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Chapter 350 - This Is Ning Ke?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 350: This Is Ning Ke?

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    Ning Ke was patting Xiao Tiantian’s head. She then stood up, her voice filled with curiosity. “Why can’t I be here?”

    For some odd reason, Huo Beichen felt panicked. Had Meng Meng bumped into her? What did this crazy woman say to Meng Meng? Putting down the supermarket items, he took out his phone to call Ning Meng.

    Just as his line connected, Ning Ke said, “I want to eat pickled fish fillet.”

    Huo Beichen could only tell her, “Get out.”

    Ning Ke threw a tantrum and sat firmly on the sofa. “I’m not leaving. No way. This time, I’m not leaving.”

    After saying this, she glared at the coffee table and put on an innocent face. “Brother Chen, why won’t you give me a chance?”

    When Huo Beichen heard this, his eyes turned colder. Ning Meng had not picked up his call, causing him to get a bad feeling about this and he felt more restless by the minute. Throwing an annoyed look at Ning Ke, he sent Su Ye a voice note: “Come here and drag her away!”

    He did not say who she was, but Su Ye did not question him either. He answered instantly: [Sure, will be there in ten minutes.]

    After Huo Beichen saw his reply, he sent Ning Meng a WeChat text: [Where are you?]

    [Are you done playing?]

    [Meng Meng?]

    Ning Meng rarely ignored her phone calls. Seeing as this was the case, his reaction was quick, and he looked at Ning Ke. “What did you say to her?!”

    Ning Ke chuckled. “I only told her that my birthday was on 1102.”

    Huo Beichen finally understood the situation. Picking up his groceries, he went straight out. Before he stepped out of the house, Ning Ke asked, “Have you fallen in love with her?”

    His only response was the sound of the closing door.

    Ning Ke sat on the sofa and glared at the door. After she had come to her senses, she aggressively threw the glass of water in her hand onto the ground. By the time Su Ye had rushed over, Ning Ke’s eyes were bloodshot from her crying. Su Ye sighed. “Do you need to do this?”

    “Why!” Ning Ke’s pretense was completely gone. Her face was inharmonious and was plastered with hatred. “If all he wants is to find someone to spend the rest of his life with, that person should be me! After all, I look the most like her, don’t I?!”

    Su Ye stood there staring at her. He sighed after a while and asked her yet again. “Do you really need to do this?”

    Ning Ke closed her eyes halfway, her eyes filled with complicated feelings and bottomless despair. “Su Ye, I’ve liked him for so many years. Can you help me, please? He can only like me out of all people!”

    Su Ye fell silent.


    Huo Beichen speeded toward Yuxiu Garden. On the way there, he sent Qi Shan a voice note: “Send me a digital copy of Ning Ke’s identification documents.”

    “Yes sir.”

    When Ning Ke’s identification details had been sent over, Huo Beichen had just reached Yuxiu Garden. He saw Ning Meng’s car parked downstairs and breathed a sigh of relief, quickly heading upstairs and making his way into the apartment.

    It was his fault. He had always been vague about his ex-girlfriend and had caused misunderstandings with Ning Meng. Since this was the case, he had to explain it clearly to her today. Ning Meng was in a deep sleep, her body as cold as an icy mountain for one moment, and as hot as a volcano the next. She was not feeling well but woke up due to someone shaking her.

    Groggily opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was a phone display.

    “Meng Meng, look clearly at this. This is Ning Ke’s identification details.”

    Ning Meng’s eyes slowly adjusted. She looked closely at the phone display and was completely stunned.

    “This… is Ning Ke?”