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Chapter 355 - Dragon Conquering 18 Palms.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 355: Dragon Conquering 18 Palms.


    The bricks covering Xiao Luo flew out along with the sand, Xiao Luo stood up. His clothes were completely tattered, but his rage was evidently stronger. He walked step by step, until he was ten meters away from King Kong before stopping. He then sat cross-legged, casting Yi Jinjing to heal his internal injuries.

    “We can’t let them continue any more. Send guards to stop them!”

    In the office building, Dong Fangshuo Yu felt the situation was not good. These were two S Rank soldiers. They could compete in martial arts, but it must not evolve into a life-and-death battle. In that case, NSA’s losses would be huge.

    Zhang Gu also frowned, but didn’t order for it to stop.

    Dong Fangshuo Yu was worried and shouted, “Old Gu, what are you still thinking about? Mr. Mie has proven his strength. If they continue to fight, we will lose both of them. Do you want to see two NSA S Rank soldiers become disabled?”

    Zhang Gu clenched his teeth, but

    he ultimately relaxed and sighed, “All right, call the guards to intervene …”

    “Wait a minute!”

    At this time, an old dry voice sounded.

    After getting a clear look at the bearer of the voice, Zhang Gu and Dong Fangshuo Yu’s expressions changed. Then they quietly began to show respect to the other side, just like subordinates facing their superior. They kept their bodies erect and straight.



    On the training ground, Xiao Luo, who had been sitting cross-legged, looked obviously better. He stood up, and his eyes were filled with a strong fighting spirit. He swept towards King Kong, and said lightly, “Come again!”

    King Kong was surprised by Xiao Luo’s fast recovery rate, but this was a happy thing for him as he had not met a decent opponent in such a long time now. This solved his thirst for battle.

    He moved his neck from side to side, “OK, continue.”

    Xiao Luo bluntly rushed up and after five or six meters, he fiercely leaped into the sky. He held his right fist and drew a fierce arc.

    Xiao Luo, like a hungry wolf, became ferocious and with a loud roar rolling in his throat. The onlookers held their breath as they looked at the descending fist that made the air vibrate.

    “Peng ~”

    A scalp-numbing crash exploded and two punches collided with each other. The fierce strength swept around like a storm.

    The two men’s bodies shook as if they had been hit violently and were tossed aside. But before landing, they both abruptly turned their center of gravity and landed on their four limbs, like powerful springs, releasing terrible force.

    The onlookers only felt chilling air on their backs to the soles of their feet, then their whole body became cold. If not seen, no one would dare to believe that those two were human.


    Ji Siying swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Her face was full of shock. Although she has long been psychologically prepared that Xiao Luo was very strong, she did not expect for his level to be at this extent. He fought head on with King Kong and he was unscathed.

    “Not bad, and this guy is also quite handsome.”

    Miss Venom was inexperienced and pouted like a little girl as she murmured. The corners of her mouth then outlined a charming smile.

    Like four-legged beasts, Xiao Luo and King Kong, raised their heads. Their eyes full of blood and fighting spirit locked each other. The air in the training ground was solidified by their aura.

    “Ding, congratulations to the host for acquiring Dragon Conquering 18 Palms. 150,000 points deducted!”

    In Xiao Luo’s mind, the tone of the system sounded without any emotion. At the same time, a brief introduction was announced in the form of a light curtain: One of the most powerful martial arts in the world. It is indestructible, rigid and flexible at will. Usage requires internal force, effect gets stronger…

    Xiao Luo’s bones crackled, and all the ins and outs of the Dragon Conquering 18 Palms absorbed within himself from thin air. He was familiar with it as if he was its creator.

    “Come again, I want to have a good fight today!”

    With hysterical excitement, King Kong burst into flames like a rocket, carrying a mountain-high tsunami of horror as power came crashing forward. The scene was visually shocking.

    The distance of more than 10 meters was crossed in a blink of an eye!

    “You’ll have the honors to test its power!”

    Xiao Luo stood up with his right arm bent inside. His right palm then drew a circle, he shouted loudly.


    Accompanied by a deafening roar of a dragon, an overwhelming force surged through the training ground. The vast force was surging like a raging sea, the mighty palm-force was flowing like the Yangtze River. Such power came rushing towards King Kong.

    King Kong’s face changed color. This palm-force was definitely not what even his indestructible body could withstand, but it was unavoidable and he had to grind his teeth and try to beat it.


    The palm-force’s impact in the form of a storm, like a tornado parallel to the ground, with a terrible power that tears everything apart.

    The strong wind messed up Xiao Luo’s hair, but his body was firmly nailed there like an unmoving mountain. At this moment, his figure gave a feeling of lofty greatness.

    “Ah ~”

    Facing the palm-force, King Kong finally couldn’t resist. He let out a scream of pain as the palm-force mercilessly threw him out like a broken kite. He finally fell to the ground 30 meters away. His pants were ripped and only a pair of underpants were keeping him clothed. It was exactly like ‘Shaolin Soccer”, where the devil (enemy) team members suffered the impact of the last goal.

    People got flustered. But no one laughed at it, no one felt ashamed of it. Everyone present, including Miss Venom, was shocked while looking at the surging power at the training ground that was gradually stopping.

    Just now … what was that move? Why was there the sound of a dragon’s roar?

    The crowd opened their eyes wide and did not dare to believe what they had just seen. It was definitely a scene that could only be seen in martial arts TV dramas. This wasn’t staged! How could this not make people feel shocked?

    “Dragon Conquering 18 Palms?”

    With his mouth overflowing with blood, King Kong struggled to stand up. He looked at Xiao Luo as if he was a monster. His immortality was broken, but he did not care, he just stared at Xiao Luo, “You… How were you able to use ‘Dragon Conquering 18 Palms’?!”