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Chapter 312 - Stingy

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 312: Stingy

    “Haha…” Yannie was the first to laugh while covering her mouth.

    “No!” Lu Xingzhi rejected right off the bat. He knew that Jiang Yao could not hold her drink, that was why he specifically told her to drink less. To his surprise, she became drunk when he was not paying attention!

    It turned out that she thought that what he gave her was fruit juice, and it tasted nice, so that was why she drank to her heart’s content?

    So, his advice to her went unheeded?

    She was drunk but she did not forget to flirt with him and bite his earlobe, besides asking him for his permission to bring some cherry wine back to Nanjiang City?

    “You’re so stingy!” Jiang Yao pouted unhappily and stood there, refusing to leave. Probably because she was very drunk, she felt that the whole world was spinning around her. She lifted her arm and rubbed her eyes before blinking her eyes with all her might.

    After drinking, she had rosy cheeks, eyes like the crescent moon which were blinking non-stop. She looked at the people around her defenselessly with her little cherry-like lips that were slightly pursed. Suddenly, her lips were moving, but no one knew what she was mumbling about.

    She must have been scolding him about him being stingy.

    “Ahh! Jiang Yao is really cute!” Weiqi grinned and laughed. “Xingzhi, just promise Jiang Yao. Prepare some at home for Jiang Yao to drink from time to time.”

    Weiqi thought that in the future, if he had a wife who was so interesting after getting drunk, he would certainly let her wife drink up every two or three days so that he could relieve his boredom.

    Xuyao could not even stop his laughter after witnessing the scene. Jiang Yao’s reaction when she was drunk was the most amusing one that he had ever seen.

    Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao silently. He knew that she must be drunk, or else she would not be that coquettish.

    If they were not outside right now, he would have pinned her down on the bed and have her!

    “Jiang Yao! Xingzhi refuses to buy for you because he’s stingy and he’s a cheapskate! I will buy it for you! No matter how much you want, I will send them to you!” Xuyao thought that it was not too much to join in on the fun. After he promised her, he asked cheekily, “Jiang Yao, I’m more generous than Xingzhi, right?”

    Jiang Yao nodded and replied with a hum.

    This time, Lu Xingzhi was really a little heartbroken. How could she be so ungrateful? His money was all in her hands, but she still called him stingy?

    After she has sobered up, he really needed to get even with her for this.

    “Then, Jiang Yao, who is more handsome between Xingzhi and I?” Xuyao’s tone was especially gentle, it seemed as if he was coaxing a three-year-old kid.

    Jiang Yao yawned. She glanced at Xuyao and turned her gaze back to the man beside her. After some thought, she blurted, “Xingzhi is more handsome than you.”

    After saying so, she leaned onto Lu Xingzhi’s shoulder and acted as if the woman who called him stingy was not her. She turned around and hugged him like an invertebrate.

    Lu Xingzhi’s eyebrows quivered. He mockingly glanced at Xuyao, who had a glum look on his face, and kicked Xuyao’s instep. “Don’t frighten Jiang Yao with your ugly looks.”

    Xuyao had a defeated look on his face before turning away quickly, acting cool. Lu Xingzhi was not bothered about him and his arms were tightly secured around Jiang Yao.

    “I am bringing Jiang Yao back to the room, you guys go on ahead,” Lu Xingzhi said.

    “Don’t!” Xuyao turned around. “We rarely meet up like this, do you really want to abandon us and accompany Jiang Yao? Xingzhi, don’t be all ‘gals before pals’! I mean, putting us aside, what about Haoyu! How many times can Haoyu come back in a year? Oh, no, it’s once in a few years! The few of us can still go overseas and reunite with Haoyu occasionally, but a homebody like you can’t go abroad. Just think about it, how long has it been since you last saw Haoyu?”