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Chapter 336 - Am I Still Human if I Don’t Take Advantage?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 336: Am I Still Human if I Don’t Take Advantage?

    Crocodile smiled and said, “Big Sister Qi has successfully gotten her claws on Boss again!”

    Lightning was overwhelmed. “Boss’s standards have lowered tremendously. His tolerance toward Big Sister Qi is getting higher!”

    One of the veterans said, “I just hope that Big Sister Qi could think about us more and not let us feel like throwing up!”

    Lightning smiled. “It would be more realistic to pray that Boss would not fall so quickly.”

    Everyone agreed with that statement since it would be impossible for Big Sister Qi to not show any affection.

    Meanwhile, Feng Yi was heartbroken and Zhao Yu went to pat on his shoulders. “Instructor Feng, don’t be too sad.”

    Feng Yi glared at him. “Scram…”

    Everyone laughed and Crocodile continued teasing him. “Didn’t we tell you that you don’t stand a chance? Now do you believe us?”

    Feng Yi turned to glare at Crocodile and shouted at him. “Scram!”

    Leng Yu glanced at everyone and said coldly, “When did all of you become so gossipy?”

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Girl, are you sure it’s okay to be so straightforward?’

    Meanwhile, Jian Qi was hugging Tang Jinyu and nuzzling her head against his chest like a dog.

    Suddenly, she could smell the scent of blood. She frowned and pushed Tang Jinyu away. Her eyes fell on his left arm.

    He was wearing a black shirt inside so she did not notice the injury beforehand.

    “You’re hurt?” Jian Qi said as she tried to reach for his arm.

    “It’s fine. Just a surface wound from the bullet,” Tang Jinyu replied as he walked toward the two people.

    Jian Qi followed him by his side. “Instructor Tang, I’m so touched!”

    Tang Jinyu glanced at her. “Touched? Then go and throw the two of them back to the car!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘My feelings should be fed to the dogs!’

    Jian Qi looked around and she noticed a group of people a distance away. She waved at them.

    Those that were watching finally came up to them.

    “Boss, are you okay?” Leng Yu asked.

    Tang Jinyu nodded. “I’m fine. Bring them back.”

    They immediately threw those bandits into the car and brought them back to the headquarters.

    Lightning and Crocodile walked beside Jian Qi, and Crocodile started teasing her. “Big Sister Qi, you took advantage of our boss again. Bravo!”

    “Well, if I don’t take advantage when there are only the two of us, am I still human?” Jian Qi replied.

    Just when Lightning was about to retort, Tang Jinyu glanced over at them. “Since the three of you have so much to talk about, I shall give you all the time you need. Ten-kilometre marathon now!”

    Crocodile. “…”

    Lightning. “…”

    ‘Boss, I haven’t even said anything!’

    ‘How did I become a cannon fodder again?’

    Jian Qi smirked at them and patted them on their shoulders. “Me dear instructors. Keep calm!”

    Lightning sneered. “How can I keep calm when I have become cannon fodder once again?”

    Jian Qi smiled and looked at Tang Jinyu. “Instructor Tang, Instructor Lightning said that he has an opinion!”

    “Really? Since you have so many opinions, another ten kilometres for you!” Tang Jinyu left with the others after saying so.

    Lightning. “…”


    Lightning looked at Jian Qi angrily. “Big Sister Qi, don’t you have any empathy?”

    Jian Qi smiled. “No.”

    Since they could not change reality, they could only run as told. Crocodile noticed that Jian Qi was wearing an oversized shirt and he asked her out of curiosity. “Big Sister Qi, are you wearing Boss’s shirt?”