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Chapter 321 - Eat Whatever You Want. I Can Afford It. (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 321: Eat Whatever You Want. I Can Afford It. (1)

    Gu Yu watched as Xu Weilai stared at the steak without eating it. When he noticed her eyes reddening, his brows furrowed tightly. Worry and anxiety tinged his eyes as he asked, "What's wrong? Why are your eyes red? Are you feeling unwell?"

    Xu Weilai's long eyelashes fluttered as she swallowed hard to suppress her heartache. With a shake of her head, she replied, "It's nothing."

    Unwilling to allow him to know her true emotions, she covered it up with a lie. "Something… something entered my eye. I'll be fine after rubbing it a little."

    With that statement, she raised her hand in a gesture to rub her eye. But the next second, Gu Yu stood up and grabbed her wrist to stop her. Then, he walked around the table until he was in front of her and bent down.

    His handsome face was suddenly enlarged in front of her eyes as he asked, "Is it in the left or the right eye?"

    "Huh?" Xu Weilai asked in confusion, caught off guard and unable to react. When she finally processed his question, she quickly replied, "Left."

    The moment she answered, she saw the man lean over towards her left eye and gently blow at it.

    Xu Weilai's heart skipped a beat.

    After blowing it a few times, he pulled himself back a few inches and asked gently, "Does it feel better now?"

    Xu Weilai nodded, dumbfounded.

    Gu Yu straightened up and turned towards the manager who had been waiting beside them the entire time. "Get me a hot towel," he instructed.

    The manager quickly fetched Gu Yu a hot towel and handed it to him with respect. With the hot towel in his hand, Gu Yu held it to gauge that the temperature was right before using it to wipe the area around Xu Weilai's eye.

    Only when he was done did he return to his seat again.

    Throughout the entire process, Xu Weilai was in a state of shock and stupor. Her heart was beating in her throat, each heartbeat more forceful than the last…

    Afraid that her expression would betray her emotions, Xu Weilai didn't dare to look at Gu Yu. She looked down and buried her head in her food.

    She finished the steak very quickly, followed by the soup, side dishes, and bread. Everything was finished to the very last drop.

    When her senses returned, she met the manager's shocked eyes as he realized how much she had eaten. She blushed in embarrassment.

    In such high-end restaurants, women usually ate only minute portions that were barely enough to feed little birds. This was usually out of fear that the men might see them as big-eaters. This was probably the first time the manager had seen a woman eat so much.

    For the sake of her ladylike image, she instinctively explained, "Well, I don't usually eat this much."

    Gu Yu glanced at the manager. In an indifferent voice, he said, "Eat whatever you want. I can afford to feed you."

    It wasn't as if they were stealing food! Why was the manager looking at her like that?

    Even though the manager couldn't recognize Gu Yu, he could tell from his elegant and imperious demeanor that he was someone powerful. A single look from Gu Yu was enough to intimidate the manager.

    As a layer of cold sweat appeared on the manager's brow, he didn't dare to look at Xu Weilai any longer. He quickly lowered his head and stared at the tips of his shoes.

    Xu Weilai had to admit that she had been touched by Gu Yu's words once again.

    Eat as much as you want. I can afford to feed you…

    In other words, was Gu Yu implying that he was prepared to take care of her?

    When they had eaten their fill, the manager came over with the bill and placed it in front of Gu Yu. Gu Yu was just about to settle the bill and reached into the pocket of his pants for his wallet. Then he reached into the pocket of his jacket, and again into the pocket of his pants.

    Seeing that, a sense of foreboding came over Xu Weilai.

    Sure enough, Gu Yu raised his eyes to her as he said frankly, "I didn't bring my wallet."

    Xu Weilai was left speechless. He was about to be guilty of a dine-and-dash. How was he still able to remain so calm?

    Xu Weilai grimaced. "I didn't bring mine either."

    The manager's expression changed at that very moment! He had thought that this individual was a powerful CEO. Was he instead just a fraud who hadn't even brought his wallet?!