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Chapter 260.2 - Am I the Man You Love the Mos

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 260.2: Am I the Man You Love the Most

    Although the little creature was not a high grade spirit pet, who was not even capable of human speech, Qing Luo Yan still loved it very much, doting on the animal like a treasure every single day.

    One time, when she brought the Dark Snow Hare out for a stroll, the little creature in her arms suddenly arched its back up several times, before it shot itself away into the distance.

    Qing Luo Yan was stunned for a moment, and then quickly followed the animal.

    People from other powers had come to visit for a few days and if the little creature were to bump into them, it would surely suffer under their hands.

    But when she came to catch up with it, her body suddenly stood frozen stiff in her spot.

    It was right in the middle of winter then and snow had fallen everywhere, the ground covered in silvery white. The person was clad in pristine white clothes, almost melding as one against the unspoiled snow.

    In his hand, he held a tiny ball of black fur, his head lowered as he played with it. The little creature looked as if its acupoint had been struck, obediently remaining in place and not moving in the slightest, allowing the man to ruffle its tiny head as he liked.

    Qing Luo Yan was enraged to see that and could not help but say in a rather displeased tone: “Hey, that rabbit is mine!”

    The man was suddenly taken aback as he slowly raised his head up.

    That stunning countenance was then revealed before her once again.

    The man’s lips were curved up with a faint smile, his fair complexion striking against his white clothes and head of jet black hair, smooth like the finest jade, a young master with unmatchable good looks.

    That was the person when he was younger, the time when he mesmerized and captivated that young woman.

    He smiled gently at her, and then returned the little creature in his hands back to her.

    “So it is actually the young miss’ beloved pet. I was wondering what kind of amazing person it must be to be able to make their pet become so smart and adorable.”

    “My humble name is Mo Jing Yu. May I ask the young miss’ name?”

    The man’s voice was so melodious that it actually made her feel a little flustered. She held the Dark Snow Hare a little nervously in her arms as she began to reply in a soft voice: “I am called….. Qing Luo Yan.”

    Hearing that, the man’s smile became even more gentle. “It is said since time immemorial, a beauty can make the moon hide and flowers ashamed, where fish dive and geese descend. Seeing the young miss here today, my humble self just came to realize the true meaning of that saying.”

    This man’s lips seemed like they were born to spout such sweet and charming words that were so pleasing to one’s ears.

    Qing Luo Yan did not know what she was thinking in her heart at that time but just knew that from that very moment on, her heart started to react abnormally.

    She had seen too many glib tongued men capable of smooth honeyed words, but never was there one like this person here, that had amazed her the first time and moved her heart upon seeing him for the second time?