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Chapter 349 - What Are You Doing Here?!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 349: What Are You Doing Here?!

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    This house belonged to both of them…

    Ning Meng clenched her fists tightly, the perseverance in her eyes shattered for the first time. She recalled him insisting that she had to go back to the villa to stay with him that very morning just before she had left Yuxiu Garden… They had started to stay together now, was the three hundred square feet apartment of Yuxiu Garden not big enough for the two of them?

    She had also thought about how Huo Beichen had given up staying at his gigantic mansion and would rather stay at this small villa which did not live up to his wealthy reputation. For the first time in her life, Ning Meng felt that her feelings were not steady, and she no longer wanted to listen to Ning Ke. Closing her eyes halfway, she was just about to punch the passcode in, but Ning Ke beat her to it and made the first move to key in the passcode, entering the villa ahead of her.

    As soon as she stepped into the villa, she shouted out, “Xiao Tiantian!”

    Xiao Tiantian who was ferocious to anyone who came near it bolted over from the garden. When it saw Ning Ke, although its face showed dissatisfaction and arrogance, it gathered around her legs and licked her, circling her a few times.

    Ning Ke looked at Ning Meng again. “Xiao Tiantian would never let anyone near him. Do you want to know why? Because we both raised him together.”

    After she had said this, she laughed. “My marks are all over this villa. Are you sure that you don’t mind?”

    She minded!!!

    She felt as though an invisible huge hand had just grabbed onto her heart out of nowhere. She minded! She minded very much!

    Ning Ke looked around her surroundings and went to look for a glass, acting as though she was familiar with the place. After she had filled her glass, she sat on the sofa as if she was the lady owner of the house and drank some of the water. Putting the glass onto the coffee table, she said, “Now that I’m back, you, as the replacement, can leave.”

    Ning Meng was still frozen at the door. She looked at the house where she had stayed at for more than a month and for the first time, she felt completely out of place. She felt like a stranger. This thought made Ning Meng finally retreat and stagger off, leaving the place.

    Indeed. She was a stranger.

    Huo Beichen and his ex-girlfriend had a lot of secrets between them, yet, she had never understood Huo Beichen. Ning Meng then drove back to Yuxiu Garden. When she walked into her apartment, she found that most of her things had already been moved. As there was a complete set of furniture at the villa, the furniture at Yuxiu Garden had not been touched. Only her clothes and her daily necessities had all been moved, but Ning Meng did not mind all that and went straight into her bedroom.

    Last night was intense and steaming hot, but now, she only felt fatigue engulfing her whole body. Ning Meng lay down and slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.


    Initially, Huo Beichen had not planned to go to his company, hence, he had canceled an important meeting that was set for that afternoon. However, since his lady had gone out, he had nothing else to do at home and so he would rather go back to his company. When the meeting had ended, it was already half-past four.

    The moving of her things should be about done by now, thus, he immediately asked for his driver to send him to the villa. Upon arriving, he was surprised that he still did not see her car, and so, he took his phone to check for any WeChat messages. She had not sent him any texts. This was… a bit heartless. They had just had a steamy night, but now, he had been thrown to the back of her mind.

    When he thought about this, Huo Beichen sighed. He held the groceries he had just bought from the supermarket and punched in the passcode. He had thought to cook her a nice meal to commemorate their first consummation. As he entered and changed his shoes at the entrance, he lifted his head and saw Ning Ke sat on the sofa.

    Huo Beichen’s face immediately grew dim. “What are you doing here?!”