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Chapter 270 - The National Top 50 Competition (2)

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 270: The National Top 50 Competition (2)

    She was much prettier in person, and her temperament was really good.

    Many viewers sighed in their hearts. At first glance, they did not think so, but now that she was sitting with the other contestants, it was very obvious to them that Su Cha’s aura was overpowering.

    Some people secretly took pictures of Su Cha and prepared to post it on their social media.

    After all, there were rules that pictures couldn’t be released to the public, so one couldn’t do it too obviously.

    “Everyone, welcome to the venue of the  national competition for the Top 50. Beside you are the top 100 contestants from the Five Lakes and Four Seas. Can you let our contestants greet everyone?”

    The host started the screening process on stage. At the same time, the top 100 contestants appeared on the big screen. All of them were as beautiful as flowers. It was a pleasing scene. The audience screamed when they saw them.

    The contestants also greeted the live audience. Su Cha waved her hands with them.

    The audience’s voices were louder than the fans’. A small number of them started to call out the names of the contestants they supported. It was a grand scene.

    The host finally calmed down and started introducing the three judges.

    During each elimination round, three judges would be invited. Just like in the local contests, the judges who’d appear in the last round would be more popular than in the previous ones.

    “They are the music producer Quan Jia, the new Chinese representative Yue Shang, and the idol IOK group member, Zi You!!”

    Every time she read a name, the audience would scream. Compared to those in the local division contests, the judges of the national division were famous.

    Su Cha was a little surprised to hear Quan Jia’s name. She did not know who the other judges were, but she did not expect Quan Jia to be a judge in the Top 50.

    It was not easy for the production crew of  to become a judge in the national division. It would appear Quan Jia’s position in the industry was not lowly.

    Music producers were not famous like performers were, but they still had some status in the industry.

    As for Yue Shang, he was considered an established talented singer who had been popular in the past. It was not strange for him to take the lead.

    Lastly, IOK’s Zi You was a member of a popular group in China. He was still young. As a singer, he should have some professionalism. But having him appear as a judge was probably to create a topic of discussion and to raise popularity, as well as to draw in his fans.

    Le Anqi’s eyes lit up when she saw Quan Jia appear again. She subconsciously looked behind at Su Cha and nodded silently at her. Le Anqi turned her head happily.

    She knew that Quan Jia really liked Su Cha.

    However, Su Cha knew very well that no matter how much Quan Jia liked her, she could not control too many national competitions. It all depended on the contestants.

    Yue Shang was tall and handsome. He was at the prime of his life. However, Zi You, who was standing next to him, appeared even more tender. He also looked like a fashionable pretty man.

    The three judges appeared together, causing the audience to scream.

    The contestants followed suit and screamed for Zi You and Yue Shang.

    Su Cha did not feel anything about it. She just clapped along with everyone. Zi You greeted the audience and threw a flying kiss at the contestants. The contestants screamed and cheered. Among them, Su Cha, who was almost expressionless, was naturally very eye-catching.

    This scene was quietly recorded by the surrounding cameras.