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Chapter 347 - Open One Eye and Close One Eye

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 347: Open One Eye and Close One Eye

    Zhen Shanmei was speechless.

    This stupid child. Even your mother would be unable to save you!

    Giving up on arguing, she turned to look at Ning Meng. "How are you doing?"

    Ning Meng's face was stern, sharp, and filled with spicy hatred. "Mei Mei, it's time to put our friendship to the test!"

    "Wait, what?"

    "You will help me keep an eye on Qi Shan. If that Ning Ke dares to get close to Huo Beichen, you must remember to inform me! Although I fully trust my Lord Chen, what if this sly vixen tries to woo him away!"

    "… Sure. If Qi Shan dares to allow this to happen to Huo Beichen, I would not want such a boyfriend anymore!"

    Thus, Zhen Shanmei vigorously expressed her intentions to Qi Shan.

    "You women are really scary. Let me ask you. If I'm forced to tell the Missus in the future, would she tell you about it?"

    Zhen Shanmei was stunned upon hearing this. Ning Meng grabbed Zhen Shanmei's phone over: "I will open one eye and close one eye."

    Qi Shan chuckled: "So this is what your friendship is all about?"

    After he had insulted her, he then heard Ning Meng's next line: "After I have aimed accurately at you, I will shoot you to death!"


    After having lunch, the two girls continued walking around the shopping mall. At four in the afternoon, Ning Meng sent Zhen Shanmei home before driving over to Huo Beichen's villa. She had almost finished moving into his place, she just needed to tidy up and she would be settled in.

    She was in a good mood as she drove in and reached the community area, but just as she entered, she saw a rented car come to a halt outside the villa. The next thing she knew, the Ning Ke she had seen earlier that day alighted from the car and headed toward the mansion. Ning Meng slowed her car down and swerved to the side to allow the rented car to pass. Right after that, she saw the neighbor's door open and a twenty-something young lady came out holding a bowl of braised pork, also headed toward the villa.

    Ning Meng knew this young lady as she had stayed there for over a month. The latter liked to send food over and had looked for Huo Beichen many times, and every time, her eyes would be glued onto Huo Beichen's body, her intentions clear as day. However, as she had not done anything overboard and Huo Beichen took no notice of her at all, Ning Meng chose to not say anything about it.

    She stopped her car outside the villa and wound down her car window. Coincidentally, she could hear their conversation. The young lady holding the braised pork was surprised upon seeing Ning Ke. "Are you here to look for Huo Beichen too?"

    Ning Ke's face turned ugly in that instant. It was as if her space was being encroached on. "Who are you?"

    "I'm Huo Beichen's neighbor. There was some extra braised pork from my place, so I thought to share some with him."

    Ning Ke coldly replied to her, "Oh, he's not home. Forget about it."

    The young lady continued to advance toward the door. "I'll just give a knock. I thought I heard some movements earlier."

    Ning Ke took two steps ahead of her and blocked her way. "I told you that he's not home. Even if he's home, he does not need your braised pork. Look at you all dolled up this way. Do you think that people can't tell that you're trying to get his attention? Do you think that just by wandering around Huo Beichen's side every day, he will finally throw you a bone?"

    The young lady's face flushed red with embarrassment. "You… How could you say that!? Anyway, who are you to say something like this?"

    Ning Ke responded casually and indifferently. "I'm the person he loves the most."