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Chapter 981 - Exchanging for the Document with the Rights to the Mine

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 981: Exchanging for the Document with the Rights to the Mine

    Wen Xinya was reminded of herself while fiddling with the exquisite porcelain teacup.

    Back then, she did not feel anything when Si Yiyan first indicated his interest in her. She felt that she could stay out of any messy romantic relationship with him, simply because she had experienced enough heartbreak to have a heart of steel after living past two lifetimes. Yet, she succumbed in less than half a year.

    She could not help but find herself to be rather silly.

    Anyone who met Si Yiyan would be doomed.

    However, she felt that meeting Si Yiyan was the best thing that had happened to her.

    The thought of it made her turn to look at Si Yiyan.

    Fiddling with the teacup, Si Yiyan said emotionally, “These are such splendid tea leaves and the teacup is wonderful too. Unfortunately, the tea brewer doesn’t do them justice. It’s such a shame.”

    There were hidden meanings in his words.

    The girl could not help but turn pale and gazed at Si Yiyan with resentment.

    Unfortunately, Si Yiyan did not realize it at all.

    Wen Xinya burst into laughter and said, “There is plenty of knowledge about Chinese teas, and only those who have wisdom can appreciate tea properly. Do you really think everyone appreciates and knows about tea as well as you do, and can brew amazing teas?”

    Duke Moville’s face grew sullen, for he knew that Si Yiyan was just indirectly saying that Duke Moville did not know how to put his resources to good use despite owning plenty of them, and had instead let them go to waste. He was just trying to say that Duke Moville did not deserve to own the rights to such useful resources.

    Wen Xinya was even more direct. She was just trying to say that the Moville Family could not use the resources as effectively as Si Yiyan could because they were much less competent than him.

    Pretending not to understand, Duke Moville laughed out loud and said, “Hahahaha, Rex must have acquired a sensitive taste for teas because of Miss Bella. Hence, average and mediocre teas definitely won’t impress Si Yiyan. Even I find this tea a little lackluster despite being a frequent patron of this place. Not everyone can brew tea as well as you, Miss Bella.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “You flatter me, Duke Moville.”

    Duke Moville’s words seemed to have pleased Si Yiyan. Si Yiyan smirked smugly and said, “Bella has spoiled me rotten in other aspects too.”

    He was trying to say that Wen Xinya had many other impressive attributes.

    Duke Moville laughed as well.

    The atmosphere became pleasant and Mr. Wei had also begun listening to his words attentively.

    Si Yiyan grabbed the white chess piece while Wen Xinya picked up a black one.

    They proceeded to focus their attention on the game of chess as if nothing could disrupt their peace.

    A petulant expression formed on Duke Moville’s face. His purpose of inviting them there today was to discuss the document. Yet, Si Yiyan turned down both of his offers and even revealed his desires. Duke Moville did not expect that Si Yiyan would covet his mines.

    In fact, he was telling the truth. The Moville Family had faced their downfall because they did not put their resources to good use. However, they were his main source of income. If he were to use it to exchange for the document, there would really be a huge dent in his pocket.

    However, there was no way he could turn the request down since Si Yiyan was in control.

    The document was way too important to him, and if Si Yiyan were to make an issue of it, it would be a destructive blow to the Moville Family. He did not consider that fact previously and merely thought that his family would be adversely affected by the loss of the document. However, he was laden with an ominous feeling ever since he paid Si Yiyan a visit.

    “You’re going back on your word. You clearly hinted that you would be making that move,” Wen Xinya said coquettishly with a tinge of anger, seemingly trying to play cute.

    Si Yiyan said smilingly, “Silly, I’m going to teach you a lesson today. You shall learn what it means by ‘All is fair in war.’ Playing mind games is your best bet and the smartest strategy.”

    The two of them were not having a chess match at all, for they were being boisterous and not in the least bit taking it seriously.

    Duke Moville was weighing the pros and cons in his head while Wen Xinya and Si Yiyan focused on the game of chess. It was as if they had forgotten their purpose of visiting, though they had made their stand clear. The two of them were indeed hard to deal with. One of them was mysterious while the other was capricious and eccentric.

    “You’re too vicious. You ate more than ten of my chess pieces at one go. You agreed to give in to me.”

    “Baby, let me teach you something else. The next test is not a test of mind games but rather, a test of strategy. Once you’re in control, you must seize the opportunity to attack and disrupt your opponent’s rhythm. Once you find their weakness, launch a lethal attack and catch them off guard.”

    Duke Moville felt a cold chill down his spine.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Wei was staring blankly at the chessboard, seemingly extremely interested.

    Right from the start, Si Yiyan did not give Wen Xinya any chances at all. Hence, she soon lost to him.

    She constantly pouted unhappily, for she had never lost so terribly to Si Yiyan before.

    Si Yiyan chuckled and coaxed her.

    Duke Moville was filled with a complicated mix of emotions. He could not even defeat Wen Xinya in chess, let alone Si Yiyan. After having a change of mind, he said, “We do have some mines and resources. However, they have been our main sources of income ever since we degenerated.”

    Si Yiyan finally put down his chess piece, seemingly shifting his attention to what Duke Moville was going to say.

    Wen Xinya had also understood what Duke Moville meant.

    Duke Moville smiled and continued, “Rex holds the rights to many of such mines and resources. I doubt you’d be impressed by the minute amounts we own, but… these are really all we can afford in exchange. Please pardon me, Rex.”

    In other words, he had agreed to give up the resources.

    Wen Xinya smirked, thinking to herself,

    Si Yiyan was clearly the one who was coveting Duke Moville’s resources. Yet, Duke Moville made it sound like he was giving it away willingly.

    Since he was already in for a loss, there was no need to aggravate matters or fall out with Si Yiyan.

    Duke Moville was indeed extraordinarily sly and shrewd.

    However, Wen Xinya felt that he definitely had more requests.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “Since I’m in the raw materials industry, I’m definitely interested in mines and resources. Duke Moville, you’ve hit the nail on the head.”

    He did not say anything else because he was certain that Duke Moville had other intentions in mind. And he could vaguely guess what they were.