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Chapter 339 - Big Sister Qi, You’re Messing Around Again!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 339: Big Sister Qi, You’re Messing Around Again!

    Unlike Jian Qi when she was awake, she was way more docile when she was sleeping.

    She was almost in deep sleep at this point and she rolled herself into a ball as she slept.

    On the psychological point of view, that position meant that she was extremely insecure.

    Leng Yu frowned.

    Jian Qi was like a sunflower, always keeping the brightest side of her upfront, a very mighty and strong person through her eyes.

    However, such a behaviour was rather surprising.

    Jian Qi was extremely tired tonight. She was so deep asleep that she did not even realize that someone was watching her.

    After a night’s rest, Jian Qi woke up the next day following her biological clock. She then looked at Leng Yu who was already changing and smiled at her. “Hey Big Sister, I forgot to talk to you last night.”

    Leng Yu looked at her and tried not to be too cold. “It’s fine. Just call me Leng Yu.”

    Jian Qi calmly said, “Leng Yu…”

    Leng Yu smiled faintly at her. “Mm.”

    Jian Qi was not too bothered by the form of addressing someone.

    When the both of them stepped out of their room, they realized that the other people from the other two rooms were all gathering outside already.

    All of them went in line and started their warm up exercise which was a five-kilometre marathon. Outside, it was still snowing and their vision was limited.

    Even though it was a tough training, everyone treated it as if it was normal.

    “All of you will be divided into three groups for today’s training. This will train your cooperation with one another,” Tang Jinyu said. He then put them into groups.

    Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu excitedly but she was ignored by him again. She was upset.

    Leng Yu glanced at her and then she turned toward Tang Jinyu and said, “Boss, why don’t we pick lots to decide this time round?”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her and frowned.

    He did not expect Leng Yu to say such a thing but he nodded.

    Crocodile murmured cautiously. “Big Sister Qi found a godly assistant this time!”

    Lightning heard him and agreed with him. “I’m just curious how Big Sister Qi bribed Leng Yu.”

    Jian Qi was standing in front of Crocodile and she could hear the two men behind her talking. She smirked dangerously.

    Tang Jinyu randomly threw thirteen pieces of paper into a box.

    He then asked everyone to pick one. Those that got the same number would be in the same group!

    Everyone went over but Jian Qi walked beside Lightning and said, “Remember what you said last time? Later, just watch me and do as I say!”

    After that, Jian Qi told Lu Yao, Old Man Qiu and the other three veterans the same thing.

    All five men looked at Jian Qi, utterly confused.

    Lightning was slightly terrified. “Big Sister Qi, are you serious?”

    Jian Qi replied, “Yes. Since when am I not?”

    The five men. “…”

    ‘Since when is she serious?’

    “Big Sister Qi, you’re messing around again! Shouldn’t we do this some other time? Boss would kill us.”

    “I told all of you not to simply give your word to a girl. Since you guys have promised, then it should be fulfilled. If not, you guys are no better than scum!” Jian Qi smiled at them cunningly.

    The five of them were speechless. When did they become the bad guys?

    Did she have to be so cruel?