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Chapter 268 - The Act of Hitting Someone Is Really Cool

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 268: The Act of Hitting Someone Is Really Cool

    Her first impression was that Su Cha did not like Mona.

    Upon hearing Mona speak, Su Cha looked straight at the mirror, her chin being lifted by the makeup artist, and said softly, "Thank you."

    She was polite and distant.

    Basically, if one were smart, one would be able to tell that she was being completely cold.

    Mona pursed her lips and smiled, but she did not say anything.

    The two makeup artists looked at each other meaningfully.

    Now that the competition had just begun, it seemed to them that these two contestants from the same division were on bad terms.

    However, Su Cha was still young and had just graduated from high school. The two makeup artists felt that she might just be too young to hide her emotions.

    But they also gossiped. Mona seemed to be a very warm and generous person who had a good relationship with many contestants. How could she have offended contestant Su?

    Of course, she would not ask even if she wanted to know the gossip.

    After Su Cha's makeup was done and she got up, Mona subconsciously glanced at her.

    Although she was reluctant to, she had to admit that anyone who looked at Su Cha at first glance would be stunned.

    Her bare face was duller than when she had makeup on. However, Su Cha's aura was strong enough to make people praise her for her natural beauty.

    The makeup was not heavy. The makeup artist had skillfully highlighted Su Cha's best features, especially her eyes. Her eyeliner was lightly drawn, her eyelashes were thick and long, and her eyes were bright. With a light blink of her eyes, her eye sockets would appear exquisite and deep.

    She was really a beauty blessed by the heavens. Moreover, she was pure and natural. Her every move was an ingrained quality that others could not imitate.

    In such a noisy environment, Su Cha's existence was like a small world. It was quiet and peaceful, and there was a glittering light that seemed to be able to make time fall in love with her. It was as if she was wearing a filter that made her perfect for the times. Meanwhile, others looked boring.

    Though it's true plastic surgery was popular nowadays, it was very noticeable when compared to Su Cha, who was clearly all natural.

    Even so, no one would directly say that in this competition, there were more or less a few contestants whose faces had gone under the knife.

    For people pursued only beauty.

    Mona clenched her fists as she looked at Su Cha.

    She was dressed in a European style, and her makeup had always been thick, so getting it done took longer.

    Su Cha stood up and left without saying anything to her.

    Even her movements were free and nimble.

    The makeup artist who had applied makeup on Su Cha just now couldn't help but sigh in admiration. "That girl is really beautiful. And she's not just beautiful, she's also very charming. She's young and rich, and her singing is also good. It's hard for the heavens not to make her popular this time."

    Mona maintained her smile as she listened to the makeup artist's praises.

    But only she knew how stiff her smile actually was.

    People feared comparisons the most. This comparison was the kind that was accidental but omnipresent.

    Su Cha glanced around the dressing room and found Le Anqi, who was still putting on makeup. She went over and saw that the girl was scrolling through her videos on her phone. Su Cha could not help but laugh. "How many times have you watched this video? Why are you still watching it?"


    Le Anqi was stunned. When she heard Su Cha's voice, she attempted to raise her head only to be patted by the makeup artist. She could only look up and say excitedly, "Aren't you still reminiscing? I didn't think so at first, but after I've watched the video, I realized that you are actually quite dashing."

    She was really good at hitting people!