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Chapter 335 - Could I Repay You With My Body?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 335: Could I Repay You With My Body?

    On the other hand, Tang Jinyu was using his gun to tackle the other bandits.

    Brother Zhang and Brother Long looked at each other. Then, they ran away in different directions.

    They were running in opposite directions. Tang Jinyu could not pursue both of them at the same time.

    Then, he fired his gun at the remaining bandit and got rid of him swiftly.

    At that moment, Tang Jinyu had run out of bullets.

    Both Brother Zhang and Brother Long realized that too. They joined up again and went toward where they had parked their cars. Two bandits were left behind. They started firing their guns at Tang Jinyu without holding back.

    Tang Jinyu dodged their attacks quickly. He then rolled down on the ground.

    The thieves were stunned to see his agility and quick response.

    At the same time, someone else was shooting at them.

    They did not get to dodge in time. As such, the bullets hit their marks and they were dead.

    Tang Jinyu got up and picked up the gun on the ground immediately. Then, he said to Jian Qi beside him, “Go after them.”

    As they were running, Jian Qi said playfully, “Instructor Tang, I managed to save you right on time just now. If it had happened in the ancient times, I would be the one who has saved your life. You need to repay my kindness with your body!”

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    Their targets before them had almost reached their cars.

    Both Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi worked well with each other. They held up their guns almost at the same time and fired bullets at them without holding back.

    They did not dare to open the doors of their cars so they hid themselves at the side.

    Jian Qi smiled and said, “Instructor Tang, do you realize how good a team we make? We think alike.”

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    ‘No one will think that you’re dumb if you keep quiet!’

    They were hiding behind their cars. Both Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi maintained a one-metre distance away from the cars.

    Suddenly, a bomb was thrown at Jian Qi.

    Tang Jinyu’s facial expression changed drastically. He rushed toward Jian Qi subconsciously. He then wrapped himself around her, and threw themselves on the ground, covering her with his body.

    A loud explosion was then heard.

    The bomb exploded. At the same time, the men who were hiding behind the cars were firing their guns at both Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi.

    Tang Jinyu was still in a daze because of the loud explosion just now. However, his awareness toward danger was embedded deep within him because of his endless training. It had become his innate ability.

    The bullets came at them. He held her and dodged quickly. At the same time, he was protecting the person in his arms carefully.

    Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu as he threw himself at her and shielded her in his arms. She was deeply shocked.

    However, Jian Qi snapped out of it when their enemies started shooting them. She grabbed the gun and pulled the trigger when she was still under Tang Jinyu’s protection.

    She used only two bullets and she managed to shoot their arms. They dropped the guns in their hands with the pain that came with the impact.

    Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu went for them immediately and knocked them out just as they were preparing to run away.

    Everything was quiet now. Tang Jinyu then turned to look at the young girl beside him. Her face was covered with dirt. He took a closer look at her. He was relieved when he saw that she was indeed safe and unharm.

    Jian Qi smirked. Her smile was rather cunning. “Instructor Tang, you saved my life just now. Can I repay you with my body instead as I have nothing else to offer you?”

    Jian Qi said as she put her hands around him and hugged him.

    Tang Jinyu did not push her away this time around. All he felt was a lingering sense of fear when he felt her presence in his arms.

    The others who came to their rescue saw that scene from afar. They stopped running.

    Lightning could not help but complain out loud. “What’s wrong with them? How could they be so lovey-dovey in front of us?”

    Crocodile scoffed. “It’s too much for me. They might as well be slapping me right on the face!”

    Leng Yu was beside them. She suddenly asked, “Has the boss finally found his true love?”