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Chapter 387 – Little Blue Lamp’s Secre

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Tianyun’s complexion changed. “It was Qin Yu who saved us?”

    Tusen had a disdainful look. “Do you think we just decided to perform some random act of kindness? If Qin Yu really heard what you said just now, I wonder what sort of expression he would have.”

    The faces of the several people turned purple and the embarrassment was palpable. The people who just spoke looked as if they wanted to dig a hole and crawl in. How disgraceful! They had been cursing and berating Qin Yu, but they didn’t know that the only reason they survived was because of him.

    Xiong Yuane revealed an expression as if she had already known. How could someone who had undergone devilization and restored himself to how he was before die easily? But suddenly, she developed a headache. If Qin Yu didn’t die, would he kill her to eliminate a witness of what happened? And if he really wanted to kill her, why would he bother asking the titans to save her?

    …Just what was she supposed to think?

    Her thoughts were left in confusion.

    Tianyun’s complexion was pale. He angrily glared at his companions, disappointed in them and also feeling guilty himself. He faintly guessed that the reason Qin Yu hadn’t spoken a word to them was because he was saving his strength to make it through the black lake. Perhaps he had already thought of rescuing them after he had passed the black lake’s test, as that would be his only reasonable chance to do so. And before this, he had actually been secretly dissatisfied with Qin Yu’s actions...

    Thinking of this, the guilt in Tianyun’s heart became even heavier. He looked towards the distant island and seemed to faintly see a figure looking back at him.

    “Qin Yu, I’m sorry! You must come back safely! I owe you an apology!” Tianyun tightly gripped his fists beneath his robes.

    On the island at the lake’s center, as Qin Yu saw Tianyun and the others rescued from the black waters, he smiled. At least he had paid back a favor. He simply never imagined how Tianyun’s companions would react, and even if he did know, he wouldn’t care. This was because the one he wanted to rescue was Tianyun alone and the others had only tagged along, so he didn’t mind them.

    He turned around and walked deeper into the island. Qin Yu had a calm expression. After leaving all of the titans, his hand flashed and he took out the half disc that could not be seen or sensed. At this time it was burning hot and even if Qin Yu had the Demon Body, he still felt an intense pain from holding it.

    Whatever it sensed was on this island!

    Qin Yu maintained his composure and swept his surroundings with his divine sense. After not sensing anything wrong, he walked deeper into the island. It wasn’t too large; he soon reached its core. But, what left him a bit surprised was that several titans were resting here.

    Tuba was amongst them.

    When Qin Yu arrived, these titans all glanced at him. Some of them had thoughtful looks, some of them had mocking looks, and some of them had fighting spirit in their eyes. But no matter what it was, Qin Yu felt his heart chill from all these eyes. There was a tremendous pressure emanating from these titans. Every single one of them had a strength no weaker than Tuba. If he didn’t use the power of the burning heavens then dealing with just one of these titans would be his limit.

    “Humph!” Tuba coldly snorted and swept his eyes around.

    The titans all looked away, not much awe in their faces. While they didn’t want to provoke Tuba, they didn’t fear him either.

    Qin Yu didn’t have much of an expression. He found a large boulder and sat down on it.

    Even Tuba couldn’t help but lightly frown at this action.

    A titan warrior loudly shouted, “Human outsider, this isn’t a place you can enter. Immediately leave!”

    Qin Yu had a gloomy expression, “I also passed the Totem’s test, so why can’t I come here?”

    “I don’t dare to violate the Totem’s will, but if you dare to offend us, I, Tutou, will punish you!”

    Tuba said in a low voice, “You…should…leave…”

    Qin Yu shook his head. “I have the qualifications to be here.”

    Tutou coldly sneered. “Tuba, it isn’t that I don’t want to give you face, but this human outsider doesn’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth!”

    He suddenly stood up and took several steps over. The earth shook as he walked and his figure flickered like lightning as he punched out a fist.

    Qin Yu’s complexion changed as if he never imagined this fellow to suddenly attack like this. He quickly lifted a hand to defend.

    With a loud explosion he stuffily coughed and the larger boulder beneath him shattered. He was forced back several steps.

    Tutou shouted, “Leave!”

    Qin Yu gnashed his teeth, then turned and left without saying a word. The titan warriors behind him all laughed.

    But soon, once Qin Yu left this area, the anger and gloominess on his face instantly vanished. He lifted his hands and revealed an excited look. In his left hand was the half disc he had obtained from the mountain valley, and in his right hand was…another half disc!

    A moment ago, Qin Yu’s half disc told him that the source of the sensation was that boulder. He had no choice but to lure Tutou into attacking. But, he never imagined that the second part of the half disc would be hidden in the stone. He faked being forced back and followed the direction of the force to grab the half disc.

    Two half discs…This was a bit strange, but Qin Yu didn’t care. He subconsciously licked his lips, a hesitant look on his face. He didn’t know what sort of situation would occur if he were to connect them together. If a major commotion occurred, that would be bad.

    Whatever. He might as well endure it little. Once he left the titan tribe, he would connect them. But at this time, Qin Yu’s complexion changed. The two half discs in his hands pulled together closer and forcefully collided.

    There was a light cracking sound in his ears and a cold sweat formed on Qin Yu’s back. His body stiffened like iron and he panted for several seconds.

    Luckily, nothing happened once the two half discs merged together, otherwise…

    He secretly rejoiced. As he rubbed his hand over the merged disc, he found that there wasn’t a crack in the middle. It was like the two halves had perfectly fused together.

    However, he still couldn’t see it or sense it. When he poured his magic power into it, there was no response. Besides the two becoming one, there wasn’t any change.

    Qin Yu flipped his hand and put away the disc. He recognized that this thing must have some great story behind it. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t find the way to activate it right now; there would be time in the future.

    Casually finding a place to rest, Qin Yu sat down in meditation. He carefully sensed the cool energy that was still within his body. Right now, it was slowly increasing the intensity of his mortal body. At this speed, it could last for at least half a year. During this period, Qin Yu’s body would continue to strengthen and he might even reach the small success boundary of the King step Demon Body.

    At the beginning levels of the Demon Body, there weren’t any ranks within each level. But once one entered the King step, the Demon Body would truly enter a profound boundary with all sorts of mysteries.

    For instance, the King step Demon Body was differentiated into small success, large success, and perfection. At each boundary, there was a certain chance that one would awaken a combat technique. When these combat techniques were coordinated with the Demon Body, it was possible to erupt with an extremely fierce attack.

    In its natural state, the Demon Body would slowly grow stronger over time. It should have taken Qin Yu around 30 years to reach small success, but the cool energy from this island would increase the speed of this process by dozens of times over.

    Unfortunately, he had no idea where this cool and pleasant energy came from. If he could obtain a bit more, he could have the Demon Body rise to large success or even perfection.

    Qin Yu cautiously sent out his divine sense. Although the natives didn’t cultivate the soul, after he experienced those heaven-shocking blood energy fluctuations within the tribe, he didn’t dare to underestimate them. Who knew? Perhaps once the incomparably terrifying bodies of these titans reached a certain level, they might naturally produce an ability similar to divine sense.

    The island wasn’t too large. With Qin Yu’s current soul cultivation he could easily cover it. He searched bit by bit, but in the end he didn’t find anything. Still, when he recalled the disc in his storage ring, he didn’t dare to fully trust his divine sense.

    Since he couldn’t find anything, he recalled his divine sense and didn’t waste any more energy. He closed his eyes and started to meditate. Although he didn’t know what he would face in the future, he could increase his chances of success by being in his peak state if anything occurred. This would never be wrong.

    Time passed. In the blink of an eye, several hours passed. Qin Yu opened his eyes and saw the bright skies up above. Although he was used to this, he still couldn’t help but be a little surprised. It should be pitch black at night right now, but within the Infinite Realm, there was only daytime. Or perhaps the concept of night itself didn’t exist.

    At the very least, ever since Qin Yu had arrived, he had never seen night descend.

    His thoughts stirred and he immediately thought of the little blue lamp’s special characteristics. If there was only day, would it still send out that deep blue light? Just as he thought of this, his heart shook along with an irrepressible urge.

    Hesitating a little, Qin Yu created a barrier of his divine sense. Then, his consciousness moved and everything turned blurry for a moment. It seemed as though he was crossing an endless expanse of space. When he opened his eyes again, he was using the figure condensed from his blood and appeared in the massive space in the distant nothingness that was connected by the sealed dimensional ring.

    Since entering the Infinite Realm where dangers could arrive at any moment, this was the first time that Qin Yu’s consciousness had come to this place. Soon, he discovered that this space was different. Although the earth was still broken and sundered, it was much better than before. The recovery rate had far surpassed his calculations. The collapsing cracks at the distant edges of space had also vanished from sight.

    Qin Yu’s divine sense form revealed a look of surprise. He looked up towards that brilliant sun in the sky that was sending out endless light. His gaze pierced through all the illusions to see the little blue lamp at the core. At this time, all space within two feet of the little blue lamp was covered in a deep blue light. Although this light appeared the same as before, Qin Yu felt it was actually much different.

    Moreover, the little blue lamp’s light actually could be released to two feet…this in itself was already unbelievable! His thoughts raced and he reached out and grasped the air. The only living thing in this sealed space, the green grass, appeared in his hand. The leaves swung excitedly and twined around Qin Yu’s arm, as if it were trying to display its submission to him.

    This green grass was over twice the size that it used to be. Moreover, the veins in the middle of the leaves had turned a light silver. This silver was incredibly thin, but Qin Yu could feel a terrifying aura coming from it.

    After a long time, Qin Yu’s thoughts moved and his divine sense body vanished from sight. He opened his eyes on the island, a thoughtful look on his face. Although he didn’t know why, the little blue lamp suddenly seemed to be much stronger. While it was just a guess, he was almost certain it was related to the Infinite Realm.

    Qin Yu looked up towards the skies and his eyes flashed with a sharp light. All this time, the little blue lamp had been Qin Yu’s greatest helper. But, it was still wrapped in layers of mysteries. Besides the fact that the world’s will wanted to erase it, he didn’t know anything else.

    But today Qin Yu felt as if he had truly touched upon the secrets of the little blue lamp. As for what these secrets were, he would need to slowly figure it out over time.

    At this time, a strange fluctuation arrived at the island. An air bubble wrapped around Qin Yu. His complexion changed a little but he didn’t resist. He allowed this air bubble to envelop him and bring him into the air.

    As he thought, other air bubbles rose up from all around the island, each one wrapping around a titan. The air bubbles rose higher and higher, faster and faster. Soon, the island, the lake, even the canyon that the titan tribe dwelled in became incomparably tiny before vanishing from sight.

    The air bubble tore through the clouds, going higher and higher, higher and higher, as if it wanted to pierce through the barriers of this spatial fragment and reach another world.