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Chapter 356 - Miss Venom.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 356: Miss Venom.

    The ‘Immortality’ used by King Kong comes from Shaolin. He could be considered half a Shaolin disciple. Before learning ‘Immortality’, his master once told him that, in martial arts, the ‘Dragon Conquering 18 Palms’ was the bane of him, because it was not a pure physical blow. The powerful palm contained inner strength (internal force) and could inflict pain to people from a distance, not to mention his organs as it passed through his skin and bones.

    “Is it that strange?” Xiao Luo hummed.

    “Of course, it’s strange! Not everyone can practice it successfully! It’s already quite hard that only one among a one-hundred thousand people is able to practice. In addition, ‘Dragon Conquering 18 Palms’ has disappeared from Jianghu long ago. Even the current leader of the Beggars’ Sect has only learned remnants of it and not all. Where did you, boy, learn them?” King Kong asked loudly.

    “No comment!”

    Xiao Luo coldly responded, he then impatiently waved his hands, “Come, let’s fight a dozen more?”

    King Kong’s mouth muscles twitched as he stared at Xiao Luo. The two men were in the same condition. They both suffered minor injuries, but King Kong was beaten by the ‘Dragon Conquering 18 Palms’. He was specially restrained, this made him extremely contradictory. However, after thinking about it, he finally gritted his teeth, “Fight!”

    He wanted to see if the ‘Dragon Conquering 18 Palms’ could completely restrain his ‘Immortality’.

    He crazily rushed at Xiao Luo, roaring like a mad bull. He was also on guard against Xiao Luo’s ‘Dragon Conquering 18 Palms’, though Xiao Luo did not use it this time round. King Kong was like a hurricane approaching Xiao Luo. He was practically a fighting machine, bursting with unparalleled and wild impact.

    Although Xiao Luo kept on retreating, he wasn’t losing. He was able to withstand King Kong’s attacks with precision and strength. On his handsome and cold face, there was not only fighting spirit, but also excitement! A thrill that made his restless soul seemed to release his bellicose nature.

    This was the kind of fun feeling he wanted to experience when fighting!

    The power of the ‘Dragon Conquering 18 Palms’ was too formidable, but his internal force would eventually be depleted. This was not a life-and-death battle, so there was no need for Xiao Luo to display it again. He had been taking his time to enjoy this fight from the beginning to now.

    “Peng Peng ~”

    A thunder-like impact exploded in the training ground and gradually lifted the yellow sand. Xiao Luo’s retreating body suddenly stopped. In his excited sneer, his hands slammed into the ground, abruptly containing King Kong’s attack.

    Then their bodies became blurry shadows, fighting it out in the sky!

    The two people in the large training ground were like two dragons, stirring up the sand and dusts. The ground cracked under their feet. Every move they made caused the air to boom, accompanied by bursts of pain. But none of the two seemed to feel it, they were like mad patients who lost their sanity.

    The NSA soldiers watching only felt their throat dry, they could not help but swallow saliva. Some people muttered to themselves with horror, “Are these two wild animals?”

    No one answered them. Everyone chose to keep quiet. Yes, these two figures on the training ground were really not human anymore. They were clearly two wild beasts making a determined effort. They were surging with evil spirit, fighting with madness and bloody impacts. What was this if not wild beasts?

    “Is this the real side of him?”

    Ji Siying’s eyes were trembling, she could see that Xiao Luo was fully enjoying this fierce and bloody battle. Just like a man who liked to drink, he was fond of fighting.

    Miss Venom gently stroked and touched the head of the little green snake, then she stood up from the boulder, “It’s almost time to stop them.”

    The next second, she turned into a black phantom. Ignoring the chaos, she forced her way through towards the two people. Her internal force was like purple colored gas, it was surging out from her palms.

    “Miss Venom? Sh*t!”

    King Kong was deeply aware of the power of this poisonous gas. He was like a cat who got its tail stepped on. He retreated immediately after giving a curse.

    Seeing King Kong retreat, Xiao Luo also felt that the situation was bad. He retreated as a conditioned reflex, holding his breath at the same time and not inhaling the purple gas.

    The poisonous fog gradually dissipated. The three people stood in a straight line, Miss Venom was in the middle, while King Kong and Xiao Luo stood on both sides. The two were snapped out of their state of madness.

    “What are you doing Miss Venom?” King Kong asked in a disgruntled way.

    “The director doesn’t want any of you to get hurt. It’s time to stop. I declare that you are tied.” Miss Venom squinted and laughed. Her seductive eyes were crescent-shaped, looking innocent, pure and beautiful.

    “This is our business, you stay out of it and go away!”

    Xiao Luo coldly stated, his fighting spirit was on the high right now, he was enjoying it! This woman really just had to interrupt them…

    King Kong gasped. Although he was an S Rank soldier, he was very terrified of Miss Venom. This was poison. He boasted that he was not afraid of anything, but he was afraid of Miss Venom. He had been put down by this woman once before, and was humiliated. Of course he wanted to get her back but he couldn’t find a time and place to deal with her. He could only cower for now.


    He dry coughed and directed a few winks at Xiao Luo, the meaning was clear: Brother, don’t be so arrogant, this woman can’t be provoked!

    “Sorry, I didn’t hear you clearly just now. What did you … say?”

    Miss Venom asked ‘charmingly’, her smile was beautiful but there was a glint in her crescent eyes.

    At the same time, a small green snake poked its head out from behind Xiao Luo’s back and opened its scarlet mouth, revealing two white fangs, giving out a warning ‘hissing’ sound as if it would bite Xiao Luo’s neck at any time.

    King Kong took a big gasp this time, and he also hurriedly checked if his body got a small green snake hiding. After confirming that there was none, only then was he relieved.

    The NSA soldiers around also paled. It was a poisonous snake for god’s sake. If that was lying on their shoulders…. They shivered as even the sight of it caused their scalps to tingle. At the same time, they were also quite puzzled. When did Miss Venom put her pet, the snake, on the guy called “Mie”?

    Ji Siying was unable to calm down, she ended up rushing recklessly. After looking at the little green snake on Xiao Luo’s shoulder with horror, she quickly lowered her profile and said to Miss Venom, “Miss Venom, everyone is NSA’s soldier. Please hold your hand and take back the little green snake.”

    “It’s none of your business. Walk away as far as you can.” Miss Venom smiled gently.

    “Miss Venom, Mr. Mie has just arrived at the headquarters. He doesn’t quite understand many things. Please …”

    “I told you to scram!”

    The smile on Miss Venom’s face disappeared, and her angry voice bellowed. With a wave of her left hand, a powerful internal force burst towards Ji Siying, carrying with it poison gas.