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Chapter 266 - Another Thread

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 266: Another Thread

    Ordinary people can go viral on the Internet for no real reason at all.

    Sometimes, just because someone is good-looking, he or she might accidentally become popular.

    Many Internet celebrities on LovMusik who became famous because of their good looks did ordinary jobs before it all started. After their talent was discovered by others, they became popular online.

    A platform like LovMusik provided a shortcut to fame for such people.

    Usually, people who became popular in this manner would shortly disappear from the spotlight. After a few days, they might be supplanted by the next person to go viral.

    Moreover, many influencers' reputation was not good. Most of them were just ordinary people before they became famous. When they got involved in scandals, they could get canceled very quickly.

    However, Su Cha was different. She was currently a TV show contestant, and the platform Dreams in Progress was different from others. Su Cha was also a capable person. The video of her beating up a pervert on the subway had made her quite popular.

    Su Cha was fairly popular within Yonggu City, but her popularity in the hotbed regions like the Imperial Capital was not comparable.

    At the very least, many people would have an impression of her when they saw her.

    Young people also usually paid some attention to such popular people. Of course, most of them were just following the trend.

    However, on the day of the competition, when the national top 100 contestants gathered in their respective divisions, Su Cha had suddenly risen into the top 20, which was the best proof of how popular she had become.

    She was the only contestant from Yonggu City who had made it into the top 20. The other contestants were veterans who had been participating in this competition for several years or had transferred from other platforms. Su Cha was being supported by loyal fans and had a solid foundation. Naturally, she could not be underestimated.

    Even Mona had been suppressed.

    Of course, popular people were often the subject of gossip. With the sudden increase in Su Cha's popularity, several discussions were generated.

    Among them were malicious rumors and speculations.

    For instance, on the famous gossip forum, World APP:

    [Dreams in Progress has been hyped up this year. Before the national competition has officially started, a contestant has become popular on LovMusik?]

    High farsighted (OP): "The annual talent show Dreams in Progress has started again. I feel that the show has changed since the announcement of the group competition. But at least it has retained its popularity.

    "However, before the national competition this year even began, a contestant has started to become popular on LovMusik. LovMusik is indeed in vogue lately. Other than Weibo, this app is at the top, and through it, this contestant also found a way to become popular. In the past, the Top 20 was always dominated by contestants from popular contest areas, and it was very difficult for contestants from local contest areas to make it in. As this contestant has become popular on LovMusik, her popularity was now in the Top 20. From the looks of it, her ability is not bad. This hype is not a loss."

    2L: "Don't use LovMusik"

    3L: "End this thread with the second post"

    4L: "This contestant is indeed strange. I've watched her videos several times after she suddenly became famous in LovMusik these past two days. She has a beautiful face and a story. The angle is very strange. It's not surprising that she's popular, is it? I listened to her singing, her voice is really good. She is quite capable."

    5L: "But I heard from a friend that the fatty in the video is really a pervert. He often appears on that metro line. The police have given him a warning several times, but they were unable to arrest him due to insufficient evidence. I don't think it's a form of sensationalization."

    6L: "It hasn't even started, but why are people coming forward to whitewash her? The point of Dreams in Progress is to see ordinary people working hard to become the champion. Sensationalizing herself before the show starts is quite shameless. She has also been exposed by the other contestants for having a bad temper."

    7L: "She's a top student! She's really qualified to be a top student! Do you want to know who the liberal arts champion in Jiang'an Province is? Her college entrance examination score has directly broken all the liberal arts records in their province!"