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Chapter 320 - Long time no see, Yu (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 320: Long time no see, Yu (2)

    Xu Weilai originally called for a taxi. She never expected that when she went downstairs, she would be met with the sight of that familiar black car parked there.

    She stood, stunned. Just then, the window of the driver's seat rolled down to reveal Gu Yu's gorgeous face. He turned around, his inky gaze fixed on her. At that moment, everything seemed to sparkle. He parted his thin lips and said, "Get in."

    Xu Weilai never would've thought that Gu Yu would still have the time to rush back and pick her up. She had originally thought that they'd meet at the hilltop restaurant instead.

    Up until she sat in the passenger seat, Xu Weilai still wasn't able to break out of her stupor. So much so that Gu Yu had to turn over and help pull the seat belt over her and fasten it.

    He started the car, and they cruised off slowly.

    After driving for a while, Xu Weilai was finally able to collect herself. She looked at Gu Yu and ultimately decided to ask, "Why did you still come back to pick me up? I can go there myself."

    Gu Yu's gaze remained fixed on the road. He replied casually, "It's on the way."

    On the way?

    He was wrong; the restaurant wasn't on the way at all.

    Could it have been that… he just wanted to see her sooner?

    Xu Weilai lowered her eyelids, the corners of her lips curving upwards ever so slightly.

    Today's traffic wasn't so bad. They managed to get to the hilltop restaurant smoothly without getting into a traffic jam. The manager welcomed them personally and brought them to the table with the best view.

    After taking a seat, Xu Weilai's eyes swept across the restaurant. There wasn't a single customer here today!

    She was suddenly struck with a thought. She looked at Gu Yu, "You… Don't tell me that you spent so much money to book the entire restaurant?"

    One had to know that the hilltop restaurant was an extremely high-end restaurant. It was well-known for its extravagant prices. It was expensive enough to have a meal here, let alone to book the entire venue.

    Gu Yu replied with a cool "Mhm."

    He cracked his eyes open and swiftly glanced at Xu Weilai. He hadn't seen her for a week, so he didn't wish to be interrupted by anyone while he took a good look at her.

    They both remained silent for a while.

    Alright. Gu Yu was a wealthy man after all. As long as he was rich, he could do as he pleased!

    The manager first served them some red wine. Xu Weilai picked up her glass, clinking glasses with Gu Yu before giving the wine a sip. A glint flashed past her eyes, "This wine…"

    Gu Yu raised his gaze to look at her. He said in his usually cool voice, "Is it to your taste?"

    Xu Weilai nodded. What a coincidence that it was just the red wine that she liked to drink.

    A pleased look snuck its way into Gu Yu's eyes.

    After the steak was served, Gu Yu picked up his utensils and began cutting the steak into bite-sized pieces with skill and grace. Before Xu Weilai managed to finish cutting her steak, he picked up his dish with the already cut up steak and placed it in front of Xu Weilai. Then, he took her dish.

    Xu Weilai stared at the steak that had already been cut up. After a few seconds, she started getting choked up all of a sudden.

    The Gu Yu that she remembered from three years ago treated her very well and constantly doted on her. However, in reality, she couldn't see him as either a boyfriend or a fiance.

    This was because his way of treating her well was just indulging her every whim, which just meant that he just gave her whatever she wanted. However, he never took the initiative before. She was always the one that cared more; she was always the one chasing after him.

    At that time, she liked him too much. So much so that she could forgo these details.

    However, more often than not, whether or not a man truly liked a woman was shown through the details of his actions to her.

    Three years ago, she used to have had many meals together with Gu Yu. Most of the time, she was the one helping Gu Yu with the food and going along with his liking. This plate of already cut up steak was the very first time that she was able to enjoy Gu Yu taking care of her…

    Given that, the reason behind Xu Weilai's initial reaction wasn't to think that this was the norm. Instead, she felt flattered by the attention Gu Yu was giving her.