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Chapter 315 - Yaoyao

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 315: Yaoyao

    Putting a nineteen-year-old woman aside, even a nine-year-old girl would not be that coquettish and cute.

    “Do you want to go back and sleep?” Lu Xingzhi lifted his arm and pushed Weiqi’s hand away while he was teasing his wife. He then pulled her petite body that had fallen slightly aside back into his arms and asked her gently.

    The woman in his arms thought for a few seconds and nodded obtusely. She responded, “Alright, he’s too noisy, like a cicada!”

    “…” Weiqi was hurt to the max and needed first aid.

    “I’ll bring her back to get some rest, you guys carry on. Let’s have lunch tomorrow at noon. I will be going back to Jin City with her tomorrow afternoon.” Lu Xingzhi was not prepared to take his wife out to be everyone’s little toy, he then carried her in his arms before walking out.

    The woman who felt shy very easily when she was sober no longer knew how to be shy after she was drunk.

    While being carried by Lu Xingzhi in his arms, she even giggled along her way out of the room.

    After seeing the couple off, everyone in the private room was enraptured by the scene.

    “Xingzhi’s wife is quite interesting.” Gu Haoyu smiled gently. When he was talking, he even lifted his hand to adjust his spectacles on the bridge of his nose. He added, “Just like Ruoran when she was young.”

    Unsurprisingly, the happiness in Liang Yueze’s eyes suddenly faded.

    “Haoyu, Xingzhi and I are already married, what about you? You’re no longer young, it’s time for you to settle down, right? Don’t wait until me and Ruoran’s kids can call you their uncle and still be single.” Liang Yueze looked at Luo Ruoran who was playing ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ with Weiqi and Xuyao. He curved up the corners of his lips. “Ruoran said that she wants three children so that they can play Mahjong with my mother. After some thinking, it should take around five years to accomplish our goal.”

    “Yueze, Ruoran said that she wants a whole platoon of children!” Weiqi yelled at the top of his lungs.

    Gu Haoyu swirled the wine in his wine glass. He did not respond to Liang Yueze’s words as he clearly knew what Yueze meant.

    Fact of the matter was, the girl whom he grew up with and whom he treasured eventually became his buddy’s wife, his ‘Sister-in-Law’.

    Lu Xingzhi stayed in a room on the twelfth floor. After he exited the eighth floor, he went straight up by an elevator.

    He had other houses in Jindo City but as he seldom lived there, the house did not have any furniture. Therefore, when he came to Jindo City, he would usually choose to live in a hotel as it was more convenient.

    He took his room card and opened the door. After he put the woman on the bed, he turned back to lock the door. As he turned around again, the woman rushed into his arms and all he heard was her giggle.

    She kicked away her high heels and stepped onto the white tiles with her bare feet. The skin on her little feet was more beautiful than the color of the tiles.

    “Buy me some fruit juice, will you?”

    She tip-toed and put her arms around his neck. She was still yearning for the delicious fruit juice and even until now, she was still begging him coquettishly.

    After hearing her gentle and sweet voice the whole night, he still was not tired of it.

    Finally, Lu Xingzhi could not resist. He nodded and agreed.

    The little woman who got his permission hugged and kissed him gleefully. She then ran back to the bed on her pointy toes and lay on it.

    Lu Xingzhi pulled his tie away and threw it on the sofa. He took off his coat and lay on the bed by mimicking her posture. Looking at her messy hair on her head, he was reaching out his hands, wanting to tie it up when she suddenly turned around and their eyes met.

    Looking at her entrancing eyes, Lu Xingzhi could not help but test the waters and call out, “Yaoyao.”

    That was the nickname her family gave her since she was young. That name was always on the tip of his tongue, however, it was the first time he had called her by that name.