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Chapter 533 - The Boastful Human-fox Hybrid

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 533: The Boastful Human-fox Hybrid

    “After so long, what you’re really saying is that your human-fox hybrid clan is good at creating illusions,” Yun Jiuge said. Seeing that A’sang still wanted to explain further, she reached out to stop him and said, “Actually, I also have a need for this ability. You don’t necessarily have to form the medical treatment team. Tell me, how many Golden Light awakened human-beast hybrids do you have now?”

    “I’m the only one at the moment,” A’sang replied. His expression became slightly nervous.

    During his time in Yun City, he had heard that the legendary Miss Yun had the ability to awaken the Golden Light of an entire tribe.

    If this was arranged in order of when a clan entered the city, there would be several tribes in front of their human-fox hybrid clan.

    Seeing that war was coming, he was afraid that the clan could not wait till then, so he came to promote himself.

    “Show me your ability,” Yun Jiuge said casually.

    “Okay,” A’sang answered and stood up. A look of determination flashed in his eyes.

    The future of the tribe was at stake, and he must not disappoint.

    A’sang exhaled gently, then closed his eyes and lightly waved his hands.

    A stream of Golden Light spread out, and the whole house rippled.

    Yun Jiuge blinked and found herself standing in the vast wilderness.

    Overhead, the sky was black, and beneath their feet, the ground was brown and dry. The wind was blowing with a bitter smell in the air. It felt very real.

    Not too far away, there was a bony sika deer looking for food in the dry grass. Catching sight of Yun Jiuge, it immediately panicked and fled, but fell to the ground and died shortly after.

    Although Yun Jiuge knew that this was an illusion, she still felt very sad. This was the true portrayal of the Secret Realm — full of death and despair.

    “This little fox’s ability is not bad. I want it,” Zi Shang’s voice suddenly sounded in Yun Jiuge’s ears. The rippling faded, and everything went back to its original state.

    A’sang stood in the middle of the hall, his fair forehead full of cold sweat. He looked at Zi Shang, who had suddenly appeared, in awe and fear.

    He had heard about a very powerful human-snake hybrid that was by Miss Yun’s side, but he had assumed that it was a brash warrior. He did not think it was someone so powerful that his illusion could be broken with just one sentence.

    A’sang’s original sense of self-satisfaction immediately vanished.

    “It’s not good to cut in line,” Yun Jiuge said and shook her head. If the human-fox hybrid clan really had the ability to heal, she didn’t mind bending the rules slightly. After all, that was a much-needed ability. But they were only good at creating illusions.

    “If the human-fox hybrid clan can create illusions, not only can it increase the speed of human-beast hybrids awakening, it can also increase the defensive ability of Yun City. We’ll be killing two birds with one stone,” Zi Shang said, eyes full of determination.

    “Okay!” Yun Jiuge said. She was defeated after seeing the look in his eyes. Turning to A’sang, she said, “Go back and make sure your clan rests well. Tomorrow, A’ze will bring you to the mountain behind to prepare for the awakening.”

    “Okay. Thank you, Miss Yun. Thank you, Lord Ye Zi,” A’sang said ecstatically. He pounded his chest and left.

    “If you’re so desperately in need of human-beast hybrids who can do treatment, you should ask Advisor Jun to help you select some,” Zi Shang said.

    “I’ve already asked him to pay attention, but what we have now are just human-wild boar hybrids, human-bear hybrids, human-ape hybrids…,” Yun Jiuge said. Counting the tribes who had recently arrived, she found a huge problem. She asked, “How come there are no human-leopard hybrids and Lizard-like therianthropes?”

    After she had returned from Gray Castle that day, she immediately asked the human-eagle hybrids to find the human-leopard hybrids and Lizard-like therianthropes with Xiao Hua and Da’er’s tokens. It was only logical that they should have reached Yun City.

    “You should ask Advisor Jun!” Zi Shang said as he asked A’ze to summon Advisor Jun immediately.

    Advisor Jun came over quickly, and after hearing Yun Jiuge’s question, he replied, “A’fei and A’ping departed five days ago. The tokens have been successfully given to the human-leopard hybrid clan and Lizard-like therianthropes. They even drew them a map and left them food. The human-leopard hybrid clan and Lizard-like therianthropes should be able to reach Yun City smoothly.”

    “If they haven’t arrived by now, they must have gotten into an accident. You must immediately send two human-eagle hybrids to find them and bring them safely to Yun City,” Yun Jiuge sternly ordered.

    She had tested before, and Xiao Hua was indeed able to absorb A’ze’s Golden Light. But it wasn’t enough to remove the Demon Qi.

    She had originally wanted to wait for the human-leopard hybrid clan and Lizard-like therianthropes to awaken their Golden Light, then donate their Golden Light to save Xiao Hua and Da’er.

    “Okay, I’ll immediately send A’fei and A’ping to find them. I’ll give you an answer tonight,” Advisor Jun said and immediately recorded down the matter on a little booklet.

    He had been very busy lately, too busy even for his photographic memory to handle. In the end, Yun Jiuge gave him a large pile of blank booklets and told him to write things down with a pen, or else he might use too much brainpower and end up collapsing.

    “You can leave now. By the way, shift the awakening of the human-wild boar hybrid clan to tomorrow afternoon. I’ll awaken the human-fox hybrid clan tomorrow morning,” Yun Jiuge instructed again.

    “The awakening of the human-fox hybrid clan should be ranked 15th. What’s so special about them that you want to help them first?” Advisor Jun asked while noting it down.

    “Ye Zi said that the ability of the human-fox hybrids to create illusions is very useful to him, and it can also increase the speed of the human-beast hybrids’ awakening. So I’m prioritizing them,” Yun Jiuge explained briefly. She continued on, “Go and see if any Golden Light awakened human-beast hybrids who’ve recently arrived in Yun City have the ability to heal. Prioritize them for awakening.”

    “I understand, but the recently joined Golden Light awakened human-beast hybrids are very secretive and unwilling to reveal their identities. After word about the human-fox hybrid clan spreads, they’ll probably change their minds,” Advisor Jun said, scribbling down more lines in his booklet.

    “Then help to spread the word about the human-fox hybrid clan,” Yun Jiuge said. She could understand why these Golden Light awakened human-beast hybrids would want to hide their identities.

    They were afraid of being treated as cannon fodder and were even more afraid of being used for research. In such a situation, A’sang daring to take the initiative to come forward was considerably bold.

    “I understand. I’ll go back now and ask Aunt Gaga to spread the word immediately,” Advisor Jun said. After he finished writing, he asked again, “Do you have any other instructions?”

    “I don’t have anything else, do you?” Yun Jiuge looked at Zi Shang and asked.

    “I’ll take care of the human-leopard hybrid clan and Lizard-like therianthropes matter personally. Ask A’fei and A’ping to find me later,” Zi Shang said in a low voice.

    “You’re going in person?” Yun Jiuge asked in surprise.

    While Yun City was being constructed, Zi Shang did not have enough sleep everyday. How could he still have the mood to manage this?

    “I suspect that they’ve been snatched by the people of Gray Castle,” Zi Shang said. He didn’t care about the life and death of these human-leopard hybrids and Lizard-like therianthropes. He only cared about the upcoming war.

    During this time, he had asked A’hui to take turns with four other human-eagle hybrids in monitoring Gray Castle.

    He didn’t know whether the human-eagle hybrids’ eyesight wasn’t good enough, or that the Gray Castle was too hidden, but the news that came back was always that Gray Castle didn’t have any movements, like a dead city.

    A’hui even wanted to sneak in to observe further, but as soon as he flew into the power boundary of Gray Castle, he was chased by demonic stone arrows and almost died.

    In this case, the disappearance of the human-leopard hybrid clan and Lizard-like therianthropes was an important clue.