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Chapter 351 - Closest Aide

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 351: Closest Aide

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    Ning Meng’s brain was still a bit fuzzy. Before she could even figure out where she was at that moment, she found herself face-to-face with a colored identification photo. The name of the lady in the photo was Ning Ke, but her birthday was obviously not 1102.

    In fact, the lady in the photo… looked nothing like Ning Meng. To be more precise, she looked nothing like Ning Ke. Completely stunned, Ning Meng could only stare at the photo while still in a daze. Huo Beichen spoke, “That’s right, she is not my ex-girlfriend. I’m not familiar with her.”


    They were not familiar with each other? But she was able to draw a comic? Or had Huo Beichen not seen Ning Ke’s comic drawing before? Ning Meng hesitated, filled with doubt. “Then, why would she lie to me?”

    Why would she lie to you?

    Because she wanted to chase you away.

    Huo Beichen stared at her, his eyes brimming with seriousness. “This was what happened. You…”

    Before he could continue, he halted as his eyes landed on her cheeks. Ning Meng’s face did not show a normal pinkish color, and Huo Beichen subconsciously touched her forehead. A high temperature hit his palm, meaning that she had caught a fever.

    His face sank and he warmly said, “You’ve got a fever.”

    Standing up, he rummaged through the drawer and found a body thermometer, handing it over to her and walking out to grab some hot water for her. Ning Meng only realized that she was feeling quite dizzy after seeing him become busy.

    She had already not been feeling well when she woke up that morning but she had persevered and insisted on going to the fan meet. After suffering that surprising blow at Huo Beichen’s villa, her fever had then become worse when she returned to Yuxiu Garden.

    Five minutes later, the thermometer reading showed that her body temperature was 39 degrees Celsius, and Huo Beichen quickly gave Su Ye a call. “Where are you?”

    “… Sending Ning Ke to a hotel.”

    Huo Beichen became impatient. “Come here immediately. Meng Meng has caught a fever.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    After Su Ye had hung up, he glanced at the lady sitting in the front passenger seat. She looked significantly different from how he remembered her. Upon closer inspection, she did not seem to have had any plastic surgery, so, he could not understand how she had turned out like that.

    Regardless, now was not the time to discuss this matter. Su Ye casually stopped by the roadside and told Ning Ke in a stern and icy manner. “My boss has found his happiness. I hope you don’t come and meddle in his affairs. I still have some things to settle. Please get off the car.”

    Ning Ke chuckled as she opened the car door and alighted from the car. Before she went down, Su Ye suddenly called out, “Wait.”

    Ning Ke stopped and turned her head. Su Ye, who always had smiling eyes like slits, suddenly had them wide open… He had long and narrow eyes. As he was short-sighted and he naturally liked to smile, his eyes always looked like slits, however, after opening his eyes wide, he looked nothing like his usual warm and gentle self. Instead, he emitted a cold, intimidating aura. “Ning Ke, if you dare to do anything to my boss, you will not like the consequences.”

    When Ning Ke’s eyes met his, she suddenly felt a chill running down her spine. She knew that Su Ye had been Huo Beichen’s closest aide since high school and his allegiance to him was second to none. They were as close as blood brothers.

    Clenching her fists tightly, she lowered her head. “I came back to this country because it’s hard to survive on your own out there. We’ve not met since that incident happened eight years ago. Su Ye, at any rate, we’re still classmates from high school. How could you be this cruel to me?”

    Su Ye’s eyes went back to its slit-like form. He smiled and said, “As long as you don’t cause any harm, we will still be good ol’ classmates.”

    He immediately left after saying this.