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Chapter 536 - Liliya’s Discovery, The Divine Envoy’s Argumen

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 536: Liliya’s Discovery, The Divine Envoy’s Argument

    “Was Liliya saved?” A’sang asked nervously.

    “She was. After the Divine Envoy saved Liliya, she gave us food and weapons, and also a type of divine stone that could make the Gaga Grass grow better.

    Our tribe started off very well at the beginning until Liliya discovered that the Divine Envoy was quarreling with her companions about the Gaga Grass. Before long, the two companions of the Divine Envoy disappeared, and only a cold and dark man remained.

    Liliya told me that the Divine Envoy was very strange. She asked us to stop planting the Gaga Grass and plan a route of escape instead. Not long after she said this, she disappeared.

    I brought the clan members to capture the Divine Envoy, but my head suddenly felt like it exploded. Since then, I’ve been muddleheaded and led the clan members to search for iron ore and the human-rabbit hybrid clan. When I awakened, here I was,” A’te said, hugging his head painfully. “It’s all because I was too careless, mistakenly trusting those foreigners.”

    “Not all foreigners are evil. Miss Yun is a good person. I believe that as long as we follow her, we’ll be able to get Liliya back one day,” said A’sang as he patted A’te’s shoulder calmly.

    Yun Jiuge heard this and whispered to Zi Shang, “This human-fox hybrid is rather good, at least he thinks logically.”

    “He’s not bad!” Zi Shang couldn’t deny it.

    “By the way, earlier A’te said that the Divine Envoy and her companions were arguing. Was it Nangong Li and Baili Moyun?” Yun Jiuge asked, turning to look at Zi Shang. She knew that Nangong Li, Baili Moyun and Nangong Yue were not together.

    “Call A’te out to ask him and you’ll know,” Zi Shang said. He was fed up with eavesdropping and opened the door to call A’te and A’sang out.

    “Miss Yun, I apologize for my rudeness just now,” A’te said and bowed deeply towards Yun Jiuge.

    “I forgive you,” Yun Jiuge replied, nodding elegantly. She asked, “You said that you’ve seen the Divine Envoy and her companions? What do they look like?”

    “The one woman and three men are all very good looking,” A’te said. He racked his brain, but couldn’t think of any adjectives to describe them other than ‘good looking’.

    “Don’t describe, just show them. Close your eyes and imagine what they look like,” A’sang said and patted A’te’s shoulder.

    A’te obediently closed his eyes. His eyebrows became furrowed, and there was a bitter expression on his face.

    A’sang put his hand on his forehead, and Golden Light shifted slightly to become a curtain of light.

    In the curtain of light, there was a woman and three men. The woman was wearing a sky-blue gown. She had fair skin, picturesque eyes and an exquisitely small chin. Her nose was straight and delicate, and the corners of her red lips were slightly raised as if she was smiling. Just looking at her made one feel a sense of pleasure. It was Nangong Yue.

    Standing next to her was Nangong Li, Baili Moyun and an enlarged version of Qiu Sen.

    “It really is them,” Yun Jiuge said. She had been speculating, but was able to confirm it now after seeing the image.

    “Your ability to read memories is very good,” Yun Jiuge praised him.

    “Thank you for the compliment,” A’sang answered shyly.

    He didn’t want to reveal this ability at first, but for Liliya and A’te, he had no choice but to use it.

    “Can you show us the quarrel between the Divine Envoy and her companions?” Yun Jiuge asked again.

    “Let me give it a try,” A’sang said. He moved his fingers slightly, and the pattern on the curtain of light immediately changed.

    A petite, fair-skinned, human-wolf hybrid girl who looked like a porcelain doll, appeared on the curtain of light. She said to A’te in a low voice, “Elder Brother, yesterday I heard Lord Li and Lord Moyun arguing with the Divine Envoy. They said that pregnant women shouldn’t eat Gaga Grass. I’ve a bad feeling about this, let’s not grow Gaga Grass anymore. Let’s go find A’sang…”

    “A’te only has this memory of the quarrel,” A’sang said. He sounded exhausted and the Golden Light on his hands gradually faded. It took a lot of effort to read memories, and he had reached his limit.

    “It’s enough.” Yun Jiuge nodded and said to A’sang, “You’ve passed the test. Tomorrow, bring your clan members on time for the awakening. After that, accompany us on our missions. A’te, Advisor Jun will tell you the content of the mission.”

    Yun Jiuge’s gaze landed on the extremely nervous A’te. She said coldly, “If he can complete the task, I’ll consider helping him to awaken another clan member.”

    “Yes, thank you, Miss Yun,” A’sang said and nodded quickly.

    He was well aware of the current situation of the human-wolf hybrids. Awakening one of them would take more energy than awakening an entire clan. This was a very generous reward.

    “Go find Advisor Jun!” Yun Jiuge said. She waved to dismiss A’sang and A’te.

    “The human-fox hybrid clan is very useful indeed. I was right, wasn’t I!” Zi Shang said and raised his eyebrows. Previously, Yun Jiuge had doubted him.

    “Yes, you’re always right,” Yun Jiuge replied, in admiration of Zi Shang.

    “Rest early. After you awaken the human-fox hybrid clan tomorrow, we’ll set off immediately,” Zi Shang said. He rubbed Yun Jiuge’s hair and brought her to rest.

    Early next morning, Yun Jiuge personally presided over the awakening plan of the human-fox hybrid clan.

    The process of awakening was very smooth but unfortunately, other than A’sang, the rest of the human-fox hybrids only had ordinary illusion skills. After that, they were organized into exploration teams by Zi Shang. They were responsible for inspecting and investigating the surroundings together with the human-eagle hybrid clan.

    This time, Yun Jiuge mainly brought members of her guards to explore the Gray Castle, including human-rabbit hybrids Da Meng and Maya, human-eagle hybrids A’fei and A’ze, A’sang and A’te.

    “Let’s go to the human-leopard hybrid clan and Lizard-like therianthropes’ territory first to take a look. You’ll be sitting on A’fei,” Zi Shang said as he made A’fei and A’ze larger. Yun Jiuge and he sat on A’ze, while the other human-beast hybrids sat on A’fei. They flew towards the human-leopard hybrid clan and Lizard-like therianthropes’ territory.

    Yun Jiuge didn’t know if she was mistaken, but she felt that the death energy in the Secret Realm was getting stronger and stronger. The lands were dry and cracked, just like the skin of a toad.

    Among the yellow grass and trees, there lay many beasts. They were covered with black scars of death and smelled bad.

    “If Miss Yun didn’t build Yun City, our human-beast hybrids would be just like them,” A’sang whispered to A’te.

    A’te didn’t reply but just looked at Yun Jiuge with a trace of fear and gratitude.

    He had gone to the jail to see the rest of his clan members. Although the clan members were numb while under control, at least they were alive. There was still hope.

    “There’s the human-leopard hybrid clan’s territory. Hold on tight, I’m about to land,” A’ze’s voice drifted over, and he landed quickly.

    Yun Jiuge, Zi Shang, and the others jumped off their backs. The surroundings were filled with piles of rubble. The only evidence of human-beast hybrid tribes living here was some smooth stones lying around.

    “A’te, see if you can find any clues,” Yun Jiuge said. She walked around but couldn’t find anything special.

    “Okay,” A’te immediately bent down and turned into a large wolf, with his red-brown hair shining brightly and gray-brown eyes radiating a sharp light.

    He sniffed around the pile of rocks and quickly determined a target. Using his paws to pry apart a large rock, he dug out a large bundle of neatly arranged packages from underneath. Inside, there were many broken skins and old stone bowls.

    “This is what the human-leopard hybrid clan and Lizard-like therianthropes left behind. They’d agreed to migrate together,” A’fei instantly said.

    Yun Jiuge browsed through the items.

    In general, the human-beast hybrids would bury things that they didn’t need before they migrated.

    On one hand, those items might be useful in the future. On the other, it helped to conceal their traces. It seemed that the human-leopard hybrid clan and Lizard-like therianthropes were very orderly as they were leaving.

    “A’te, can you find which way they left?” Zi Shang asked, looking up.