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Chapter 325 - Are You Still Unable to Let Go? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 325: Are You Still Unable to Let Go? (1)


    After that crisp and succinct answer, Gu Yu coldly spat in admonishment, "Assistant Lin, you've been following me for so many years. Please don't tell me you can't carry out such a simple screening!"

    Assistant Lin felt a layer of cold sweat cover his back as he immediately replied, "I understand, Mr. Gu. I will turn away all unimportant people and matters, then I will not bother you again."

    With that, he heard a click over the phone as the call was disconnected.

    Assistant Lin wiped the cold sweat off his brow and heaved a long sigh of relief.


    At half-past five in the afternoon, Gu Yu got off work as per his usual routine.

    He got up, pushed his sleeves back down from his elbows, fastened his cufflinks, then slid his jacket on. Picking up his wallet and car keys, he strode out of the office.

    Assistant Lin escorted him down. When they walked into the lobby, Yun Rou stood up from the couch in the lounge and elegantly walked over in her high heels.

    She stopped in front of Gu Yu with a gentle smile on her face, making her look rather stunning.

    Assistant Lin was very surprised at the sight of her. He had thought she would have left after Mr. Gu had rejected her; he never expected her to be waiting in the lobby.

    Had she waited since ten in the morning until now? Had she waited for the whole day?

    He couldn't help but glance at Yun Rou again. She had waited an entire day, yet she was still able to maintain such a calm and elegant demeanor. He had to admit that she was indeed skilled!

    Yun Rou's eyes gazed tenderly at Gu Yu as she said, "Since you refused to meet me, I had no choice but to wait for you here. Could you please spare me a few minutes?" As she spoke, her voice sounded as pleasant to the ears as the piano she played.

    Gu Yu looked at her dispassionately and moved his lips to succinctly reply, "No."

    The corners of Yun Rou's lips turned up slightly. "Yu, you still haven't changed a bit. You'll give someone the cold shoulder when you're throwing a tantrum. The more you care, the more you'll act distant."

    She continued, "Fine. Since you don't have the time today, I won't delay you any further. But I know you, Yu, and you should know me too. I've always considered myself to be very patient."

    She further went on to say, "I could wait for an entire day today. Likewise, I can wait for an entire day tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that. I can wait until you agree to see me."

    Gu Yu was the CEO of a company, whereas Yun Rou was a national icon. The both of them standing together in public was enough to attract the attention of many people, so many eyes naturally fell on them.

    Yun Rou had already attracted much attention when she spent the whole day sitting on the couch in the lobby. If she turned up daily, it was inconceivable what sort of rumors would abound.

    He had never been afraid of rumors, but…

    Gu Yu pulled his lips into a thin line. His tone was chilly as he said, "I'll give you five minutes."

    Upon uttering that statement, he turned and strode towards the elevator without sparing her a single glance.

    As Yun Rou looked at his icy demeanor from the back, she smiled even wider than before. She first nodded in acknowledgement towards Assistant Lin before moving her feet and following Gu Yu.

    Assistant Lin sighed again. After all, Yun Rou was the one who had been by Gu Yu's side for many years. She couldn't be underestimated.

    Inside the office…

    Gu Yu picked up his cell phone and texted Xu Weilai a message. When he was done, he tossed his phone over to a corner on the table and looked up at Yun Rou. His tone was cold and harsh as he said, "You have 4 minutes and 30 seconds left."

    Yun Rou knew that he wasn't interested in reminiscing on the past with her. He wasn't going to give her the time to do so, either. With a smile, she got straight to the point and said, "Chunchun told me that you vetoed her suggestion for me to be the spokesperson. I would like to know why."