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Chapter 532 - Sleep — How About It?

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 532: Sleep — How About It?

    “Where are A’gu and the others?” Yun Jiuge asked, glancing at the sky. There were no human-eagle hybrids.

    “I let them go on patrol. This group of human-eagle hybrids is rather good,” Zi Shang said. He had just tested and found out that after the awakening of the Golden Light, the human-eagle hybrids were not only able to successfully transform into a beast form but had also greatly improved in speed and power. A’gu, who had two body parts awakened, could now spit flames.

    He had organized the human-eagle hybrids into an air force. Part of them was responsible for patrolling Yun City’s airspace and the other part had left Yun City to check on the situation of the migrating human-beast hybrids. They assisted them in reaching Yun City as soon as possible.

    “I plan to let the human-rabbit hybrids patrol the inner city, what do you think?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    Currently, the human-eagle hybrids were responsible for the outer defense and the human-snake hybrids were defending the hill. There was no one defending the inner city.

    “The human-rabbit hybrids are very disciplined. They are suitable as patrol guards,” Zi Shang said and nodded. The human-rabbit hybrid clan was a group of Golden Light human-beast hybrids, and it would be a waste if they just stayed in their territory and planted food.

    “I’m also going to set up a planting team, with Aunt Gaga as the team leader. They’ll be responsible for helping all the human-beast hybrids to grow food later on,” Yun Jiuge said as she added a planting team to the schedule. She also noted down the need for a treatment team, which was empty at the moment. She didn’t know when this ability would awaken in any of the human-beast hybrids.

    “These are all minor problems. I’m more curious about Advisor Jun’s head,” Zi Shang said and stroked his chin. Advisor Jun was usually very good at logical thinking. Now that his head was awakened with Golden Light, there might be a pleasant surprise.

    “I’m also curious, but we should have an answer by tomorrow,” Yun Jiuge said. With the scratching of her pen, she also noted down the need for a construction team, logistics team, guard team etc on the schedule.

    “Okay, stop writing already,” Zi Shang said as he took the book from Yun Jiuge. He said firmly, “It’s getting late, you should go to sleep.”

    “I haven’t finished writing yet!” Yun Jiuge replied. She wanted to quickly write down the plan in her head.

    “Go to sleep,” Zi Shang said. He then proceeded to hug Yun Jiuge, lift her up and throw her on the bed.

    “Didn’t you say that time is tight and that the task at hand is important? You’re still in the mood for this?” Yun Jiuge said. Staring at Zi Shang, she tried to kick him out of bed.

    “I just want to sleep. Why are you having dirty thoughts? Unless you want it?” Zi Shang said. Fluttering his eyelashes, he placed his hand on Yun Jiuge’s abdomen.

    “I don’t,” Yun Jiuge said coldly. She wasn’t in the mood for it right now.

    “Then go to sleep. Tomorrow is another busy day!” Zi Shang said softly. His big warm hands gently rubbed Yun Jiuge’s abdomen, and the warmth spread through her entire body.

    Yun Jiuge slowly closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

    After seeing Yun Jiuge fall asleep, Zi Shang picked up the schedule and continued to fill it in.

    When Yun Jiuge woke up, Zi Shang was no longer in the room.

    There was a yellow book on the wooden table. Inside, the schedule was filled up, more perfectly than she had imagined it to be.

    Yun Jiuge looked at it again and was very satisfied, so she headed out with the schedule. She was just about to go discuss this with Elder Bai and Meng when she heard that Advisor Jun had awakened.

    Spiritual powers had awakened in Advisor Jun’s brain.

    Not only did he have a photographic memory, he could also sense the fluctuation of emotions in others. He could even control people with a weak will.

    “This ability is good. There’s a position most suitable for you,” Zi Shang said. After hearing about this ability, he immediately arranged for Advisor Jun to receive the human-beast hybrids migrating into the city.

    There were many human-beast hybrids migrating everyday to Yun City. In addition to the tribes found by the human-eagle hybrid clan, many tribes also came over by themselves after hearing the news.

    Those human-beast hybrid tribes who had migrated alone and without food were very miserable.

    Their faces were waxy yellow and their bodies very skinny. The weak old women and children fell ill as soon as they reached Yun City.

    Advisor Jun became very busy. Leading the human-horse hybrid clan, he was responsible for checking them in, sorting out their territories and food as well as making arrangements for the sick.

    Those who were purely ill lived in the plantation, while those infected by Demon Qi were placed in the prison on the mountain behind. They were separated according to their degree of infection.

    The largest cell in the mountain behind currently housed the human-wolf hybrid clan while the medium-sized cell housed human-beast hybrids who were infected with Demon Qi but unable to awaken.

    These human-beast hybrids had to wait for Yun Jiuge to be available before she could find a solution for them.

    Zi Shang was also very busy, pressuring Yin Shili to do construction every day.

    Yun City was changing everyday. Fortresses were being built, making Yun City looking more dignified. Even the most naive child knew that war was coming.

    They no longer ran around and played but instead, stood beside the adults, ready to grab food.

    The plan to awaken the human-beast hybrids continued on and followed the order in which they entered the city.

    The human-horse hybrid clan and the human-cow hybrid clan had already been successfully awakened. Those whose Golden Light awakened at their legs were all assigned by Zi Shang to be in the combat troops.

    According to Yun Jiuge’s plan, the next was the human-wild boar hybrid tribe. Just then, A’ze brought a young human-fox hybrid to see her.

    “Miss Yun, this is A’sang. He has something to tell you,” A’ze said.

    This young human-fox hybrid named A’sang was very beautiful, with fair skin and delicate facial features and upward tilting eyes. Behind him, he had a big brown fluffy tail dragging on the ground.

    As soon as he saw Yun Jiuge coming out, he got up and put his right hand on his chest. He saluted respectfully and said, “Dear Miss Yun, thank you for providing food and a place for my people to stay. On behalf of the human-fox hybrid clan, I pledge loyalty to you.”

    “I accept the friendship of your human-fox hybrid clan,” Yun Jiuge said and nodded nobly with a dignified smile. After taking a seat, she asked A’sang directly, “Why are you looking for me?”

    “I heard that Miss Yun is forming a medical treatment team. The Golden Light awakened human-fox hybrids happen to have the special ability of healing,” A’sang said proudly.

    “You human-fox hybrids can heal?” Yun Jiuge asked in surprise. She thought that the human-fox hybrid clan would be better at creating illusions instead.

    “Yes, our human-fox hybrid clan is proficient in using all the herbs in the secret realm. We’ve also developed many potions that are beneficial in treating various diseases of the human-beast hybrids,” A’sang said generously.

    “Wait,” Yun Jiuge said as she reached out to stop A’sang. She asked suspiciously, “Almost all the plants are dead after the Black Rain. Other than using leek grass to stop bleeding, what else is there?”

    “That’s right. After the Black Rain, there’s only leek grass left. Our human-fox hybrid already has over 10 kinds of prescriptions with just leek grass,” A’sang said.

    “… These ten prescriptions probably can only be used to stop bleeding!” Yun Jiuge said. She felt that A’sang was trying to fool her!

    “Yes,” A’sang answered. After being exposed by Yun Jiuge, his expression remained unchanged. He continued, “In fact, the human-beast hybrid’s physical healing ability is very strong, and the only thing that can’t be healed is spiritual damage. Our human-fox clan’s Golden Light ability can target this by helping to alleviate pain and heal more rapidly.”