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Chapter 433 - Demon God Bloodline Catalog

Let Me Game in Peace
     433 Demon God Bloodline Catalog"Aren't you going to close your eyes? Why are you, a human, staring at the Demon God Catalog for so long? Do you plan on becoming a half-demon?" The Thearch coldly shouted.

    However, Zhou Wen didn't retract his gaze because of The Thearch's admonition. He continued to stare at the nine-tailed fox symbol on the stone wall.

    The Lost Immortal Sutra in him automatically circulated again. This feeling was too familiar to Zhou Wen. He had had the same feeling when learning the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra and the other Primordial Energy Arts.

    Zhou Wen watched as the nine-tailed fox statue transformed into a strange black tiger. It didn't take long for it to transform into a winged cow. Then, Zhou Wen saw the stone statue on the stone wall constantly changing, producing many statues that Zhou Wen had never seen or heard before.

    "Stop looking. It doesn't matter if you're tempting fate, but who' will buy my things?" The Thearch was very anxious.

    Although she could also talk to someone on the Internet, it wasn't easy to trick others into coming to Chess Mountain. There was probably no one who dared to come.

    Even if someone dared to come, there would be troops stationed outside. Outsiders wouldn't be able to get close to Chess Mountain.

    Taking another step back, even if one could get close to Chess Mountain, it would probably not be easy to find someone who could enter Chess Mountain without dying.

    After The Thearch went online, she realized that humans were much weaker than she had imagined. Zhou Wen was already considered one of the strongest humans.

    Zhou Wen ignored The Thearch and kept staring at the stone wall. The transformation on the stone wall had run through thousands of demon beast symbols. Zhou Wen felt that the demon beasts had different charms and auras, but he didn't see anything special.

    However, the Lost Immortal Sutra kept circulating at an increasingly slower pace. When Zhou Wen couldn't remember how many demon beast stone statue symbols he had seen, the Lost Immortal Sutra finally stopped circulating.

    In the next second, Lost Immortal Sutra circulated crazily. However, the path and mode were completely different from before. It once again became a brand new Primordial Energy Art.

    This Primordial Energy Art was extremely bizarre, giving Zhou Wen a strange feeling. When he circulated the Primordial Energy Art, his flesh trembled as though it was producing a dragon's roar. His tendons and bones roared collectively like wolves and tigers as his hair stood up like a hedgehog's spine. It ended up making him look like a dandelion.

    Impossible… How can a human gain basic mastery of the Demon God Catalog's legacy? This is impossible… In her cave, The Thearch's eyes widened in surprise as though she had seen something extremely unbelievable.

    As Zhou Wen circulated the new Primordial Energy Art, he obtained the information that the Primordial Energy Art was called the "Demon God Bloodline Catalog."

    However, Zhou Wen had only gained basic mastery of the Primordial Energy Art. He was still far from condensing a Life Providence.

    After Zhou Wen retracted his gaze and heard The Thearch's voice ringing in his mind. "Strange, why isn't there any demonization when you cultivated the Demon God Catalog? Are you not a human to begin with?"

    "It's just a casual look; how could I become a demon like that, right?" Zhou Wen said indifferently. He hadn't really mastered the Demon God Bloodline Catalog. It had just been simulated by the Lost Immortal Sutra; therefore, he didn't suffer the harm that The Thearch mentioned.

    The Thearch didn't say anything else. All she did was urge Zhou Wen to leave Deer Terrace Pavilion quickly.

    Zhou Wen put the flower pot into the Chaos Bead before following the path back. He walked all the way out of Chess Mountain until he emerged from the crack, only to let out a long sigh of relief.

    "Return and buy everything I need as soon as possible. Then, send them to me through the Void Flower," The Thearch instructed.

    After Zhou Wen returned to his dorm in camp, he heaved a sigh of relief. He decided not to risk venturing to unknown dimensional zones again.

    Should I think of a way to deal with The Thearch's wishes? Otherwise, I'll always be asked to do this and that. It's really troublesome, Zhou Wen thought about it but failed to come up with a good solution.

    In the next few days, Zhou Wen went to a nearby city to buy some common chemicals and equipment. He then attempted to teleport the items to her with the Void Flower.

    The Void Flower was really useful. As long as he said "open" to the flower that resembled a morning glory, its flower would form a miniature spatial portal. All he needed to do was throw the items in.

    The Thearch was temporarily placated, but she urged Zhou Wen to hurry to a big city and buy everything she needed.

    Although Zhou Wen agreed, he wasn't in a rush to return to school. He spent a few more days in the military camp. He let the soldiers get infected with the rashes before injecting them with the poison to give them the antibodies. Without needing to fear the blood river, their combat strength also increased significantly.

    Now, the officers and soldiers were calling Zhou Wen ‘Doctor Zhou' the moment they saw him. They didn't even need to say "little." Clearly, they showed him deep respect.

    However, Zhou Wen wasn't used to it. He clearly didn't know any medical skills, so every time he was addressed as Doctor Zhou by the soldiers, he found it odd.

    An Sheng's men finally came and brought with them information about the Special Inspector Bureau. Many of them were confidential documents. An Sheng repeatedly exhorted Zhou Wen to immediately destroy them after he had read them. He couldn't let anyone else see them.

    Zhou Wen carefully studied the thick stack of information, including the detailed explanations of the bureau's various departments. It had fine details about every department and office.

    Only after reading it did Zhou Wen realize that the Special Inspector Bureau had a very large range of authority. It was almost the same as the Embroidered Uniform Guard, a secret police that served the emperors in ancient China.

    However, the information also mentioned many of the Special Investigation Bureau's accolades. Many vile devils had been captured by the Special Investigation Bureau. They had lost many lives in the process.

    The initial establishment of the bureau was to target those unscrupulous devils, as well as some Federation officials and local rich families who secretly carried out a variety of nefarious deeds.

    However, as times changed, its power grew without any restrictions. The bureau also gradually changed.

    There were a total of fifteen branches in the Special Investigation Bureau. They were stationed in fifteen important cities in the Federation and were responsible for the intelligence and supervision of the nearby areas.

    There were a total of fifteen ministers that handled a branch, like Qiao Siyuan, and all of them were experts at the Epic stage. Furthermore, they had their own strengths, making them incomparable to ordinary Epic experts.

    That was not all. There were even more experts in the headquarters of the bureau. There was no need to mention Shen Yuchi. Although no one had ever seen him attack, everyone who wanted to harm him had disappeared from this world. To date, there had been no known instances of anyone successfully dealing him harm.

    Back when Ják killed the son of the former director-general of the Special Inspector Bureau, the former director-general nearly went mad and used excessive means to capture Ják. However, due to his anger, he made a few irrational decisions and almost caused the bureau to be destroyed by Ják.

    Under orders, Shen Yuchi designed a plan to capture Ják and reestablish the authority of the bureau. At the same time, he also recruited many talents, such as Qiao Siyuan.

    Apart from Shen Yuchi, there were also the four Censors from the bureau. Every one of them was extremely terrifying as there were also some Epic experts.

    After carefully studying the information, Zhou Wen realized that it wasn't an easy task for him to touch the bureau. Small-scale skirmishes didn't affect the bureau at all, nor would he make them feel pain.