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Chapter 269 - Top 50 (1)

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 269: Top 50 (1)

    Su Cha: “It’s wrong to hit people.”

    Le Anqi: “…”

    The makeup artist: “…”

    Le Anqi recalled the scene of Su Cha taking control of the gang with a stick. Looking at Su Cha’s stern expression, she was silent for a while. “Su Cha, are you serious?”

    Su Cha: “Of course I’m serious.”

    She chuckled. “Who did I do it for?”

    Le Anqi felt a little embarrassed when she thought of the reason why Su Cha had hit that person. “It’s my fault…”

    There were both good and bad things that resulted from this matter. Unexpectedly, Su Cha had become popular online after being filmed, but there were also many bad speculations that arose. For example, many people thought that Su Cha was trying to create hype.

    Although Le Anqi knew that it was not true, no one would believe her.

    Actually, she was a little angry. Was Su Cha someone who needed to create hype?

    With the show’s broadcast, her popularity would not be paltry. Moreover, Su Cha was the champion of the college entrance examination, and she sang well…

    As she thought about it, Le Anqi smacked her lips. She felt that Su Cha alone would put a lot of pressure on other contestants.

    After all, not many people could pass the national college entrance examination while participating in this competition.

    “Is everyone ready? The competition is about to begin!”

    A staff member came in to greet the contestants. The contestants whose makeup was done did not feel too stressed.

    According to the order of the stage, Su Cha’s competition would be held in the afternoon. But when other contestants performed, they had to watch from below the stage.

    At this time, music started playing on the stage. Su Cha looked at the time. It was nine o’clock in the morning.

    Ever since they arrived at the competition venue, they had been backstage the whole time. The situation in front of them was not visible.

    “My guitar, quickly get my guitar…”

    “I can’t sing the lyrics well, it’s so annoying!”

    “You always forget your words…”


    The backstage was in a hurry. Many contestants were nervous and uneasy.

    Although they had participated in several competitions, this one was a national competition after all. They were facing experts from the various divisions. Many of them were very nervous, including Le Anqi.

    After the competition began, the contestants started to enter one after another. Le Anqi was separated from Su Cha due to the difference in the sequence.

    She was nervous at first, but now that Su Cha was about to be separated from her, she was crying.

    Su Cha pinched her palm. “Don’t be nervous, just do your best.”

    Although the consolation did not seem to work, Su Cha’s words were very calm and comforting. Le Anqi felt slightly relieved after hearing it.

    After they took their seats, the competition officially began.

    They were sitting in the competition area. The audience was standing next to them and opposite them. The entire venue was relatively large. There were about a few thousand people present. The scene was quite shocking.

    Every contestant tried their best to show their best side to the audience. At least they had to smile naturally and be graceful.

    Su Cha was not doing it on purpose, but even if she was just sitting among the contestants, she was already eye-catching.

    When the audience looked over, they could see Su Cha at once.

    Still, there was a difference between the actual scene and what’s shown through the camera. Su Cha appeared magnanimous in the camera, but on stage, Su Cha’s aura of alienation was even more obvious. It felt like she was too noble to get close to.