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Chapter 267 - Congratulations

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 267: Congratulations

    Before the competition began, Su Cha posted a thread.

    After all, she was mentally prepared to become a public figure. It was not strange for her to send messages.

    And to begin with, Su Cha was already mentally strong. Even after she saw the netizens' posts, she smiled.

    However, she had to keep something in mind.

    Such discussion forums, which was a mixture of malicious speculations and fans' whitewashing, was already quite alright. It was better than dealing with people with malicious intentions who started with nasty words right from the onset.

    Whenever Su Cha was scrolling through Weibo, she'd often see celebrities being framed and bashed by others who did not like them. Although there were fans supporting them, the methods of those haters were so strange and vicious that they were hard to believe. Those who did not know better would think that this celebrity had desecrated the other party's grave.

    Sometimes, the reason why the anti-fans would slander a celebrity was that the celebrity did not like him in any way, or that she had said the wrong lines in the drama.

    The world of flamers had never had a need for rationality.

    Su Cha was currently on the verge of losing her fame. It was obvious that this group of people had started to spread malicious rumors about her.

    From the examples of celebrities before her, Su Cha was mentally prepared for the current reality within the entertainment industry, so she was calm when she saw these discussions.

    There were people she disliked, but there were also people she liked. It was impossible for a person to be perfect.

    Today was the day of the semi-finals. The contestants had to start preparing early, so Su Cha arrived at the venue early in the morning.

    Today's competition would not be broadcasted live. Instead, it would be edited after the broadcast and officially uploaded to the internet to show the audience.

    But there were still many audience members present.

    Entering the venue of the competition, Su Cha saw the huge stage. The lighting, dance, audio, and other equipment were all worthy of the fame of this established program. They used only the best for their set.

    The production crew behind Dreams in Progress was backed by a well-known television station. They were wealthy and had no lack of money, and the productions were at least not lacking in funding, not to mention how this famous show had its popularity as a safeguard.

    After all the contestants had entered the competition venue, the backstage started to get busy.

    Unlike in the competition in Yonggu City, there were many contestants backstage. There were dozens of busy makeup artists and stylists to ensure that every contestant would look their best before they went on stage to perform.

    While Su Cha was having her makeup done, Mona sat next to her.

    "Su Cha, you are now so popular online. Congratulations."

    Mona's smile was natural and bright. It was hard for anyone to find it disgusting.

    Even the makeup artist could not tell that something was wrong.

    To the contestants, fame was the goal. Who among them wasn't participating in the show to become famous?

    Music programs were meant to fulfill some people's dreams, but in the end, it was all about popularity.

    Now that Su Cha's popularity was rising steadily, it naturally attracted the envy of others. Sometimes, luck really wasn't clear-cut.

    In the eyes of many contestants and production crew, Su Cha was at the very least a lucky contestant.

    Su Cha glanced at Mona indifferently. Aside from what happened at the beginning, Mona's attitude during the rest of the competition had been quite good. Basically, no one would think that she was someone who was not quite like other people.