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Chapter 388 – A Purple Crescent Moon

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Qin Yu’s eyes trembled. The air bubble continued to fly up beyond the fog, its speed so fast that it was difficult to make out what was occurring outside. Even so, it continued to accelerate without any signs of slowing down.

    From afar, 17 air bubbles had broken through the skies at an incredible speed, piercing through the clouds and fog, leaving behind long white trails. It was like 17 paths were leading straight to the heavens.

    After an unknown period of time, the fog all around suddenly vanished from sight. Incomparably terrifying and strong winds appeared outside the air bubbles.

    These were the astral winds from the highest heavens. They possessed the might to destroy flesh and blood and extinguish the soul. Even a Blue Sea cultivator would not dare to easily touch them! Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. If this air bubble broke open and he fell into these astral winds, no matter how strong his body was he would still be reduced to ashes.

    Luckily, it was simply unknown how this air bubble was formed. Though it seemed incredibly frail and thin, it contained an unimaginable power. It flew through the astral winds without shaking at all. In fact, after entering the astral winds, it even began rising at a faster speed.

    As the air bubbles grazed the astral winds, the friction was so great that it created an incomparably high temperature. The surface of the air bubbles suddenly ignited into flames! 17 giant fireballs possessing a mind-boggling power and might continued to soar upwards!

    Qin Yu’s lips twitched. He knew that even if he even touched the flames outside the air bubble a little then he would immediately be burnt to ashes. Still, such a terrifying fire still couldn’t shake the air bubbles in the least. After he overcame his initial shock, he finally came to realize something.

    The mysterious Totem that the titans spoke of was far more formidable than he ever expected. Its power had reached a simply incomprehensible boundary. He suddenly thought about how the Infinite Realm had collapsed and how it couldn’t even withstand the power of normal Blue Sea realm powerhouses. Could this Totem with its transcendent methods have perished in the endless river of time?

    As soon as this thought appeared, Qin Yu revealed a heavy expression. He faintly guessed that even the most powerful Calamity Immortal realm cultivator in the current Land of Divinity and Demons couldn’t compare with this Totem. Just what sort of disaster had occurred that this kind of unsurpassed existence would die?

    On his path of cultivation, he originally thought that with his Divine Soul boundary and his numerous cards in hand, he could be considered a powerhouse in his own right with the strength to preserve his life. But now, it seemed that the path was much longer and more distant than he thought. Perhaps what he saw now was nothing but the tip of the iceberg, seen through a swirl of mist and fog.

    Qin Yu took a deep breath and suppressed his tumbling thoughts. At his current realm, it was far too early to be thinking about these things. As long as he stayed alive, there would eventually come a day when he would discover everything himself. The flames flickering outside of the air bubble illuminated Qin Yu’s face. His expression was firm and resolute and his eyes surged with confidence!

    At this time, the air bubble violently trembled as if it had struck some sort of imprisonment. Then its speed rapidly reduced and the flames burning on the outside quickly extinguished.

    Qin Yu looked up and saw that the 17 air bubbles were gathering together tighter and tighter, like a taut bowstring being drawn.

    Suddenly, there was a heaven-shaking roar in Qin Yu’s mind. It was a horrifying sound, as if the world was being broken up. Qin Yu’s ears buzzed and his face paled. In the next moment, all of the air bubbles seemed to be freed from their shackles. Suspended in the endless nothingness, all that remained around them was inexhaustible darkness.

    The nothingness beyond…

    This thought immediately popped up in Qin Yu’s mind. Then, all of the air bubbles began to rapidly fall.

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    Although it was only for an instant, all of the air bubbles passed through some invisible imprisonment again. It was as if this imprisonment didn’t easily allow things inside to leave, but didn’t hinder anything in entering. The speed at which the air bubbles fell grew faster and faster and strong astral winds whipped up around them once more. Flames appeared once more, and once the fires vanished, the familiar layer of clouds and fog appeared.

    Qin Yu’s eyes widened. Could the powerful Totem that the titans worshipped only deliver them up past the skies to experience what it was like after passing the test of the sacred lake? He turned towards the other air bubbles. As they fell back into the world, the air bubbles had separated and it was no longer possible to see the expressions of the other titans.

    Qin Yu could only suppress his thoughts and helplessly wait.

    Finally, the earth appeared in his line of sight once more. What appeared this time was a limitless lake. Or, it was more accurate to call it a sea. But Qin Yu knew that this was really a lake, only a little bit larger than normal.

    His pupils widened. Qin Yu couldn’t help but reveal shock once more. The air bubble had flown straight up through the world and fell straight back down into the world. But the place they returned to was no longer the canyon where the titan tribe lived.

    This mystery was one that Qin Yu didn’t understand.

    And in this inconceivably large lake, there was an island. This island had verdant green trees with large temples built throughout. They each emanated an extraordinary atmosphere!

    Suddenly, Qin Yu’s complexion changed. The invisible disc in his storage ring appeared in the outside world. For the first time ever, he was able to see it. Countless small and fine lines emitted a dazzling light.

    Shua –

    Qin Yu and the disc both vanished from sight.


    Deep within the Infinite Realm, on an island in the middle of a lake, two groups of cultivators were confronting each other. Amongst them were two people, and at this time the complexions of the two suddenly changed to reveal looks of happiness.

    It had opened!

    The two people glanced at each other and shouted out at the same time, “Open the array!”

    Bang –

    Bang –

    The two sides of cultivators both activated their secret arts. Two beams, one black and one white, shot up into the skies. They crashed into the void above the island, condensing into a black and white vortex in the skies.

    Black and white light swirled around within the vortex, howling in a circle!


    “Step into the mystic realm, obtain good fortune!”

    Over a hundred cultivators from both sides burst into the black and white vortex.


    17 air bubbles slowly fell from the skies above the incomparably vast lake. Around 10 feet from land, they quietly broke apart. The titan warriors within landed on the ground, their movements causing the earth to swing and shake. The surrounding ancient trees creaked as they arrived.

    Tuba took a deep breath. Since birth, the aura of destruction that had always covered him had completely vanished. He couldn’t help but bask in this feeling of being free and brightly smiled.

    His eyes swept around and his complexion rapidly changed. 16 titans were here, but the Qin Yu who had come with them had vanished without a trace.

    At this time, before Tuba could say anything, a black and white circle appeared above their heads. With loud rumbling noises it rapidly grew, expanding into a giant vortex.

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    Figures flew out from the vortex. In the blink of an eye, over a hundred people appeared. As they swept their eyes across the island, their faces were filled with excitement.

    Tuba roared in anger, “Human outsiders!”

    The eyes of the 16 titan warriors instantly turned red. Terrifying blood energy fluctuations erupted from their bodies.

    This was an unsurpassed lucky chance granted to them by the Totem. All of the energy here could only be obtained by the brave warriors of the titan tribe.

    “We are leaving first. These big fellows will be left to you.” A handsome youth suddenly said. He crushed a jade talisman in his hand and a white light wrapped around him and the people around him before they vanished from sight.

    Across from him, a black-robed cultivator humphed, “We’re also leaving.”

    Without any movement from him, a six-sided star appeared on the ground. It sparkled briefly before wrapping around everyone and transporting them away.

    “Damned human outsiders!”

    “How did they get in here?”

    “Qin Yu, that human called Qin Yu has disappeared!”

    “It’s him, it has to be him!”

    “I’ll kill him!”

    The titans roared in anger but they simply couldn’t find those people that had teleported away. They could only clench their teeth and race deeper into the island.


    In a completely unaware state, Qin Yu had been branded with an incredibly undeserving crime. But even if he knew, he was too busy to care about that right now.

    When the air bubble was in the skies above the island, the disc had suddenly appeared and teleported him away. In the moment he vanished, he felt excitement surging in his heart. Because if anyone were to connect all of these events together, they would likely say that he had walked into a giant stroke of luck and was bound to have great harvests soon!

    But reality slapped him on the head. When he arrived in this massive field that resembled a coliseum arena, a terrifying divine sense immediately crashed down on him.

    His body wasn’t injured but his soul was placed straight atop the perilous waves. Qin Yu was barely able to persist. The slightest error would mean his death. And the most horrifying thing was that this divine sense seemed endless. Qin Yu had lasted for almost an hour, but the crashing onslaught of this divine sense didn’t stop at all. His heart tensed. If things continued like this, then at the very moment he could no longer resist it, his soul would instantly be torn to shreds.

    He tried to move his body but the air was as heavy as a mountain; he couldn’t move it at all. Qin Yu bitterly smiled. Through various lucky chances and coincidences he had managed to obtain that strange disc. Yet, did that mean he would be buried here today?

    An hour later, Qin Yu’s face turned deathly pale. Blood started to seep out from his nose and mouth. Twin images appeared before him and his field of vision began to flash black.

    He would soon reach his limit!

    Within his soul space, Spirity had an anxious look. Right now she was caught in the movement of lifting her hands. A boundless aura had suppressed her in this movement, leaving her unable to move at all.

    The shadows beneath Qin Yu began to stir. The summoned life form appeared and its face looked at him. Its eyes flashed; it was unknown what it was thinking.


    “I can do this!

    “I cannot fall here!”

    Qin Yu bit through his lips and his body gently shivered. At this time, the terrifying divine sense impact suddenly vanished.

    Qin Yu’s feet turned soft and he toppled to the ground. His chest heaved as he took great gasping breaths of air.

    Hu –

    A figure appeared in front of him. It was completely translucent; it was clearly only an image.

    “Only by resisting the impact of divine sense do you have the qualifications to open the true test. You have two hours to rest. This is the reward you have obtained.” The image flicked its sleeves and a purple light shot into his body.

    When the purple light entered his body, it appeared in Qin Yu’s soul space and transformed into purple rain.

    Spirity’s eyes widened with shock. As she looked at Qin Yu’s soul, she actually felt a little bit of envy. Unfortunately, this purple rain was granted to Qin Yu. Even if she were his Partner Soul, it was impossible for her to obtain it.

    The raindrops seemed to have a mind of their own. They fell onto Qin Yu’s soul, and with every drop that was absorbed, his soul began to gently shiver. A purple crescent moon shadow began to appear on the surface of Qin Yu’s soul. As the soul absorbed more and more purple rain, it became increasingly solid.

    But when the purple rain vanished, the crescent moon was still a bit away from condensing. After losing the supplement of strength it began to shake as if it would collapse at any moment.

    Spirity took a deep breath. She walked in front of Qin Yu’s soul and lifted a hand and tapped her finger.

    Kacha –

    Cracks began to appear on the surface of the soul bead that the Good Fortune Tablet helped to condense. Then, it burst open and a massive amount of pure soul force gushed out.

    All of this soul force was like water returning to the sea. It was instantly sucked into that purple moon shadow.

    This soul force seemed to be the final key to allow it to transform. It turned from virtual to reality and purple light began to sprinkle downwards.

    Spirity’s body wavered and her face became incomparably pale. But as she looked at this moon shadow, she smiled brightly.

    Qin Yu’s lucky chance was worth her going all out for!