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Chapter 337 - I’m Injured, not Handicapped!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 337: I’m Injured, not Handicapped!

    Jian Qi smiled at him and said, “I took it off of Instructor Tang!”

    Crocodile gave her a thumbs up. “You have the guts to take off Boss’s shirt. Bravo!”

    Lightning was curious. “What about your shirt?”

    Jian Qi smiled lovingly. “Instructor Tang took it off!”

    Lightning. “…”

    Crocodile. “…”

    That information was too much to handle. Their brains could not process it!

    “Big Sister Qi, what did you do to Boss?” Crocodile asked.

    Lightning complained out loud. “You look like a pervert.”

    Crocodile said, “Shut up. Don’t tell me you are not curious about what happened?”

    Jian Qi looked at them and smiled. “Don’t be. I did what I should have done.”

    “Big Sister Qi, are you serious?”

    They looked at Jian Qi, utterly shocked.

    Jian Qi laughed. She kept quiet and continued running.

    “I need to run back as fast as possible. My dear Instructor Tang must be anxiously waiting for me.”

    Both of them were speechless. They could not stop them from showing public affection.


    Tang Jinyu reported back to the person in charge before going to the infirmary.

    It was just a shallow wound from the bullet and nothing too serious. He should be fine after resting for a few days.

    Leng Yu waited for him outside the infirmary. “Boss, your wound.”

    “It’s no big deal, ” Tang Jinyu replied.

    “Anyways, how are you coping with those people?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Leng Yu knew he was asking about Lu Yao, Zhao Yu and the other new comrades.

    “Not bad. They were not injured, very cooperative as well. But they’ll have to train harder too.”

    Tang Jinyu nodded. “This would be considered a warm up before our first mission. It should also give them an idea of what a raining bullet looks like.”

    Someone appeared behind him following Crocodile.

    “Instructor Tang…” Jian Qi ran toward him.

    Before Tang Jinyu could dodge, Jian Qi was already holding his hand.

    “Is your hand okay?” Jian Qi asked as she rolled his sleeves upward!

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    “Does it hurt a lot?” Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu gently.

    Tang Jinyu frowned.

    He knew that she was up to no good!

    “Instructor Tang, please allow me to be your left hand,” Jian Qi said as she grabbed his hand and laced his hand with hers while gazing deeply into his eyes. “I’ll be your left hand from now onwards!”

    Crocodile was startled when he saw that scene. He should have run another ten kilometres with Lightning!

    Tang Jinyu looked at Jian Qi and replied coldly. “I’m injured, not handicapped!”

    “It’s okay. Just treat it as you’re a handicap now and you have me!” Jian Qi gently put down his hand and held his arm by his side. “Come, I’ll walk you back to your room to get some rest.”

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    Leng Yu smiled faintly. She was surprised to see Tang Jinyu being like that.

    Based on his personality, he would have either let go or flung the other person’s hand off.

    Crocodile was also looking at Tang Jinyu in a weird way.

    ‘Boss, are you really going to give in to Big Sister Qi’s powerful attack?’