nothing."

    Liu Meow sighed. "You grown-ups are so bad at lying. Like dad."


    Ning Meng looked at the girl with a puzzled expression.

    Liu Meow sat up straight and crossed her little arms over her chest. "Yesterday, dad had come back to the hotel room early, so, I made him watch the telly with me. There was a movie playing. And, when there was a kissing scene coming up, dad nervously asked me to pour him a glass of water, so I did. A while later, another kissing scene was about to come too, and then, he asked me to pour another glass of water. So, I asked him upfront, ‘Dad, why are you always thirsty when there's a kissing scene on the telly?'. Dad was so shocked and could not respond at all."

    Ning Meng almost burst out laughing upon hearing this.

    A few moments later, they had finally arrived at the hotel. As they walked into the lobby to meet her mother, Liu Meow turned toward Ning Meng, "Sis, let's play again next time."

    Ning Meng nodded and waved goodbye, but before she was able to turn toward the exit, she saw the little girl waving at her, gesturing for her to lean down.

    When Ning Meng had bent down for her, Liu Meow took off her scarf and put it on Ning Meng's neck before whispering into her ear, "Sis, there's some kind of red wound on your neck… were those bites from mosquitos? I'll lend you my scarf so you can cover them."


    Ning Meng's face turned as red as a tomato as she walked out of the hotel, she could feel her face burning hot from all the embarrassment.

    Glancing at her watch, Ning Meng realized that it was still too early to go home. Besides, the servants must be working hard to help her transfer her luggage and belongings back to Huo Beichen's villa.

    So, she sent a message to Zhen Shanmei: [Want to head out?]

    It did not take long for Zhen Shanmei to reply: [Yes!]

    Ning Meng drove straight to Zhen Shanmei's home. When Zhen Shanmei got into her car, she had a puzzled look on her face. "I wonder what's up with daddy today."


    "When I told him I was heading out, he asked who I was going out with. When I told him that I'm going out with you, he made me promise to come home for dinner on time. That's odd. Usually, he would tell me to go out on a date with Qi Shan during dinner time."


    Ning Meng wondered… should she tell Zhen Shanmei about the blunder Qi Shan had made the other day which had offended her dad?