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Chapter 322 - Eat Whatever You Want. I Can Afford It. (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 322: Eat Whatever You Want. I Can Afford It. (2)

    Xu Weilai quickly whispered, "Gu Yu, why don't you call Assistant Lin? Have him come over and pay the bill for us!"

    Gu Yu sat there indifferently, completely unperturbed by the situation. As if he found Xu Weilai's reaction very cute, his face broke out in a smile.

    Xu Weilai felt exasperated. How was he in the mood to smile? If they couldn't pay for their meal, they'd be sent to the police! What a huge embarrassment that would be for the high and mighty CEO! She couldn't wait to see if he'd still be smiling then!

    After approximately three seconds, Gu Yu finally opened his mouth and said, "Xu Weilai, is the card with you?"

    Card? What card was he talking about?

    Xu Weilai smacked her head with her hand as she recalled the black card that Gu Yu had given her as a New Year's present. Because it was so valuable, she hadn't dared to leave it lying around. She wouldn't be able to afford to pay for it if it went missing. As a result, she kept it with her at all times.

    "Yes, it is!"

    Feeling like she'd found an oasis in a desert, Xu Weilai quickly picked up her purse, unzipped it, and pulled out a red packet from within. Opening the red packet, she took the black card out.

    Gu Yu lifted his chin and bluntly told the manager, "My wife will be footing the bill!"

    The manager scoffed inwardly.

    This man had domineeringly declared moments ago that he could afford to feed the woman. In the end, he wasn't the one who was feeding her. Instead, she was feeding him!

    This was the first time he had come across a man who was so shameless and unabashed about relying on a woman!

    Indeed, it was becoming unreliable to judge a man by his looks!

    As the manager took the black card to settle the bill, Gu Yu's cell phone soon chimed loudly. He glanced at it to find a message from the bank notifying him of the charge.

    As the corners of his lips turned up in a smile, the expression in his eyes became especially gentle.


    The view from the restaurant on the hilltop was stunning, but the winds were very strong. As soon as Xu Weilai walked out, the gust of wind blew over. Even though she was wearing a coat, she still shivered from the cold.

    Gu Yu noticed and it reminded him of the last time he saw her wearing Lin Yuhan's jacket.

    As a result, he took off his jacket without a second thought and draped it over Xu Weilai's shoulders. Xu Weilai was stunned. The next second, Gu Yu took her hand in his and led her toward the parking lot.

    Xu Weilai looked at the single layer of clothing that Gu Yu was wearing, As she then looked at the jacket on her shoulders that was still warm from his body, a smile grew on her face.

    The couple did not notice a car parked by the entrance of the restaurant, nor did they notice the person seated at the back whose eyes were following them the whole time. More accurately put, the person's eyes followed Gu Yu until both he and Xu Weilai entered the car and drove off.

    The individual sat silently in the car for a long while before finally pulling out a cell phone and dialing a call.

    When the call connected, her gentle voice rang out, "Let's meet, Chunchun."


    Upon returning to the apartment, Gu Yu headed directly into the study to continue with his never-ending pile of paperwork.

    Xu Weilai returned to the bedroom and took a shower. After coming out, she slathered body lotion all over herself and began her skincare routine. Even after she was done, she still didn't see Gu Yu return to the room. She had no idea how much longer he had to work.

    He was so strict when it came to making sure she rested adequately while working. Why couldn't he apply the same to himself?

    Indeed, rules were only meant for the common folk and not the upper class!

    Having eaten a lot for dinner, Xu Weilai felt a little bloated. She was about to find something to aid in her digestion when she saw Gu Yu's jacket thrown on the couch. She walked over to pick it up, intending to place it in the laundry basket.

    She first checked the pockets to ensure nothing was left inside, and her hand came in contact with something.

    Instinctively, Xu Weilai pulled the object out. Her eyes widened upon seeing what it was.