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Chapter 354 - The Beast Awakens.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 354: The Beast Awakens.

    “Peng Peng ~”

    Just like a falling space capsule, Xiao Luo flew and crashed fiercely to the ground. As he passed by, the training ground was engulfed with yellow sand.

    By the main road, the crowd of spectators’ expressions changed one by one. This impact, this power, let alone flesh and blood, probably even an armored tank would turn to scrap.

    “Mr. Xiao Luo…”

    Ji Siying’s beautiful eyes were wide open, her muffled cry out aiming at Xiao Luo. She focused her unblinking gaze at Xiao Luo motionless form lying on the ground, her heart was beyond tense and she was full of worry. Although she knew that Xiao Luo was very strong and could withstand such a blow, she was still afraid that he got hurt.

    “Mie, you, stand up for me. Don’t tell me that you can’t!”

    King Kong’s burly body stood like a deity, covered in golden light. He was golden from head to toe, with a sense of explosiveness.

    Xiao Luo’s palm slapped the ground, and he slowly stood up from the ground. His blood began to boil and his eyes were pulsing red and hot. His body was filled with overwhelming rage. Frost was circling around with him being the center.

    He was full of wild emotions, cold and angry.

    “The beast in his body has awakened!”

    Ji Siying said to herself in a trembling voice. Although the usual Xiao Luo was unsmiling, didn’t have many words to say, and gave off a cold feeling, she was still infatuated with such a man! But when Xiao Luo released such maliciousness, even she felt fear.

    “You’ve awakened. What did you wake up to?”

    With fragrant wind, a lithe and graceful figure came dressed in black. Miss Venom looked on with a pair of seductive eyes, watching with great interest. Her light footsteps and fair complexion could make any man salivate for her.

    Ji Siying’s face suddenly changed. It was as if she felt an electric shock. Startled, she immediately covered her nose and backed five steps away as she looked at her.

    Other NSA fighters were also unable to remain calm and also removed themselves far away from Miss Venom. They were covered in goosebumps. In terms of the most feared figure, King Kong only came in second. Miss Venom stood at the top. She was extremely beyond poisonous. Anyone who touched her would have to take off a layer of skin. Even if one was only close to her, one would be affected by the poison. She was a beautiful woman but at the same time was also a monster making people turn pale at the sight of her!

    Miss Venom ignored the fear of the crowd and withdrew her eyes from the training ground. Turning to Ji Siying, her red lips parted, “I asked you, what has he awakened?”

    Ji Siying subconsciously shook her head and said, “No, I … I mean Mr. Mie is just angry … Angry.”


    Miss Venom frowned, then snorted softly and said disapprovingly, “Anyways, anger is better. With anger, the battle will get more interesting.”

    She simply walked to the front of a boulder beside the training ground for martial arts training and sat down. Two small green snakes crawled out of her wide cuffs. They coiled in her hands like jewelry. Then she looked at the training ground silently, looking forward to the start of the performance. She looked like a beautiful woman coming out of an ancient painting.

    However, when the bunch of NSA soldiers saw this, their scalp tingled, because the scientific name of the two small green snakes was Trimeresurus stejnegeri, a highly toxic snake. Once a person was bitten by it, that person would feel severe pain, and the injured area would rapidly swell into blood blisters, causing nausea, vomiting and dizziness throughout the body. If the antitoxin serum was not injected in time, the person would die.

    On the training ground, King Kong raised his lips in a smile. He was excited by the strength of his opponent. The feeling was very good.

    He looked at Xiao Luo and said, “Very well, let’s continue and fight till the sky turns dark!”

    Xiao Luo’s face was chillingly cold. His right hand stretched out and gave him a thumbs-up sign. King Kong thought it was an acknowledgement of his strength, but Xiao Luo’s hand turned 180 degrees and his thumb pointed directly to the ground.

    Hiss …

    The atmosphere in the training ground instantly plummeted, the NSA soldiers by the main road all gasped. This was contempt! Contempt for King Kong! It seemed that this was still far from over.

    Sure enough, King Kong’s eyelid twitched fiercely, and anger bursted from him.

    Xiao Luo moved at this moment, with a loud noise, his body suddenly and violently rushed forward. His feet fiercely stamped, and then with unparalleled wild aura, internal force burst out towards King Kong.

    Everyone gasped in both horror and hope. Such power, such intensity, this let them feel thrilled.

    Even the expression on Miss Venom’s face changed slightly, marveling at the strength shown by Xiao Luo.

    Lightning speed, fierce impact!

    Xiao Luo shook his right foot with unparalleled strength against King Kong’s neck.

    “Peng ~”

    A dull crash exploded and power swept the surroundings.

    Those watching felt shocked. Terrifying. Both Zhang Gu and Dong Fashuo Yu in the office building were stunned. They looked at the training ground that exploded, they even temporarily forgot to breathe.

    A little while later, the strong wind gradually dissipated and the yellow sand also stopped. Xiao Luo’s foot was still on King Kong’s neck. King Kong’s body was straight, but at his feet, there was a big pit as deep as one meter. However King Kong stood unscathed.

    “Good boy, not bad, really not bad ah, ha, ha, ha …”

    King Kong’s eyes were red and his hands gripped Xiao Luo’s leg that was on his neck. He was hoarse, furious and hysterical. He smiled and turned twice in situ, and finally flung Xiao Luo out with all his strength.

    Xiao Luo’s body flew and hit the 2-3-meter high wall used for climbing in the training ground. The seemingly solid wall was broken and collapsed like paper, making him continue to fall and fly out 3-4 meters on the ground before finally lying on the ground along with the broken bricks.

    The NSA soldiers were numb and dumbfounded. They could not imagine what it would be like to bear the blow.

    Was this the battle between S Rank Soldiers?

    Everyone’s mood was complicated. Excited? Panic? Shock? It may be all. By this time, regardless of the outcome of the battle, Xiao Luo would be recognized and respected by them.

    Miss Venom straighthen up, her seductive eyes swept to the distant Xiao Luo. Not many people can withstand King Kong’s blow. Although she came to watch, she won’t allow the battle to go too far.