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Chapter 531 - The Clans Awaken, Advisor Jun Transforms Abnormally

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 531: The Clans Awaken, Advisor Jun Transforms Abnormally

    “What do you know? I obtain a little more knowledge each time I experiment with the golden light. It’s especially useful in finding out the source of the golden light,” said Yun Jiuge. She did not forget her original aim of studying the human-beast hybrids’ golden light to find out its source and strengthen her own Holy Power.

    “You’ve come so far!” Zi Shang was so pleased that he patted Yun Jiuge’s head.

    “Why are you here with me instead of busying yourself with the building of the city?” Yun Jiuge swatted Zi Shang’s hand away. She was not a child. There was no need to pat her on the head.

    If she were still the Goddess in the Celestial Palace, Zi Shang’s behavior was enough to be condemned for the sin of great disrespect.

    “I went to the Death Swamp yesterday to have a look. There were signs of activity at the Gray Castle. I suspect Qiu Sen will launch an attack on us ahead of time,” said Zi Shang in a serious tone.

    “Are you confident that you can protect Yun City?” Yun Jiuge frowned. The city was currently filled with ordinary human-beast hybrids. They could only rely on Zi Shang and Yin Shili for defense.

    “With just Yin Shili and I, we can defend it for a period of time but not for long. The most important thing is for your side to hurry up,” replied Zi Shang, who came here to press her.

    “I was going to wait until tomorrow to awaken the Eagle Clan. But having heard you say that, I’ll have to start work tonight,” Yun Jiuge sighed.

    She did not like the feeling of being in a hurry. Doing research required working slowly to produce fine details.

    “Well, I’ll tell Advisor Jun to come over,” replied Zi Shang, who comforted Yun Jiuge by giving her a kiss.

    “Go on!” After Yun Jiuge waved her hands to send Zi Shang away, she woke A’ze up with a needle.

    A’ze got up groggily and asked Yun Jiuge, “Miss Yun, why am I lying here?”

    “How many can you count?” Yun Jiuge moved three fingers in front of A’ze.

    “It’s three,” A’ze replied honestly.

    “Go out and look for Advisor Jun. He’ll tell you why you’re here.” Every part of Yun Jiuge’s being was screaming at her to get busy. There was really no time to explain much to A’ze.

    “Okay.” A’ze touched his head, and he went out the door, feeling muddleheaded.

    Advisor Jun soon came over with the Eagle Clan members.

    He excitedly and nervously asked Yun Jiuge, “Miss Yun, Lord Ye Zi said that we’re going to be awakened tonight. Is it true?”

    “Yes, that’s right. Take this piece of Devil Stone to soak in water. Everyone will drink a bowl each and then go into the dungeon.” Yun Jiuge tossed a gray Devil Stone to Advisor Jun and took out a booklet to begin writing a schedule.

    After the Eagle Clan, it would be the Cattle and Horse Clans’ turn. No one in these two clans had awakened the golden light yet, so she could not follow the same steps used for the human-snake hybrid clan and Eagle Clan. She first needed to test the individual tribes’ selected human-beast hybrids with the strongest sense of protectiveness and then use them as a guide to awaken the other clan members.

    Advisor Jun took over the Devil Stone and hesitatingly looked at Yun Jiuge who was deep in thoughts. He finally could not stand it any longer and asked, “Miss Yun, I’d like to ask if my grandfather can awaken with us please?”

    If his grandfather could also awaken the golden light, perhaps he might be able to live longer.

    “No,” replied Yun Jiuge, who put down the plan in her hands and looked up at Advisor Jun. She continued, “Awakening the golden light consumes a lot of inner strength and spiritual strength. For someone like Elder Bai who is close to dying of old age, going in will be tantamount to suicide.”

    “I understand. I’m sorry to have bothered you. I’ll go get ready now.” Although Advisor Jun was incredibly sad, he still forced himself to brace his spirits with a smile as he took the Devil Stone and left.

    Yun Jiuge really felt worried seeing how Advisor Jun was, so she took the schedule to the small black room in the dungeon to personally look after them.

    The Eagle Clan members felt their spirits rise immeasurably when they saw Yun Jiuge attending to them personally.

    The Eagle Clan members were divided into two groups of people to enter the Illusion in the dungeon.

    The first batch was headed by A’ze and it included A’hui, A’gu as well as other Eagle Clan members with ordinary physiques.

    After the Illusion started, A’hui was actually the first to awaken. The golden light spread from his wings after his body expelled all the Demon Qi.

    Yun Jiuge could not help nodding her head after watching it. The companionship of loved ones could really enhance one’s sense of protectiveness.

    A’ze was the second to awaken. His wings were glittering with the golden light and he looked majestic.

    Next came A’gu. Probably due to the fact that this guy was going to be a father, his protective strength was enormously powerful. In addition to his wings, his abdomen was also awakened with the golden light.

    Other Eagle Clan members also awakened one after another. Everyone’s wings were glowing.

    The strong Eagle Clan members’ wings shone brighter while the weaker Eagle Clan members’ wings were dimmer. However, to have all of them awakened was the best outcome.

    The awakened Eagle Clan members were automatically ejected by the Illusion. Advisor Jun stood guard along with A’fei outside and brought them into the rest area next to the cell.

    Soon, the first batch of Eagle Clan members had all left the Illusion.

    Advisor Jun, A’fei, A’ping as well as the other young and strong Eagle Clan members were the second batch.

    Their batch of strong Eagle Clan members awakened faster. The golden light in their wings was brilliant. They must be extraordinarily strong after changing their forms.

    Advisor Jun also awakened successfully. It started first with his wings, followed by his chest. His light was stronger than A’gu’s.

    But this was also normal. Advisor Jun had been working alongside Elder Bai in charge of matters in the tribe. His sense of protectiveness was the most powerful, so naturally his Awakening was the most powerful.

    Yun Jiuge was about to close the Illusion when she saw Advisor Jun’s face suddenly turn white and violently cough up blood. Next, his brain area erupted in a golden light and he was ejected by the Illusion.

    It happened so suddenly that Yun Jiuge did not even see how Advisor Jun flew out.

    She hurriedly left the dungeon and saw a group of Eagle Clan members at the foot of the mountain gathered next to Advisor Jun.

    “Advisor Jun, are you alright?” asked A’ze, who nervously patted Advisor Jun on the face. He almost slapped him hard.

    “Miss Yun is coming through. Everybody, quickly move aside,” A’gu said when he saw Yun Jiuge walking over. He hurriedly let her get closer.

    “Miss Yun, what’s wrong with Advisor Jun? Why did he cough up blood?” A’ze looked panicky. Advisor Jun was widely recognized as an elite by the tribe. His awakening should have been exceptionally smooth. How did he end up coughing up blood?

    “He has too many awakened areas. The strength was too powerful, so he coughed up blood. You don’t have to worry,” Yun Jiuge comforted the Eagle Clan members while she used her Spiritual Eye to examine Advisor Jun.

    The golden light on Advisor Jun’s wings and chest was very stable. The color was bright yellow. But a thumb-sized ball of golden light was rotating inside his brain.

    This ball of golden light was neither rich and pure like A’dai’s nor was it impetuous like what A’ze had before. It was unlike anything Yun Jiuge had ever seen.

    “What’s going on?” asked Zi Shang, who had finished the task of building the city. When he came over, he saw Yun Jiuge’s baffled expression.

    “There’s a little problem with Advisor Jun’s Awakening,” answered Yun Jiuge. She went over the matter and said worryingly, “I don’t know what’s going on with the golden light in his head.”

    “Don’t worry. Let’s wait for him to wake up and we’ll find out.” Zi Shang glanced up and looked at the Eagle Clan members around him as he asked, “Are you all awakened?”

    “Reporting back to Lord Ye Zi. The entire Eagle Clan has awakened successfully,” said the Eagle Clan members as they stood straight with their heads held high.

    “In that case, follow me.” With one sentence, Zi Shang took all the Eagle Clan members away, leaving only Advisor Jun lying on the ground.

    Yun Jiuge was helpless. She could only let Da Meng send Advisor Jun to Elder Bai’s side. She would be informed once he woke up.

    After Da Meng carried Advisor Jun away, Yun Jiuge continued to carry out the Awakening plan. Not long after, Zi Shang came back alone.