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Chapter 535 - If You Can’t Do It, Scram

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 535: If You Can’t Do It, Scram

    A’ze went to the human-fox hybrid clan territory with lightning speed and brought A’sang over.

    A’sang wasn’t too nervous, as if he had already expected this to happen.

    There was no such thing as a free lunch, and he knew that this test would not be easy.

    But when he walked into the treatment room and saw the human-wolf hybrid standing there, he had a shocked expression on his face.

    “Do you know him?” Yun Jiuge asked, immediately catching sight of A’sang’s expression.

    “Hmm, his name is A’te. He’s the leader of the human-wolf hybrid clan,” A’sang said and nodded, his face calm again.

    “It’s great that you know him. If you can help this human-wolf hybrid awaken, your clan can start on the awakening plan tomorrow. If not, your human-fox hybrid clan will have to leave Yun City,” Zi Shang said indifferently.

    “I’ll try my best,” A’sang answered, nodding hard. He looked directly in the eyes of the human-wolf hybrid and shouted in a panicky voice, “Oh no, A’te! Liliya is injured. Quickly come and save her…”

    Hearing this, Yun Jiuge couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. It seemed that A’sang and A’te not only knew each other but were also on familiar terms.

    When A’te heard A’sang’s voice, there was a painful expression on his face, and the Golden Light on his body swelled.

    “A’te, Liliya is gone. You can only save her by awakening the Golden Light. Wake up, hurry…,” said A’sang, whose voice became more and more urgent. The Golden Light at his fingers moved slightly, and the illusion immediately enveloped A’te’s entire body.

    “Li! Li! Ya!” A’te forced out these three syllables and the Golden Light on his body exploded violently. His arms turned into huge claws, which swung towards A’sang.

    Yun Jiuge moved quickly and immediately pulled A’sang aside.

    A’te’s hand fell on the ground, smashing a large hole in it.

    He turned and wanted to attack Yun Jiuge, but Zi Shang slapped him on his chest, and he spit out a mouthful of gray blood.

    “Thank you Miss Yun,” A’sang said. Looking at A’te on the ground, he exhaled deeply.

    “Are you close to him?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “Well, our tribes are very close. As a child, A’te often played together with us,” A’sang replied. There was a look of longing on his handsome face.

    “Who is Liliya?” Yun Jiuge asked again.

    “She is A’te’s younger sister and my fiancee,” A’sang said with a sad expression.

    “Then where is she now?” Yun Jiuge asked. She hadn’t expected that A’sang and the human-wolf hybrid clan had such a relationship.

    “I don’t know,” A’sang said with a confused expression on his face. “The Black Rain came again about a year ago. The tribes of the human-wolf hybrid clan were flooded in their low-lying lands. After their clan left, I didn’t know where they went.

    I’ve been inquiring about their whereabouts, but I never found them. It was only recently that I heard that the human-wolf hybrid clan had been infected by Demon Qi and turned into puppets.”

    “Miss Yun, since you’re willing to help A’te to awaken, please help save the human-wolf hybrid clan!” A’sang pleaded.

    “I awakened A’te because there’s a task that needs to use his abilities. The human-wolf hybrid clan did a lot of bad things when they were under the control of Demon Qi. If he wants to save his clan members, he must redeem himself first,” Yun Jiuge said. Only one human-wolf hybrid was needed, and she did not intend to waste time awakening other human-wolf hybrids.

    “A’te is a very responsible Clan Leader. He didn’t intend to do those things in the past. As long as you give him a chance, he’ll work hard to redeem himself,” A’sang quickly put in a good word for his friend.

    “Just because you claim that he’ll work hard, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the case,” Yun Jiuge replied. Meanwhile, Zi Shang had already woken up A’te.

    “Where am I? What happened?” A’te shook his head vigorously and asked, his eyes full of confusion.

    When he saw A’sang, there was a look of surprise on his face. He asked, “A’sang, why are you here? Hasn’t your tribe gone to the other side of the grassland?”

    “A’te, that happened a long time ago. Where’s Liliya now?” A’sang quickly asked.

    “Liliya, Liliya…,” A’te said and frowned in pain. Then a fierce look came over his face. He gritted his teeth and said, “Damn the Divine Envoy. She lied to us. I’ll kill her…”

    He rushed out of the door.

    “Wait. Make yourself clear. How did the Divine Envoy lie to you?” Yun Jiuge said, blocking A’te’s way.

    “Who are you?” A’te asked, looking at Yun Jiuge suspiciously. He suddenly became frantic, and his arms turned into huge claws again, swiping towards Yun Jiuge.

    “A’te, calm down. She’s the benefactor who saved your life,” A’sang said and hurried forward to hold A’te’s arm.

    “No, she must have been sent by the Divine Envoy. These people from the human race who’ve come from the outside aren’t up to any good. They destroyed our home. I’m going to kill her,” A’te shouted madly.

    “A’sang, enlighten him first and tell him what’s going on before coming to find me,” Yun Jiuge said coldly.

    She pretended as if she still had a lot of work to do and had no interest in seeing a crazy human-beast hybrid.

    “Don’t worry Miss Yun, I’ll definitely enlighten him,” A’sang said, forcefully dragging A’te and even tightly wrapping around his tail.

    Yun Jiuge brought Zi Shang out of the treatment room icily.

    As soon as the door closed, she secretly leaned against the wall to eavesdrop on the conversation inside.

    Zi Shang was speechless and wanted to say something, but stopped once he saw Yun Jiuge’s gaze. He sat beside her and eavesdropped together.

    In the treatment room, A’sang’s clear voice sounded, explaining the situation of the human-wolf hybrid clan, the origins of Yun Jiuge, and the current situation of Yun City.

    “Are you sure she’s really here to help us?” A’te said, gradually becoming calmer.

    “I’m not sure, but without her we would have starved to death long ago. No matter what she wants to use us for, as long as our clan members can survive, we can only follow along,” A’sang said helplessly.

    The situation in the Secret Realm was so bad that they had no other choice.

    “You’re right. As long as our clan members can live, I’ll do anything,” A’te said and clenched his arms.

    He could feel a surge of power in his body.

    Not only did he get out of his muddled state, he had also become stronger.

    Based on this alone, Miss Yun was already much better than the Divine Envoy who was all talk but no action.

    “A’te, what happened to the human-wolf hybrid clan after the Black Rain? What’s going on with the Divine Envoy?” A’sang asked.

    “The Divine Envoy is a big liar,” A’te gritted his teeth and told him the ins and outs of the matter.

    The Black Rain had arrived too suddenly. After their tribe was submerged, they moved to higher grounds.

    On the journey, Liliya became seriously injured while protecting a playful child in the clan. Her life was in danger as it was full of death energy.

    Just then, their tribe met a woman and three men who had come in from the outside world.

    The woman claimed to be a Divine Envoy and said that there was a way to get rid of the damage caused by the Black Rain to Liliya.

    At that time, he was already in a mess, so he had no choice but to ask the Divine Envoy for help.